December Horoscopes 2019

Our shared planetary picture

A new area of exploration is opening up for us all as Jupiter makes its annual change of sign this month. After a one-year stay in Sag, Jupiter jumps into Capricorn on 2nd. And in doing so, it joins two other big boy planets – Saturn which arrived there two years ago and Pluto which has been there since 2008.

All three planets bring growth but Jupiter is by far the most up-beat and enjoyable one of this trio. So be ready for new, expansive opportunities to explore and wider horizons ahead.

The Winter Solstice (on 22nd at 04.21 GMT this year) is when the Sun moves into Capricorn. And New Moon on 26th is in Capricorn too. New Moons always mark a fresh cycle but this particular one involves Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus. So change is longing to happen (in different areas of life for each sign). Remove inner obstacles and help it along.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it, to find out.


Aries:    Your ruling planet Mars is still busy asserting itself in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. Decisiveness is one of your strengths, (even when you think you might be wrong). But this is unlikely to be the case from 10th – 13th when Neptune backs up Mars and everything feels right.

Your ambitions get a huge boost from 2nd, as Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity leaps into your 10th House of father, career and social status. Saturn and Pluto have been adding responsibilities and power issues to this area of your solar chart for the past few years and will continue to do so. But optimistic, joyful Jupiter is going to be in residence here for a year too, so fasten your seatbelt for full speed ahead!

Venus encourages people in power to ease your path, as it glides through your professional sphere until 20th. This should ease relations with authority and father-figures. And if you need their help, be sure to ask (but preferably not between 10th – 13th).

New Moon on 26th also falls in your 10th House and marks a new cycle, again in father, career and social status. Jupiter stars in this New Moon too, as does revolutionary Uranus which involves your finances . Make plans for the year head. The sky is the limit! Aim high!


Taurus:    Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity is on the move this month and on 2nd it takes residence in your travel and philosophy zone for a year. This creates new opportunities for travel and getting to know people from different countries, cultures or belief systems. It can bring about an expansion of your world view too. Venus has been smoothing things along here until 20th but there may be delays and intense encounters from 10th – 13th.

New Moon on 26th marks a new cycle of exploration. This can be covering terrain in the great outdoors, discovering new countries and cultures or exploring the higher mind through deep study, religion or philosophy. Ethics can become very important too. And have you considered learning a new language? Whichever adventures you embark upon, they will bring personal change. Give this change all the space and encouragement it needs!

Mars continues to assert itself all month in your relationships and partnerships. (Partnerships includes business partners too). If you have desired goals in either of these areas, go for them!

From 20th your ruling planet Venus starts to ease your path in dealings with authority or father figures. Career and social status look good too. And if your ambitions need people in positions of power to help them along, be sure to ask!


Gemini:    Jupiter which has provided a year of growth in your relationships and partnerships, glides into a new area of your chart on 2nd and takes residence in your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and opportunity and the coming 12 months could produce expansion via ‘the money of others’.

This could take the form of your partner’s income helping things along, a loan or tax rebate or even an inheritance. Another possible manifestation could be personal growth through aspects of sharing and intimacy (the emotional and physical sharing of yourself). Venus is already smoothing things along here until 20th but runs into obstacles in the form of Saturn and Pluto from 10th – 13th which have been weighing things down over the past few years.

Mars continues to heighten your energy and resolve over work, health and service to others. If you have been thinking about starting a new regime or looking for a new job or volunteering opportunity, the determination you need to make it happen, is on hand all month. Mars also forms a harmonious alliance with Neptune around 10th – 13th which can enhance your status or move you closer to your ideal self.

Full Moon is in your sign on 12th in the middle of all of this and it can be helpful to notice the emotions that present themselves then. Who or what kind of person would your ideal partner be? Or how can you help current partnerships to move closer to that ideal?


Cancer:    So much is happening in your relationships and partnerships, it may be hard to keep up with it all. But boring it is not! In addition to the two heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto slowly purging their way through this area of your solar chart, Jupiter joins them from 2nd. Jupiter is planet of growth, expansion and opportunity and it is going to stay for a year, insisting on growth and expansion in your relationships. And if this is not possible, you may seek freedom from them altogether!

Meanwhile the Sun sheds warmth and light onto relationships and partnerships from 22nd and New Moon here on 26th is nudging you to make resolutions that will help you to meet your relational needs in the month and year ahead.

