April 2017

Our shared planetary picture

Three planets go retrograde this month starting with Venus on 3rd and then Saturn on 6th and Mercury on 9th. This means we are going to be doing a lot of reviewing, in different areas of life for each sign.

The Sun, Jupiter and Pluto reform a T-square around 8th – 9th when power plays may be apparent. Try to ensure they are not yours and do not be brow-beaten by others.

Full Moon on the morning of 11th is in Libra (at 07.09 BST) which means the emotional build up is on 10th. And New Moon on 26th (at 13.17 BST) is in Taurus. This is a good point to look afresh at finances, although Mercury stays retrograde until May 3rd so it may be best to put plans into action after that.

Venus and Saturn aspect Chiron this month, bringing old wounds to the surface. Work with them as honestly as you can. These are opportunities to create deeper self-knowledge and growth.

The Sun meets up with Uranus on 14th and Mercury does the same on 26th. These are like two flashes of lightning that bring fresh insights and cast new light on blind spots, once again in different areas of life for each sign.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries: The Sun ball remains in your court until 19th radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression, though you might get distracted by its opposition to Jupiter and square to Pluto around 8th – 9th. This could bring extremes of some kind around partnerships and social status. Full Moon is also in your partnership zone early morning on 11th, so the big build up of this emotional high tide will be on 10th…

You will be happy to know that Venus finishes it’s review through your unconscious from 3rd – 28th and glides back into Aries on 28th. You should now know what you really want and will be in a position to go after it. This applies especially to relationships, creativity and values.

On 14th the Sun joins Uranus in your sign encouraging you to cast cares (and concerns about the opinions of others) to the wind. Venus goes direct the next day too, having worked out what it was that stumped you in late January. This also leads to the kind of terrain you like for action – a clear coast!

Finances may not be as straight forwards as hoped after Mercury goes retrograde on 9th. Avoid signing anything important if possible. Your ruling planet Mars changes its focus from your finances to communications from 21st. Ideas will be buzzing and your powers of persuasion will be strong, albeit more direct than others are used to… Teach what you know. Avoid ego involvement in differences of opinions with others and get plenty of exercise!


Taurus: Many things are taking shape in your unconscious and in your creativity behind the scenes zone. Your ruling planet Venus starts the month here but then moves back on 3rd into your friends, groups and community zone to see what steps were or weren’t taken in late January. Venus starts going forwards again on 15th, clutching the realisation it found from back then and moves back into your inner world, helping creativity, from 28th.

Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on 9th which takes your thinking inwards. It’s a time to review how much physical movement you make time for in your life too. Lots of realisations crop up this month as Uranus and the Sun and Mercury bring fresh light to your inner landscape on 14th and fresh insights on 26th.

Mars continues through your sign, adding to your determination until 21st. And your will is super strong around 5th – 6th when Mars and Pluto join forces. Others watch out! On 21st Mars moves into your 2nd House of money, security and values. Financial matters will be high on the agenda then and you may find yourself forging new paths of income.

The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The Sun brings fresh energy and a sense of renewal from 19th when it moves into Taurus. Your birthday is your personal new year and the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

New Moon on 26th is in Taurus too and marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions for the year ahead that will bring happiness to your emotional life!


Gemini: How you’ve been relating in your friendships, groups and communities is up for review during the first half of the month. An opportunity was missed or mishandled in late January and the reason for this is connected to issues around fathering, career and social status in some way. With luck, you’ll have understood this by the time Venus goes direct on 15th and can apply it to your friendships and groups from 28th.

Saturn goes retrograde too on 6th taking you back to also review your position on relationships and partnerships. You have until late August to dwell on this. Saturn also squares Chiron which can raise old wounds that inform the current difficulty.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on 9th and tensions around joint funds, sharing or intimacy are heightened then too.

The mood brightens from 21st when Mars leaps into your sign, ready for action and forward movement. You’ll enjoy this gear change which is the forerunner to the Sun that’s coming to cheer you up next month. Despite all of the dwelling this month, stay hopeful!


Cancer: Certain matters need reviewing this month, starting with Venus which begins the month retrograde and leaves your father, career and social status zone on 3rd to seek answers to problems that stem from steps taken late January. The answer lies in your travel and philosophy zone. Was your approach ethical? Or did you overlook cultural or legal matters?

The long-running T-square of the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto hit three of your sensitive spots around 8th – 9th and the conclusion is yet again – something has to give in your relationships and partnerships…

Full Moon early morning of 11th falls in your mother and home zone, shaking roots and foundations. On 14th the Sun and Uranus join forces in your father, career and social status zone where unexpected opportunities or solutions cast a new light on everything.

