July 2017

Our shared planetary picture

July starts with a lively Mars-Pluto opposition on 1st – 2nd when shows of strength will be resisted by others. Self-mastery is more helpful than trying to pressurise others.

On 4th – 5th self-expression and growth are at odds with each other but then things start to smooth out as the Sun and Neptune form a good aspect from 5th – 6th.

Communications are well-starred for most of the month as Venus moves through Gemini. The period from 16th – 24th may be more difficult though when Neptune and Saturn cloud the picture. Full Moon in Capricorn is on 9th too, along with a Sun – Pluto opposition from 9th – 10th which again can involve battles of will or status scuffles. Avoid these as best you can!

The main emphasis until the 20th are planets in Cancer which draw our attention to nurturing, mother and home. Mars is here too until 22nd which means lots of energy is available for projects on the home front.

From 20th the focus moves to Leo which encourages us all to get creative and be more expressive. Mars moves into Leo too on 22nd, adding extra oomph and New Moon on 23rd is also in Leo, marking a new creative phase for us all. And yes, that includes you!
So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   The month begins with a tussle as your ruling planet Mars opposes Pluto from 1st – 2nd. Power battles could present themselves with both sides being unwilling to bend to the will of the other. Manage this as fairly and as best you can.

The Sun is highlighting your home for the first three weeks of July and Mars boosts your energy and enthusiasm to see through projects that need to be started or are already underway. We spring into the world from home and our earlier roots and foundations. This is the time to build a good base for yourself, so you can take the world by storm without disruptions from home later on.

Personal development comes into this too. And any areas that did not go as hoped in your early life can be helpfully tackled now too. Commitment to counselling, therapy or any measure to expand your self-wareness and understanding is helpful. And if this is not your thing, make sure nutrients and emotionally nourishing food are on your menu.

Mother figures take on a fresh importance too and your urge to nurture others will be strong. Express it.

You will be communicating with charm this month as Venus softens your style and smile. Relationships go well too with siblings and neighbours, apart from possible misunderstandings around 16th – 24th. Mercury helps communications at home until 6th and then moves into the other main focus this month: your 5th House…

The Sun and your ruling planet Mars jump into this area too on 20th and 22nd which means lots of energy for romance, children and creativity. New Moon on 23rd marks the beginning of a new phase here too. And all being well – fun! Yes for you! About time too!

Taurus:   Your finances should look rosier this month as your ruling planet Venus glides through your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values from 5th. Things make be a little rockier though from 16th – 24th when joint or shared finances create confusion, especially if friends are involved.

Your communications zone is busy until 20th and you will have bigger than usual reserves of mental energy. There may conflicting demands from your higher mind and need to study or reflect and the daily demands of comings and goings, especially around 9th – 10th.

From 20th the Sun changes focus and moves into your 4th House of mother and home. Mars follows on 22nd and New Moon on 23rd. This marks a new phase, with energy and determination to get your home ‘right’ (which includes self nurture and personal development). Make resolutions for the month and year ahead – to create a home that will support you and meet your needs. Just do it!

Gemini:   Finances start the month with a bang as Mars and Pluto oppose each other from your personal finance and shared finance zone. Taxes, debts, inheritances or ‘the money of others’ is problematic in some way or the fear of change and intimacy may look like a threat to your security or the status quo. Observe your reactions and think about them. This information is useful and can shed light on areas you usually prefer not to look at. Take this opportunity to look!

Venus is in your sign from 5th making you darling of the zodiac for the rest of the month. Your charms will be at their highest and you will attract others to you. (Although Saturn and Neptune’s involvement from 16th – 24th is less easy to handle, raising questions about commitment and ideals). But even in the middle of this Venus and Jupiter team up from 18th – 19th to create pleasure and fun at the same time too.

Your finances are a big focus until 20th and you have the energy and determination to increase your sense of security. This may not be about money. Your values, self-esteem and creativity can provide a sense of security too.

From 20th the focus moves to your communications zone. You will be busy multi-tasking and your mental energy and way with words will be bright and clear. Relations with siblings and neighbours could be lively too. New Moon falls in your communications zone too on 23rd. Are there any trading, speaking or writing projects you would like to try in the year ahead? Lay down the plans now!