Mars continues to bring intensity and drive to romance, children and creativity and pulls idealistic Neptune into play from 10th – 13th. But partners may create obstacles, as Venus runs into Saturn and Pluto during the same period. It is hard to say how all of this will pan out. But its impact will be noticeable.

Venus glides into your joint funds zone from 20th and you may benefit from ‘the money of others’ which could mean from partners, banks or well-wishers. Friends, groups and collectives could have some bearing on this too from 21st – 22nd.

Work or health matters may be on your mind as Mercury whips up new ideas from 9th – 28th. Have you considered new forms of physical movement? Why not give them a go?


Leo:    Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity nurtures growth through work, health and service to others in the year ahead. This adds optimism and positivity on the job front and in how you attend to your well-being. Saturn and Pluto have been weighing down heavily here for the last few years, demanding discipline and willingness to surrender to transformation or greater powers than your own.

Both of these are forms of growth. But Jupiter’s arrival from 2nd augurs good-time growth during the year ahead. And New Moon on 26th continues this theme and is the perfect time to start a new regime (physical and/or spiritual).

Jupiter is philosophical and jovial in its approach, so adding mind-expanding or spiritual practices to your daily routine is very helpful. The only caution is over-expansion or going over the top in terms of what you feed yourself, in every respect e.g. food, drink and other stimulants. And how you feed your mind.

It can be good to explore different forms of exercise this year and if that is in the great outdoors, all the better! Pets can be a bonus too. Venus adds pleasure to your daily rituals until 20th and relations with colleagues and daily companions goes well too. A few obstacles may surface around 10th – 13th but nothing that you cannot handle.

Venus glides into your relationships and partnerships zone from 20th, smoothing ruffled feathers with the promise of pleasure and harmony. This may bring a change of status from 20th – 22nd either in personal relationships or creative partnerships. Whichever it is, enjoy it!


Virgo:    Your ruling planet Mercury is moving fast this month and your mind will be covering lots of ground too. As the month begins, thoughts of home, mother-figures and self-nurture take precedence, closely followed by the very active theme in your chart this month: romance, children and creativity.

Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity moves into this area of your solar chart from 2nd for a year-long stay. Saturn and Pluto have been keeping things serious and intense in these matters for the past few years but Jupiter should help to open things up and bring hope of new possibilities. Venus smoothes things along here too until 20th. And although some old chestnuts may crop up once again around 10th – 13th. Use creative thinking to keep a fluid approach.

Mars continues to fire up mental energy and the need for physical exercise. All of that mental energy needs directing too. Is there a project you can pour it into? If not, find one, so that it does not just rev up your nervous system.

New Moon on 26th marks the beginning of a fresh cycle in your creative life. Make resolutions that will help you to meet your creative needs in the month and year ahead.


Libra:    You are still hot on the trail of your finances this month, as Mars forges through your security zone. Work and being of service to others helps the overall picture during the second week of the month too.

Home comforts are a source of pleasure this month until 20th, as your ruling planet Venus smoothes and soothes your mother and home zone. Structural and power issues may feature though around 9th – 14th.

Expansion is a new theme here as Jupiter leaps in from 2nd, looking for growth and new opportunities. This could be about a bigger home or one abroad or inspired by a philosophy in some way. You may also find yourself wanting to emotionally care for others and be cared for more than before. Self-nurture and personal development may become more important too.

New Moon on 26th also falls in your mother and home zone and it can be helpful to make your New Year’s Resolutions then, as this marks an expansive new cycle, buoyed up by Jupiter and exhilarating Uranus. We spring into the world from the home. And if you can get home just right, in every sense, then who knows what you could achieve?


Scorpio:    Mars is still forging ahead in Scorpio this month and you may find yourself being more assertive and forthright than usual. This coincides with the entry of Jupiter into your 3rd House of communications which opens the door to deeper, freer communications and thinking. Jupiter adds optimism and hope to the present seriousness of your mind. New forms of communication, study, teaching and physical movement can have a growthful effect too.

New Moon on 26th also falls in this area of your solar chart and gathers Jupiter with it and Uranus. This marks a new cycle in your communications that brings about an awakening in partnerships. The more open you can be, the greater the opportunities for growth.

