October 2018

Our shared planetary picture

Pluto planet of annihilation and regeneration went retrograde in late April, plunging us all into a deep review (in different areas of life for each sign).  But on October 1st Pluto goes direct and releases a big burst of energy for forward motion once again.  On a collective level, this points to hierarchial power structures.  And questions whether we want to continue with the status quo?

Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on 5th, also reviewing the use of power in relationships.  Meanwhile, New Moon on 9th is in Libra (at 04.48 BST) which is good for negotiations, and gathering co-operation from others, not to mention offering it ourselves.

Mars is pushing for collective achievement in Aquarius all month too and may come up with new solutions to old problems.  And Full Moon on 24th (at 17.46 BST) lands on Uranus which is also about collective awakening.  It is in Taurus so practical, physical, earthy and financial matters could get shaken up and bring about a change of awareness.

This is followed by a high when Mercury joins Jupiter which it does only once a year.  This generates a positive mind and outlook.  And only when our mind is at its most positive, do we become fully aware of all of our possibilities.  Ideas will be expansive and plentiful and we cannot implement them all at once.  Be sure to make a note of all the possibilities that occur to you during this period, to inspire and move you forwards in the month and year ahead!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   The Sun in Libra continues to warm your relationships and partnerships until 23rd and Mercury joins in until 10th, helping you to express yourself here too.  Your worldly ambitions or the opinion of father figures may not coincide with your partners however, which may become apparent around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th.  Pressing others to conform to expectations will not work, so take it as an opportunity to learn more about your own inner conflicts.

New Moon on 9th is in Libra too.  This marks the beginning of a new cycle in your relationships and partnerships.  Make resolutions that will help you to manifest what you hope to find in this area of your life in the month and year ahead.  This applies to professional partnerships as well as personal ones.

The other high-lighted area of your solar chart is your 8th House of joint funds, sharing and intimacy.  This includes taxes, debts and inheritances.  Venus is moving backwards from 5th onwards, calling for a review of one or more of these areas of life.  There may be surprises too about your own income at Full Moon on 24th.

Mercury helps with ideas and communications to do with all of this and ‘the money of others’ from 10th – 30th (apart from a brief run-in with Mars from 18th – 19th).  And when Mercury meets Jupiter around 28th – 29th, your mind will be at its most positive in relation to all of this.  Make a note of all the good ideas that come your way.

Your ruling planet Mars continues to forge ahead in your friends, groups and community zone all month, enabling you to put direction, energy and enthusiasm into group projects.  How would things ideally be for the greater good?  Picture it clearly.  Then make it happen!


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus starts the month softening your relationships and partnerships but it soon goes retrograde and from 5th onwards you will be reviewing relationships and perhaps events that took place during the first weekend of September.  Venus also squares Mars around 10th – 11th, when your personal tastes and attractions may not please authority figures or compliment your social status in some way.  Mars continues to motivate your ambitions though for the whole month.  You will also find you have the energy and enthusiasm to push your project or agenda forward.

The review that has been taking place since late-April in your travel, philosophy, culture and ethics zone, completes on 1st and you can start to move forwards once again with your conclusions.

New Moon on 9th falls in your work and health zone.  This is the perfect time to start a new health regime or a new daily routine.  The demands of modern life sometimes takes us far from a balanced existence and this is a good opportunity to attend to your well-being and put healtn higher up on the agenda.

Your eye remains on work, health and service to others until 23rd.  But then the main focus is relationships and partnerships.  The Sun opposes Uranus (which is in your sign) on 23rd, reminding you that partnerships can revolutionise your life.  Mercury and Jupiter meet in your relationships zone too around 28th – 29th.  This is great for communications and positive thinking.  Full Moon on 24th is also in Taurus and it lands on Uranus.  This wave of emotion is an awakening and will require much of you.  And yes, that means change…


Gemini:   The last five months you may have been reviewing your joint funds, including taxes, debts and inheritances.  On 1st, Pluto which has been taking you back on this journey, goes direct.  This marks the end of your review and you can now move ahead with your conclusions.  Intimacy and sharing come into this too.