The following day Venus goes direct and starts to head back to where it left off, clutching new realisations that you can apply to your public sphere from 28th. On 26th more new ideas or events crop up professionally which carry you to the end of the month with a much wider outlook than you had at the start of it. The only limit is ourselves and how we think. Keep that mind open!


Leo: Your travel, studies and philosophy zone is busy all month with Venus heading off backwards on 3rd in search of finding out what went wrong in your intimacy, joint funds and sharing zone in late January. Venus goes direct again on 15th (hopefully with information in hand), ready to apply what has been learnt to your travel, studies and philosophy from 28th.

There can be other awakenings here too when Uranus meets up with your ruling planet the Sun around 14th and with Mercury on 26th. These meet ups can bring fresh light and flashes of insight which help you to reassess where truth lies and how you’ve been looking at things.

Meanwhile, Mars forms a strong aspect to Pluto from 5th – 6th helping you to push your plans around work and career forward. Pluto leaps out forcefully in a less comfortable way around 8th – 9th when the Sun and Jupiter square up to it. Make sure it isn’t your health that suffers in the stresses that may be around then. Mercury goes retrograde in your professional zone on 9th too so try to make any important communications before then or after May 3rd.

Mars heads off into your collective zone from 21st and you’ll find you have lots of energy to give (and receive) from dealings with friends, groups and community. When New Moon falls in your father and career zone on 26th, make resolutions for the year ahead that will help your ambitions!


Virgo: Planets keep changing direction in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone and it may be hard to keep up with what is happening. Virgos love to pre-analyse everything but just going with what feels right is an equally valid path to take (and often a happier one), so don’t make your decisions before you even have the experience.

Saturn goes retrograde on 6th to review how you’ve been dealing with mother and home, including self-nurture and personal development. Chiron gets triggered off too by Saturn and Venus, raising old wounds around relationships and partnerships. We mustn’t let the past imprison us and although most people try to avoid pain rather than pursue happiness, understanding past pain can help us to move beyond it to a wider future.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on 9th too in your travel, legal and studies zone. Examining your philosophy, different cultures and ethics could be part of this review too. On 20th Mercury moves even further back into your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone to review communications here too. When it meets Uranus on 26th new ways of thinking about things opens up. Accept these new insights!

Relationships and partnerships benefit from Venus passing to and fro this month. This is a second chance to pursue possibilities that you may have passed by in late January.

Mars moves into your father, career and social status zone on 21st, giving you energy and determination to push ahead with your ambitions, be they professional or your emotional status…


Libra: Your ruling planet Venus spends half the month going backwards and half the month going forwards and you may feel you’re doing the same. Starting in your relationships sphere, Venus retreats back into your work, health and service to others zone on 3rd, searching for what went wrong late January. Did you make any unhelpful choices back then?

Saturn goes retrograde too on 6th taking you back to review how you’ve been dealing with comminications (and possibly siblings and neighbours). The Sun, Jupiter and Pluto T-square is active too around 8th – 9th making you even more aware of the changes needed at home or in matters connected to mother figures, nurturing and personal development.

Mid-month is eventful. Full Moon early morning on 11th (so the build up is on 10th) is in your sign which raises emotions. And on 14th the Sun and Uranus meet up in your relationships and partnerships zone bringing surprises and prompting you to forego any compromising that may have become a habit.

Venus goes direct on 15th and by 28th is ready to apply the new answers in how you relate to your relationships and partnerships. This may have been about dismissing your own well-being to accommodate others or a daily routine or job that does not serve you well. Whichever it is, self-care is high on the agenda. Honour it!


Scorpio: Venus starts the month retrograde in your work, health and service to others zone and moves back into your romance, children and creativity sphere to find what went wrong in late January. Whatever it was has been effecting your work, health or well-being and needs to be looked at again.

Saturn also goes retrograde on 6th in your money and finance zone taking you back to review these too. Budgets may need re-jigging to meet your income or to make a serious purchase possible. Self-esteem can come into this too and it is important not to confuse whatever you are or aren’t paid with your true value!

Your ruling planet Pluto is on good terms with Mars around 5th – 6th which gives you determination to move forward communications in relationships and partnerships. This should be about opening communications, not any kind of pushing or shoving (which might look quicker but completely defeats the object).

Pluto has a difficult time around 8th – 9th and Mercury goes retrograde on 9th too in your partnerships zone. This is an opportunity to look at how you’ve been communicating in partnerships. Do your inner homework on this with full honesty.