When Venus runs up against Saturn and your ruling planet Pluto around 10th – 13th, you may run into some old, hot potatoes but Mars in your sign is in good aspect to Neptune at the same time and idealism helps you to address the obstacles on your desired path.

From 20th Venus glides into your mother and home zone and you may find yourself beautifying your home and wanting to share its pleasures with others by entertaining. Dealings with mother-figures go well too, as does personal development and self-nurture. Enjoy them all!


Sagittarius:    Your ruling planet Jupiter is on the move on 2nd when it leaves your sign after a year-long stay. Hopefully this completes a year of growth and expansion for you. And the good news is that Jupiter has now moved into your finance zone which can either increase your income or generate a sense of security that comes from within, perhaps connected to creativity or philosophy. This too is a year-long process.

Venus is also making your finances look rosier until 20th (although there may be a couple of hiccoughs around 10th -13th). And New Moon on 26th is a good point to draw up a budget and financial plans for the year ahead.

On 20th Venus glides into your 3rd House of communications, offering pleasure through everyday interactions, learning, teaching, short journeys and dealings with neighbours and siblings. Physical movement can be pleasurable too.

Meanwhile, the Sun ball remains in your court until 21st, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too from 9th – 28th. Sagittarians rarely mince their words but with Mercury the winged messenger on your shoulder, your ‘to-the-point’ tongue is likely to hit its mark with ease. Have you thought of writing too?


Capricorn:    New opportunities are about to enter your life in the year ahead as Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion jumps into your sign on 2nd for a year-long stay. This only happens once every twelve years and it usually brings a wave of optimism with it. And this may be very welcome as the two heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto have been weighing heavily in your sign for the past few years.

Venus in Capricorn until 20th softens your personna too and heightens your charms. Although your current internal processes may get in the way for a while around 10th – 13th.

Energy levels may also have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is that in addition to Jupiter, the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! This is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

New Moon in Capricorn on 26th marks the start of your personal new year. And this is another good time to make resolutions, particularly ones that will help you to meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead!


Aquarius:    Your unconscious is working over-time this month as three of the planetary big-players are joined by three personal planets passing through your 12th House. The big shift though is Jupiter’s arrival in this area of your chart. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and opportunities and this could have consciousness-raising effects. Any type of spiritual or meditative practice can have wonderful outcomes. Counselling or therapy can shed light on earlier confusion. And healing is a possibility for yourself, as is helping others to heal too.

Your understanding of those on the edge of society is heightened and you can find growth for yourself and others if you put your empathy into action. You can also have a positive impact on, or experience of institutions of any of kind (e.g. prisons, hospitals, psychiatric units, refuges and charities etc).

Creative work behind the scenes can also be fruitful and make your world bigger. If you have a creative project in mind, the New Moon on 26th would be a good point to draw up your blue-print and get started. The one thing to look out for though is going to excess with mind-numbing substances, especially around 26th and 27th. Jupiter wants to expand your consciousness, not drown it.

From 20th Venus glides into your sign, making you irresistibly attractive to others. You could also be a good mediator and gather the co-operation of others to achieve peaceful goals.

Meanwhile, Mars is fuelling your ambitions and determination to improve your standing or social status all month. And your plans could look financially promising around 10th – 13th. Keep that energy going and keep pushing ahead!


Pisces:    Your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals is a big focus this month. Venus starts things off smoothly but runs into tricky matters from 10th – 13th. Full Moon highlights the conflicting demands of father versus mother or career and home on 12th. But your ruling planet Neptune gets backing from Mars then too, so an understanding but assertive approach should work well for you.

Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity takes residence in this same collective area of your chart from 2nd. This is a welcome up-beat presence that should help to counter-balance the weighty impact that Saturn and Pluto have been having here for the past few years. New friends, groups and communities can enhance your life during the year ahead; and you them.

Friends from different countries, cultures and belief systems may feature. You may feel and be more political in some way. And if a campaign of any kind attracts you to join in, the impact can be strong (for both you and your cause). New Moon on 26th is a perfect time to embark on such a journey or to join a group (or start one) that resonates with your beliefs.

Venus helps to make tranquil moments pleasurable from 20th. Make time for creative work behind the scenes. You will be able to relate easily to outcasts and people who are in pain or suffering too. They will feel your kindness which is a help in itself.


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