Cancer:   A Mars – Pluto opposition starts the month in your identity and partnerships zones from 1st – 2nd. There may be a stand off between you and partners – each being unwilling to accept any show of authority in the other. Battle is fruitless so aim to be self-aware, ethical and fair. By 3rd or 4th this planetary dynamic will have passed.

On a positive note, the Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too until 6th and Mars adds energy and determination until 22nd. If there is a personal agenda that you would like to push forward, this is a helpful time to forge ahead. Though you may run into some opposition around 1st – 2nd and 8th – 10th as Full Moon coincides with a Sun -Pluto opposition but otherwise your willpower will see things through.

Ideas to improve your finances capture your attention from 6th – 25th, as Mercury skips through your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. Make a note of them to put into action once the Sun and Mars join in ready for action from 20th (and 22nd). New Moon on 23rd marks a fresh start in this area of life too. Draw up a budget for the year ahead that supports your true values.


Leo:   Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th.

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Creativity behind the scenes is a rich area this month. Your energy and determination are strong to complete projects. Your appetite for spiritual practices may also be strong and helpful habits can be put in place. The demands of daily life may feel like an unwelcome intrusion around 1st – 2nd and 8th – 10th. Reconcile them as best you can.

On 22nd Mars leaps into your sign adding extra dynamism and determination to your creative self-expression. New Moon follows on 23rd marking the start of your emotional New Year. Make resolutions that will help to generate what you hope to find in your emotional life in the year ahead. The world is looking fresh and new. Many Happy Solar and Lunar Returns!

Virgo:   Personal creativity, romance and children clash with your friends, groups and community zone on 1st – 2nd. But from 5th Venus is smoothing your father, career and social status zone. People in authority are likely to favour you. If you need their help – just ask. Ambitions should go well too. Apart from a tricky patch between 16th – 24th, the waves part easily for you to make your way ahead!

Friends, groups and community are an active area until 20th and you may be feeling more political or more forthright than usual. From 20th the Sun moves into your 12th House of activity behind the scenes. Mars follows two days later and New Moon on 23rd marks the beginning of a new cycle in the following areas of life: the pain and suffering of others , compassion, healing, spirituality and creativity behind the scenes.

Your ruling planet Mercury is busy this month. From 25th it is in your own sign and you will be at your sharpest and best. Finances are still looking good. Count your blessings!

Libra:   Conflicts between career and home kick off the month as Mars opposes Pluto from 1st – 2nd. Respect differences of opinion and stand your ground. (The 8th – 10th could be tricky too).

From 3rd your father and career zone is top priority for the first three weeks of this month. Ambitions and the energy to achieve them are at hand. You just have to focus and assert yourself.

Your ruling planet Venus is smoothing the way in your travel and ethics zone. Journeys should be pleasant as are dealings with people from different countries and cultures. Legal matters look positive too although for all of these areas of life, things are trickier from 16th – 24th….

From 20th your energies lean towards friends, groups and community matters. Collective projects grab your imagination and you may find yourself feeling more political than usual. Friends, groups and community can also be a source of energy for you. If you have been thinking of joining something, now would be a great time! New Moon on 23rd falls in this area of your chart too and marks a fresh start. Go with it!

Scorpio:   Your ruling planet Pluto has a tricky start to the month as Mars opposes it from 1st – 2nd. This can brew up power-wielding storms which should be avoided. Notice your feelings and reactions but do not ‘act out’! Battles of will could crop up. If this seems to involve others, change the focus to your own dynamics and keep your actions ethical. This could provide a helpful model for other people involved. Lead by self-possessed example.

The month gets easier from 3rd when the focus moves to your travel, studies and philosophy zone. Exploring other cultures and belief systems through travel, meeting others or your own research is a rich and lively area. Your current ideas or opinions maybe challenged around 5th – 6th and around Full Moon from 8th – 9th. Allow that to be the case and respect differences of opinion. Your survival does NOT depend on being ‘right’. Flexibility is a stronger position to take. Try it.