But on a cheerier note, the Sun lights up your 5th House of romance, children and creativity until 23rd.  This should be enjoyable, apart from some tension around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th.  New Moon on 9th also falls into this area of your chart.  This is a perfect time to start a new creative project.  Do you have one in mind?

Mars is also revving in your travel, deep studies, culture and ethics zone.  If you have plans here too, Mars adds an extra boost of energy that could prompt you to move ahead.

The main emphasis this month is work, health and service to others.  Four planets are jostling here, including your ruling planet Mercury from 10th.  This is a good month to put your work-life balance straight and attend to your physicality.  Are you getting enough and the right kind of exercise?  Is your daily routine helpful to you or does it need adjusting?  This could involve adding or removing things.  Venus goes retrograde from 5th which will also bring relationships with colleagues and daily companions under review. And self-indulgence is up for scrutiny too…

Full Moon on 24th shakes up your unconscious as it lands on Uranus.  Pay attention to your dreams and make time for creativity behind the scenes.  Then from 28th – 29th Mercury joins Jupiter, making your thinking super-positive.  Act on your decisions!


Cancer:   Mother and home continue to be a big focus up until 23rd as the Sun lights up and warms this area of your solar chart.  New Moon on 9th falls into this area of your chart too which marks the beginning of your Domestic New Year.  This is a good time to make resolutions and plans to create a nurturing supportive home for yourself (and perhaps others).  Put self-nurture plans in place and think about your personal development too.  What would stretch you and help you to grow in the month and year ahead?

There is also a strong focus on an even busier area in your chart this month – romance, children and creativity.  From 5th Venus goes retrograde here, taking you back to review recent dealings.  Mercury is on hand to help you think about this from 10th and friends may offer interesting insights.  The interests of partners may change the picture around then too.

Pluto planet of deep transformation has been retrograde in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships since late-April.  This has brought about a much-needed review in relationships and partnerships.  The good news is that Pluto goes direct once again on 1st which means you can start to put your conclusions into action this month.

Domestic matters may get in the way of this around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th but the coast is then clear to the end of the month.  Creative ideas may help you along too on 22nd.

Full Moon on 24th lands on Uranus in your 11th House of friends, groups and community.  This could be electrifying.  Be open to what friends and groups have to offer you, and you them.  Whatever it is, it looks stimulating!


Leo:   Pluto which has been moving backwards since late-April in the work, health and service to others area of your solar chart, goes direct on 1st.  This is good news as you have had time to reflect on what changes you need to make in one or more of these areas of life.  And the coast is now clear for you to put all of your conclusions in place.

Communications are well-starred too as the month begins, apart from possible misunderstandings around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th.  New Moon on 9th also falls in this area of your chart which is a good time to learn something new and try new forms of communication (including physical movement).

The main emphasis this month though is mother and home.  You may have already improved your home last month but perhaps bigger changes are now needed?  Mercury may help you to come up with some bright ideas from 10th and when it meets up with Jupiter around 28th – 29th your mind will be at its most positive and who knows what brainwaves may occur to you!  A bigger home or a home in a different country or run on wider principles are all possibilities.

Full Moon on 24th could bring differences between mother and father figures to light.  Or there could be a clash between home and career.  We spring into the world from the home.  What kind of home do you now need, to spring into the world in the way you want to?


Virgo:   Decisions that have been on hold since late-April can be made this month as Pluto helpfully goes direct on 1st.  This is regarding romance, children, creativity, speculation or sports or a mixture of these.  You will be pushing ahead on the work, health and service to others front too as Mars gives you a strong drive to make further headway.

Your ruling planet Mercury joins the Sun for the first ten days of the month, generating ideas about different sources of income or different takes on security and values.  New Moon falls here too on 9th which is a perfect time to make a budget or financial plans for the month and year ahead.  (But avoid transactions around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th if you can).

