November 2015

Your Horoscope for November 2015

Our shared planetary picture

A Saturn – Neptune square this month until 26th will make us aware of the wide distance between reality and the dream in certain areas of our lives (different for each sign).

This does not mean that reality is worse than the dream, just that the two seem far apart right now.  Having recognised this, the next step is to either to try to bring the two closer together or to leave the reality in search of the dream or to make a better relationship with the reality.  And with Saturn transits, getting to grips with the reality is usually the wisest course.

Sun approaches Saturn too this month from 23rd – 30th (just as the square with Neptune above completes).  This is always a sober point in the year where we are ‘invited’ to take a closer look at ourselves and at how well we have been relating to who we truly are and at how well we have been expressing this.  This is not a call for action but a time to pause and review before we apply our conclusions once Sun is clear of Saturn (after Dec 3rd).

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for both your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:  Saturn and Neptune are raising uncomfortable questions about a current mis-fit between your 9th House of travel, studies, publishing, religion, law and ethics and the ‘behind the scenes’ world of your 12th House.  Institutions, charities, healing, self-undoing, time spent in isolation, your online life, self-talk and the unconscious are all possible areas that might seem to be at odds with the above.  In-laws or different cultures could be somewhere in the mix too.

This creates a lot to think about, so curb that Aries urge to leap into action and give it your full thought.

On 12th your ruling planet Mars and Venus both move into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  If you’ve been toying with whether to make a commitment or not, the combined charms of these two could push you over the brink. Or if unattached, a dazzling someone might just sweep you off your feet!

The partnerships ruled by the 7th House also relate to business partners, so if romance isn’t your bag right now, a very creative alliance could spring up at this time.  Whatever form this planetary coalition takes, you’ll be feeling co-operative in your approach to others and you should be well-received.

A T-square of planets on 22nd – 23rd could have an unexpected outcome in your public life.  Never suppress your inventive and unique self but watch out for involuntary, knee-jerk reactions.  Yes, yours…

Taurus:  Neptune which fosters ideals is in your 11th House of friends, groups, community, organisations and humanity. This on its own is fine but this month Saturn squares it from your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy, ‘ the money of others’, debts and sharing which creates conflict or unease.  Make time to look at how this applies to your present situation.

New Moon on 11th heralds a fresh start in partnerships.  Take it.  This could mean looking at things from a different viewpoint, just as much as it could suggest an actual event.  How we think about something, makes it so.  This is an opportunity to change your perspective to a more open and helpful position.

On 12th, your ruling planet Venus (along with Mars) moves into your work, health, service to others and daily routine zone.  This is great for creative work, expressive exercise or possible romance through these arenas…

Full Moon on 25th may excite your passions regarding finances and security but Sun and Saturn turn your focus towards the transformational processes of life (i.e. birth, sex and death), joint funds, ‘the money of others’, taxes, debts and sharing.  Take time to review these areas to position yourself correctly for taking action next month.

Gemini:  Partnerships clash with your father, career and social status zone this month, as Saturn in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships squares up to Neptune in your public sphere.  Bear in mind that partnerships can mean the intimate or business kind.  November isn’t the month to take action on these matters but take time to give them some thought.

Venus and Mars both leap out of your domestic sphere and into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity on 12th which should be enjoyable and fun.  You’ll be on top form charm-wise too.

A T-square with Venus, Uranus and Pluto around 22nd – 23rd could bring some intense surprises.  Respond creatively!

A sense of woundedness by or from the world urges you to make headway in your personal development.  And a review of relationships and partnerships takes place from 23rd – 30th when Saturn holds you still.  Full Moon in Gemini on 25th finds an emotional you.  Express it!

Cancer:  The demands of Saturn in your 6th House of work, health, service to others and daily routine make a stark contrast to your 9th House dreams of travel, study, in-laws and principles. While these dreams are all well and good, your everyday responsibilities may not lighten up for some time.  One helpful approach would be to come to more comfortable terms with the restrictions of your current reality.

While you’re busy pondering all of this, things take off creatively as Venus and Mars move into your 4th House of mother and home from 12th.  This is great for DIY, decorating and entertaining.

