Venus in Aries MAR 21st – APR 14th

Venus in Aries   21st March  – 14th April

The Sun moved into Aries on 20th, marking the equinox and the first day of spring (or autumn for those of you in the southern hemisphere). And Venus, planet of love follows on 21st. Venus is a harmonious planet and is not traditionally all that comfortable in Aries. But Venus in Aries can help us all to be more direct in expressing what we like, what we want and how we feel which can be refreshing after Venus in Pisces when a lot of guessing goes on.

Venus in Aries loves adventures and loves a challenge. If you have been thinking about a new project or relationship, this could be a great period to get started. Venus is going to be in Aries until April 14th. You might also want to challenge yourself in some way. This is a time when you can reach beyond your normal sticking point. Competition can be exciting too and spur you on to achieve more than you thought possible.

Self doubt gets pushed out of the way when Venus is in Aries which gives us a bigger space to move in. We spend so much time getting in our own way but now the road ahead is clear. We just need to take courage and go for it! The female warrior is the archetype for this brave Venus. Lying or misleading others is of no interest. This Venus is direct and you may find yourself saying what you think more than usual. Honesty can open up whole new dialogues and developments, so do not suppress your voice.

Aries is the sign of initiation. Start what you want to start. Do what you need to do. Say what you need to say. And enjoy the fruits of fearlessness!

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