Mercury then enters the busiest area of your solar chart this month: your communications zone.  Venus starts the month well here but goes retrograde from 5th, to review how you have been dealing with daily communications, physical movement and relations with neighbours or siblings.

Full Moon on 24th shakes things up in your travel, studies, religion, philosophy and ethics zone.  Cultural awakenings or legal situations could take you by surprise or you may be challenged to reassess your world view in some way.

The month ends on a high when your ruling planet Mercury joins Jupiter from 28th – 29th.  This indicates that your mind will be brimming over with positive ideas and possibilities.  Write them all down as they occur.  Thoughts like these are gold.  Be sure to capture them for future use!


Libra:  The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 23rd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression.  Mercury lends you mental energy too until 10th when it moves on to give some thought to your financial situation.

Finances are a major focus too, including income, possessions, security, values and self-esteem.  Your ruling planet Venus is trying to smooth things out but then goes retrograde from 5th to review one or more of these areas.

Mercury is scratching its head about all of this, especially around 18th – 19th but then the Sun brings light and optimism to the picture from 23rd.  Full Moon on 24th brings the unexpected, when a partner’s finances, ‘the money of others’ or intimacy takes you by suprise.

The month should end well as Mercury joins Jupiter from 28th – 29th and your mind will be at its most positive.  Make a note of all the ideas that spring to mind.  You will not be able to act on them all at once but capture them to use in the future!


Scorpio:   Your inner world is busy this month as the Sun illuminates hidden corners until 23rd and until 10th Mercury helps you to think afresh about whatever you discover about yourself.  New Moon on 9th also falls in this area of your chart and is a good time to add healing habits to your daily routine.

The most helpful approach is to try things that address your unconscious, such as meditation, hypnosis and affirmations.  Self-talk is important too.  But if none of these are really up your street, creativity behind the scenes can be helpful too.  Or have you thought of learning to heal others?  Helping with charities and reaching out to those less able than yourself can also be a good expression of this new wave.

Your ruling planet Pluto goes direct on 1st, completing a review of your communications.  This has been in place since late-April.  Whatever conclusions you have come to during this period, can now be put into action.  We make our own realities by the way we think.  With this in mind, make your reality a positive one.  The power of thought and the power of words are huge.  Work with them for your and everyone else’s benefit.

The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 23rd.  Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st.  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Venus stays in your sign all month, adding to your charisma.  But it goes retrograde on 5th, taking you back to review how you were relating or what values you were operating under during the first weekend of September.  Something needs looking at again and you have until mid-December to work out what that is and put things straight.

Full Moon on 24th falls in your opposite sign and lands on Uranus.  This can bring surprises to your relationships and partnerships.  You or your partner may need more space or a new form of relating or freedom from the whole thing.

Mercury meets Jupiter in your sign shortly afterwards around 28th – 29th which is lucky as your mind will be at its most positive.  Make a note of all the ideas that come to mind.  They cannot all be acted on at once but be sure to capture them for future development!


Sagittarius:  Finances, values and security have been on your mind for almost half of the year as Pluto plunged you back into the underworld.  But your five-month financial review ends on 1st when Pluto goes direct.  You can now move ahead, having hopefully decided upon which path to take.

Your mental energy is also strong this month as Mars helps you to assert yourself.  You will have energy for short journeys, physical exercise and trading.  Your mind and tongue are ready for mental and verbal combat if necessary.  And if neighbours or siblings have been bothering you, you will be able to deal with them effectively and assertively.  Others should beware, as you will not tolerate nonsense or any attempts at manipulation.

New Moon on 9th is a good time to join or groups, your community or a  humanitarian campaign.  It can also indicate a new phase in friendship or friendships may grow from being in a group together.  Full Moon on 24th shakes things up in your work, health and service to others zone.  Be ready for surprises!