A planetary line-up around 22nd – 23rd involving father and mother or your public and private life could have a dramatic impact on partnerships.

As the month comes to a close, the focus is once again on daily routine and how to position yourself in relation to it.  This includes a review of how you you’ve been tending to the needs of your body – i.e. food, rest, exercise and sleep, in the face of conflicting demands from others.  Give time to this important review.

Leo:  The dilemma for Leos at present is between the reality of Saturn in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity and the ideals of Neptune in your 8th House of joint funds and intimacy.  The reality is far from the dream and this is the underlying issue for you to scrutinise this month.

Meanwhile your personal finances continue to flourish up to 12th when Venus and Mars move into your 3rd House of communications, trading, siblings and neighbours.  Your creative expression will be at its most fruitful.  Make lots of time to enjoy it!

New Moon on 11th falls in your 4th House of mother and home.  This marks a fresh start in some way.  There’s also lots of movement or discussion going on in these areas during the first three weeks as Mercury whizzes quickly through.

Sun approaches Saturn during the last week of November, insisting you carry out a review of romance, children and creativity.  How have you been dealing with them in the past?  And how do you want to deal with them in the future?  Refrain from springing into action however (that comes next month).  This time is for reflecting and taking a long, cool look.

Virgo:  Jupiter in your sign opposes Chiron early in the month from 1st – 4th which highlights the rate at which you’re growing, in contrast to the woundedness of partners or you in respect to partnerships.  There are healing opportunities here for all involved.  Be alert to them.

Restrictions or responsibilities regarding mother or home continue to weigh you down.  They also seem to be scuppering ideals about relationships and partnerships.  And what to do about this is question of the month…

Luckily your charms are at an all time high until 12th.  And although you may wish they’d stay at their peak for a little longer, Venus and Mars then move immediately into your 2nd House of finance, security and values bringing creativity and improvements all round!  You should also discover you have the energy, enterprising spirit and charm to carve out and attract new income sources (if that’s on your wish list).  And if it’s through creative work, even better!

Neptune which has been retrograde in your 7th House of partnerships goes direct on 18th bringing possible forward movement.  This applies to business partnerships (which might also be connected to the new income stream), as well as intimate relationships.

Full Moon on 25th raises emotion in your father, career and social status zone.  And the month ends with the Sun approaching Saturn, insisting you carry out a review on how you’ve been dealing with mother, home, emotional needs, nurturing and personal development.  Hold back until after Dec 3rd to apply your conclusions.

Libra:  Saturn in your 3rd House of communications, movement, siblings and neighbours is pointing a finger at the Neptunian ideals that are swimming around your work, health and service to others zone.  This could mean that lack of exercise or negative thinking could be working against your optimum health and well-being.

Equally it could be that your communication style or your reluctance to communicate could be undermining your work or relationships with colleagues.  Or perhaps they are the ones being uncommunicative.  Siblings or neighbours are a cause of unrest or lack of sleep.

The endless demands of electronic communications and information could even seem to be ruining your daily routine.  Whichever it is, put some time aside to sit down (or even better go for a walk) and think this through.  Also bear in mind that your ideals about colleagues, work or health may be the area that needs adjusting.

New Moon on 11th in your finance zone is the perfect time to make a new budget or to create a new income stream.  But Venus and Mars might steal your attention when they enter your sign on 12th.  You’ll be at your most creative and gorgeous and apart from 22nd -23rd when Venus gets into an intense corner, others will probably just surrender and bend to your wishes.  Enjoy every minute of this but don’t forget to do the Saturn-Neptune homework above!

Scorpio:  Saturn’s call for caution and long-term planning in your finance and security zone clashes with the Neptunian ideals swimming around your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  How to get these two areas working together is one of your major pondering tasks this month.

Meanwhile, New Moon in your sign on 11th marks the beginning of your personal New Year.  Decide how you’d like the next 12 months to go emotionally and make some new resolutions to help things along!

Mercury enters your sign from 2nd – 20th and others may be glad that you’re more communicative than usual.  This can be a help with physical agility too.  On 22nd – 23rd you may be feeling obsessive as both Venus and Uranus square up to your ruling planet Pluto.  This is happening for us all in different respects but you may feel it more keenly.