Uranus brings flashes of insight to your work and health zone this month, first of all on 14th when it joins the Sun which helps you to look at things in a fresh light and with optimism and then again on 26th when it joins with Mercury, bringing fresh ideas that can change your everyday landscape.

The Sun glides into your partnerships zone on 19th, bringing opportunities for warm self-expression. Take them and make them! And make resolutions for the year ahead on 26th when the New Moon marks your Partnerships New Year!


Sagittarius: How you’ve been relating to children and in romance is up for question this month, along with your approach to your own creativity. Venus is going retrograde as the month begins and on 3rd it goes back to find answers to questions you may have answered too hastily in late January. The root of your oversight is connected to issues around mother and home and personal development. Venus goes direct on 15th and by 28th you should have some answers in hand to move forwards with.

Saturn which has been solemnly moving through your sign for some time, goes retrograde too on 6th, taking you back to look once again at identity, self-expression and outlets for that expression. You have until late August to ponder how you’ve been dealing with all of this and how you want to be in the future.

Both Saturn and Venus run into Chiron this month which raise old wounds to do with father, career and social status. Be open to the information on offer.

Mercury goes retrograde in your work, health and service to others zone on 9th and on 20th reaches even further back into your romance, children and creativity zone too. Mars jumping into your partnerships zone catches your attention from 21st. Someone may be feeling more assertive. Could that be you? or your partner?…


Capricorn: You will be firing on all cylinders from 8th – 9th when the Sun and Jupiter square up to Pluto which is in your sign. This comes about through conflict between your 4th House of mother, home and personal development and your 10th House of father, career and social status. They are in conflict and you will have to grow to handle them. This is no bad thing and is only painful to the degree that you resist it. You must remain ethical in your behaviour towards others though, even if they don’t!

Your ruling planet Saturn starts going retrograde on 6th, taking you back to explore your inner workings and any self-sabotage that you may have been tripping yourself up with. You have until late August to review where things might be going wrong.

Venus is also retrograde at the start of the month and retreats from your mother and home zone, back into communications. How you were thinking (and speaking) late January may have given cause for this needed review. Dealings with neighbours or siblings could be part of this too. Venus goes direct on 15th and moves back into your mother and home zone on 28th, hopefully better-informed.

Uranus is shaking up your roots and foundations too this month. On 14th it meets the Sun, shedding fresh light on your mother and home zone and on 26th it meets Mercury when new ideas flash into existence. Be open to what they ignite!


Aquarius: Home and nurturing are important this month and although you love being out in the world, it’s still important to remember that we spring into the world from our home, roots and foundations. Give yours the attention they deserve.

Mars is also busy in this area of your life which can give you the energy and determination to tackle jobs that you’ve been putting off… From 5th – 6th it joins forces with Pluto which is rumbling along in your unconscious which means any mental blocks or obstacles can be moved out of the way. Then get moving before Mars moves on to new fields on 21st!

Pluto gets a ruder awakening around 8th – 9th when the Sun and Jupiter challenge it in their conflict about how the mind should be used and how literal one should be about the truth.

Mercury heads backwards on 9th in your mother and home zone. Try to avoid signing anything important after that and take the opportunity to look at how helpful your communications and movements have been regarding mother, home and personal development recently. All is not lost, as New Moon on 26th also falls in this area and marks your Domestic New Year. Make resolutions for the year ahead that will help you achieve a happy home life!


Pisces: Your finances are in fluctuation this month as Venus comes and goes, looking for a reference point in your value system. Your charms will be high too from 3rd – 28th. You may not have played your charms to their best advantage in late January but a second chance to do so comes up once again after 15th.

There could be unexpected events around finance and security as the Sun and then Mercury meet up with Uranus on 14th and 26th. Security can be a state of mind and events this month could help to make that much more visible. Be open to new insights about your relationship to money. It is also crucial that you don’t confuse your value with what you are or aren’t paid. Welcome new ways of thinking about this. There could possibly be new ideas for income generation too.

Saturn goes retrograde in your father, career and social status zone on 6th. This marks the beginning of a review of how you have been dealing with these areas, how you want to deal with them in the future but they may not be easy to deal with in the present. Saturn and Venus also touch on Chiron this month, bringing up past inner wounds. Painful as this is, it’s a gift if you can work with it. And any therapeutic support you can find would be very helpful to you.

Mars leaps into your 4th House of mother and home from 21st giving you energy for home improvements, personal development and nurture projects. Now what might they be?


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