When Mercury meets your ruling planet Jupiter from 28th – 29th, your mind will be at its most positive.  This is good for programming your unconscious whether through hypnosis, meditation, affirmations, manifesting, healing or prayer.  Try whichever appeals to you.


Capricorn:   The month starts on a positive note as Pluto goes direct in your sign on 1st, after being retrograde for five months.  Your current underlying need for growth and transformation may have taken a wrong turn at New Year.  And this could have been connected to a possible misuse of power.

The planets are strongly behind your growth at present and you may become aware of your own personal power which is not a bad thing but it should be used for the greater good, not just self-interest.

Having had five months to mull this over, you can now start to put your conclusions into place.  You have until January 11th next year to get yourself fully on the right path.  Make sure you re-position.

The Sun in your 10th House continues to brighten your career and social status prospects until 23rd.  Mercury helps with communications here too from 4th – 10th.  Dealings with authority figures should go well, apart from a couple of hiccoughs around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th.  New  Moon falls here too on 9th which marks the start of your Professional New Year.  Make resolutions and plans that will further your ambitions in the month and year ahead.  This could mark a new phase with (or for) father figures too.

The main emphasis this month though is friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  Venus, planet of relating stays in this area of your chart all month but on 5th it goes retrograde, taking you back to review dealings you had in early September.  This too may have involved father-figures or people you know professionally.  While you are mulling this over, Mercury helps you to keep positive and communicating and the Sun brings warmth and optimism to your interactions from 23rd.

Full Moon on 24th lands on Uranus in your romance, children and creativity zone, bringing stimulation and surprises.  And from 28th – 29th Mercury and Jupiter generate ideas for group projects and friends offer pearls of wisdom.


Aquarius:   Pluto which has been unearthing buried information in your unconscious, goes direct on 1st.  Whatever realisations about your inner-self that you have come to since late-April, has created a big bolt of energy, now working for you, not against you.  Mars is in your sign all month too, adding even more energy and determination to your persona.  Stride forwards with your deepened self-knowledge.

Travel, studies and legal matters are well-starred until 23rd (apart from two  short hiccoughs around 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th).  New Moon on 9th also falls into this area of your chart.  This is a good time to start or plan journeys, courses of study, cultural exploration and ethical matters.

The main focus this month though is in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  Four planets: Mercury, Venus. Jupiter and then the Sun are heightening communications, opportunities and self-expression.  Venus usually smooths the path wherever it is but from 5th it will be retrograde, calling you to review how you have been dealing with authority figures and what your ambitions now are.  From 28th – 29th your mind will be at its most positive however.  Make a note of all the possibilities that come to mind.

Full Moon on 24th lands on your ruling planet Uranus in your 4th House of mother, home, self-nurture and personal development.  The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, so this will deliver a jolt between your ambitions and personal development or career and home or father and mother figures.  Full Moon hitting Uranus is an awakening.  Be open to what it can show you!


Pisces:   Friends, groups, community, organisations and humanitarian ideals may have been much on your mind since late-April.  Pluto has been going retrograde in this area of your chart for over five months but on October 1st it goes direct and you can set about putting your conclusions into action.

Creativity behind the scenes is a rich area this month too.  Your energy and determination are strong to complete projects.  Your appetite for spiritual practices may also be strong and helpful habits can be put in place.  The demands of daily life may at times feel like an unwelcome intrusion but reconcile them as best you can.

Joint funds, sharing and intimacy are a focus early in the month and New Moon falls here on 9th.  This is a good time to sort out joint accounts, taxes, debts and inheritances (apart from 2nd – 3rd and 11th – 12th when power plays could get in the way).

Travel, study, cultural and ethical matters push themselves to the fore as the month progresses.  From 5th Venus goes retrograde here to review how you have been dealing with one or more of these areas.  Full Moon shakes up your everyday thinking and communications on 24th.  But Mercury and Jupiter meet up on 28th – 29th, making your mind at its most positive.  Keep hold of the positive world view that it presents!



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