Joint finances and intimacy look positive as Venus smoothes things along all month, apart from a rocky patch from 16th – 24th. Meanwhile on 20th the planetary focus moves to your father, career and social status zone and from 22nd you will have the energy and determination to persue your ambitions. New Moon falls here too on 23rd. Make resolutions for your professional and public year ahead!

Sagittarius:   Finances start the month with a bang as Mars and Pluto oppose each other from your joint finance and personal finance zone from 1st – 2nd. Taxes, debts, inheritances or ‘the money of others’ or money needed by others is problematic in some way. Or changes in a partner’s finances may impact your income and look like a threat to your security or the status quo. This is echoed again around 9th – 10th. Self-awareness is half the battle, observe your reactions.

Conflicting needs for security and freedom may raise their heads too around 5th – 6th when the Sun and Jupiter pull in different directions. Again, ‘know thyself’.

Venus spends most of the month in your relationships and partnerships zone which smoothes things along, apart from 16th – 24th when responsibilities or restrictions kick in. Even so a lovely aspect between Venus and your ruling planet Jupiter manages to generate fun around 18th – 19th.

The Sun and Mars change focus around 20th and travel, studies, ethics and legal matters become the priority. New Moon on 23rd also falls in this area of your chart. Make travel, study or cultural plans for the month and year ahead!

Capricorn:   The month begins on an intense note with a Mars – Pluto opposition in your identity and partnerships axis on 1st – 2nd. There may be a stand off between you and partners – each being unwilling to accept any show of authority in the other. Power surges should be resisted whether in yourself or others. Aim to be self-aware, ethical and fair. By 3rd or 4th this planetary dynamic will have passed.

Conflicts may raise their head again around Full Moon in your sign (early on 9th so the big build up is on 8th) which coincides with a Sun – Pluto opposition from 8th – 10th. This is a second chance to master self-awareness and self-composure if you did not do so well at the start of the month…

Relationships and partnerships are the main focus until 20th and you will find your drive and energy high in these areas, with lots of ideas about the best way to make the most of resources and joint funds.

From 20th the focus moves to ‘the money of others’ shared funds and intimacy. Mars adds to your determination to make headway in these areas from 22nd and New Moon on 23rd marks a fresh start of some kind. Take it!

Aquarius:   The planetary focus during the first three weeks of July is in your 6th House of work, health and service to others. Your daily routine, how you care for yourself on a physical level in terms of nutrition, sleep and exercise and what you include in your daily routine are all up for scrutiny and change! This is the physical side of self-nurture. Give it your full attention.

Meanwhile Venus is making your romance, children and creativity zone look rosy all month. It will not be all plain-sailing though from 16th – 24th when commitment or self-love and honesty or ideals come into play. They are always factors in love affairs but very plainly so during this period. Honesty on both sides is all that is needed.

From 20th the focus moves on to relationships and partnerships. Mars heats things up from 22nd (be that conflict or passion…) and New Moon on 23rd marks the beginning of a new phase in relationships and partnerships. Decide what you would like to find here now in your life and head towards it!

Pisces:   A clash between romance and friendship starts the month with a jolt from 1st – 2nd. Or could it be conflicting demands between personal creativity and group achievement? This uncomfortably but quickly moves on but there is a following echo from 8th – 10th. Meanwhile from 5th – 6th things are flowing well as the Sun aspects your ruling planet Neptune in a favourable way.

Venus is smoothing your mother and home zone too from 5th. Home in every sense should be a source of pleasure, be that the building you live in, its emotional dynamics, Mother Nature or your country or our planet. Relationships with mother figures go well too. There is a hiccough from 16th – 24th when Saturn applies restrictions or responsibilities and ideals are heightened, sometimes unrealistically.

The main focus however is your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. A lot of energy is bouncing around here until 20th. And you will be feeling buoyant and creative.

From 20th the Sun highlights your work, health and service to others zone. Mars adds determination from 22nd and New Moon here on 23rd is the start of your work and health New Year. This is the best time to start a new regime and take your daily routine and self-care in hand. Do it!


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