From 23rd – 30th Sun approaches Saturn in your 2nd House of money, possessions, income, food, security, values and self-esteem, insisting on a review in one or more of these areas.  You’ll know when the time comes which it should be!

Sagittarius:  The month before your birthday is often one of lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  Its arrival in Sag on 22nd is therefore cause for celebration.  This brings fresh energy and a welcome sense of renewal.

This year however, Saturn is involved along with Sun and Mercury bringing serious thoughts and the need to review how you’ve been dealing with identity (who you truly are) and how you’ve been expressing this and how you want to express it in the future.

This is a kind of culmination of the theme of the whole month around the Saturn – Neptune square.  For you this manifests as unrest between a Saturnine sense of limitations re identity, self and ego and your deals about mother, home, nurturing and personal development.  This might even involve wondering whether you’re compatible with (or even worthy of) your dream home and nurturing.

Avoid leaping into action until next month.  A deep review is needed first.  Give it all you’ve got.

On a lighter note, Venus and Mars are gracing your friends, groups and community zone from 12th and you’ll be operating at your most creatively in those areas. This should be enjoyable too.

Full Moon on 23rd in your opposite sign brings up strong emotions about relationships and partnerships.  Say whatever needs saying.

Capricorn:  From 12th Venus and Mars move into your 10th House of father, career and social status.  This is creative and people in high places can grant your wishes.  But as they’re not mind-readers, be sure to let them know what exactly your wishes are…

You’re also likely to notice a T-square to Pluto in your sign around 22nd – 23rd, possibly caused by sudden changes to do with mother or events at, or close to home.  This could be a bit of a rude awakening.

Your ruling planet Saturn, the voice of reality is relentlessly challenging dreamy Neptune for most of the month.  For you the areas in question housing these two planets are your 12th House and 3rd House which can represent the unconscious and conscious minds.

Interestingly Saturn is in your unconscious zone which could bring buried memories or realisations to the surface which then challenge any rose-tinted thinking you may have been indulging in.

The 12th House rules institutions, charity, time spent alone, self-undoing, self-talk, your online world and unconscious inner workings.  Whereas Neptune is in your 3rd House which rules speaking, writing, movement, trading, neighbours and siblings.  Any illusions or delusions that you may have been harbouring in any of these areas are having to face the harsh light of day.

The truth is always helpful if we work with it.  Do that work!

Aquarius:  New Moon in your father, career and social status zone on 11th marks a fresh start and new possibilities in your public life which might help to take your mind off the challenges of the month for a while.

These are posed by sober Saturn in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and organisations pressing you to look at any unrealistic Neptunian haziness around finances, security or values.  Financial entanglements with friends or collectives may raise their heads.  Or they may act as a catalyst in some way in calling you to question any possible illusions or delusions about your own finances or values.

Venus and Mars move into your 9th House of travel, studies, publishing, law and ethics from 12th.  Creativity will abound and there should be some fun on offer here too.  Venus and Mars could mean romance through any of these channels too and with people of different beliefs or from other cultures.  Enjoy exploring!

Pisces:  Partnerships continue to glow until 12th when Venus and Mars move into your joint funds and intimacy zone.  This can be both creative and passionate (or it might even materialise in a windfall) and can help to alleviate some of the weightier matters that are presenting this month.

Saturn in your 10th House of father, career and social status is squaring up to Neptune in your 1st House of identity and self-hood.  This is not a comfortable process as the demands of the world challenge how you see and regard yourself.  Your ‘ideal self’ and  ‘father’, professional standing or social status are at odds in some way.  More thought and honesty are needed here.

Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion in your partnerships zone also challenges Chiron in your sign to examine wounded parts of yourself, so that they can heal.  Start with total self-honesty and then offer your findings (when they eventually emerge) to others.  A counsellor or therapist can be hugely helpful in this process.

From 23rd Sun enters your 10th House of father, career and social status and heads towards Saturn.  This brings about a review of how you’ve been dealing with the world and a sense of reaping what you’ve sown.  Whether rewards or a fall seem to be facing you, they offer equally helpful feedback.

Full Moon on 25th is in your 4th House of mother and home.  Allow for high emotions.

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