December 2016

Our shared planetary picture

We are going to be busy and enjoying ourselves on the collective front this month as Venus moves into Aquarius from 7th helping us to build harmonious friendships, groups and communities.  Mars which started the ground work here last month, stays in Aquarius until 19th and provides the energy and determination to make co-operation possible.

We have some extra help on offer from the Sun, when it joins Saturn on 9th – 10th bringing insights to long-standing obstacles.  And when Mercury goes retrograde on 19th we have an opportunity to review our recent communications out in the world, professionally or with father figures.  (Traditional astrologers warn us not to sign important contracts during Mercury’s retrograde periods and this one lasts until Jan 8th).

Mars jumps into Pisces on 19th helping us to make our compassion and spirituality more active.  And when it joins Neptune from 29th, we have a chance to put our dreams into action.  Getting lost in dissipation is another possibility, so opt for plan one!

The second half of the month, Jupiter opposes Uranus calling for some kind of balance between just going our own way and building bridges with others.  Uranus also teams up with Saturn in a helpful way up to 25th enabling us to bring change to existing structures and give structure to new ideas.  The traditional and the modern understand each other during this period and can work together, as can young and old!

Uranus has been retrograde since late July calling us to examine how far we have or have not been compromising ourselves (in different areas of life for each sign).  On 29th Uranus goes direct and you can put your conclusions into action.  New Moon in Capricorn is on the same day which could be the perfect point to make your New Year’s Resolutions.  Why wait until 31st?  The early bird catches the worm!

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   You’ll be expressing yourself on the travel and ethics front this month and may even get your words in print.  Your main focus however will be your career, ambitions and social status.  Venus helps things to go smoothly here until 7th.  Mercury is active too but goes retrograde from 19th so get important negotiations over before then.

Power dynamics out in the world, with father figures or in your professional sphere continue to be intense, especially during the first few days of the month and around 19th.

Your ruling planet Mars is still forging ahead in your friends, groups and community zone.  Organisations and politics could come into this too.  You know what needs to be done and lucky for everyone else, you know how to do it.  On 19th Mars moves into your 12th House of inner workings, creativity behind the scenes, institutions and compassion.  Your dreams could carry helpful content.  Listen to what they have to say.

Uranus in your sign has been retrograde since late July, taking you back to reassess any compromises you may have made in the past, especially in summer 2015 and spring 2016.  On 29th Uranus goes direct on the same day as New Moon in your career zone.  Make resolutions for your professional year ahead then.  Others may think they’ve already got the measure of you.  But they haven’t seen anything yet!  Time to take the world by storm!


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus moves into your father, career and social status zone on 7th, smoothing the way for your ambitions and the helpful  regard of people in authority.  Ask for favours if you need them.  Mars has been doing the spade work here for a month.  Now plant your seeds in this newly dug ground.

Realisations about your finances may cause concern around 14th when Full Moon falls into your finance and income zone.  Acknowledge your feelings but don’t get too caught up in them.  Your joint finances are looking a bit brighter or clearer this month as the Sun here helps to clarify what has been worrying you, especially around 9th – 10th.

Trips or dealings with different cultures go well up to 7th but Mercury going retrograde from 19th could scupper travel plans.  Double check your bookings and tickets etc.  Legal matters and inter-cultural dialogues could also take a temporary turnaround.  Be patient on all fronts.

From mid-month Jupiter in your work, health and service to others zone is opposite Uranus which could indicate that certain mindsets or self-talk could have been hindering your health, daily routine or work life.  Take a good look at what that could be.  Uranus starts to move forwards on 29th which will help you to make helpful changes internally.  Self-awareness is more than half the battle.


Gemini:   The Sun has been melting your misgivings about relationships and partnerships this month and it may feel like there’s been a breakthrough in some way around 9th – 10th. But from 21st the Sun moves on to illuminate other matters.

‘Joint funds’ is the main area of activity though this month with lots of comings and goings effecting taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing.  Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde here on 19th so try to sign any important documents before then.  Even so there may be mix-ups during this period.

Mars changes sign on 19th too making you keen to push ahead with your career, ambitions and social status.  There’s plain sailing until 29th when Mars runs into Neptune which makes it very difficult to see what’s going on and where you’re going.  Put your energies into creative pursuits until early Jan when you can make headway once again.

Uranus going direct on 29th brings progress to friendships, groups and community ventures.  But Jupiter opposite is asking whether you should be pursuing individual creativity instead?

Full Moon in your sign early on 14th (so the build up is on 13th) – finds an emotional you.  Let others know how you feel.


Cancer:   Work, health and service to others is a lively area during the first three weeks of December, with the Sun shedding light, especially around 9th – 10th, on knotty problems that have been weighing you down for some time.  Adjustments to your daily routine could have a beneficial impact too.

There’s also lots of focus in your partnerships zone once again with Venus bringing pleasure until 7th and then Mercury going retrograde on 19th which provides an opportunity to review recent communications.  New Moon on 29th in your opposite sign will also help to inform you of the emotional dynamics involved.

Uranus also goes direct on 29th in your father, career and social status zone.  A review has been going on here since late July.  Have been compromising too much?  Apply your conclusions but keep a balance with home needs too.

Mars adds to your determination to sort out joint finance situations (including taxes, debts and inheritances) until 19th.  It then heads off in search of the bigger picture and when it joins Neptune near the end of the month, you may find yourself setting out on a quest of some kind.  This is the stuff heroes are made from.  Courage on your visionary path!


Leo:   Your ruling planet the Sun is lighting up your favourite romance, children and creativity zone and obstacles that seem to have been in the way for some time may just melt away around 9th -10th.  And yes, your mindset or communications (or lack of them) may have created the problem in the first place!

The really busy area this month though is your 6th House of work, health, daily routine and service to others.  Things go smoothly until 7th but on 19th Mercury goes retrograde and you need to double-check what has been agreed.  This would be a good time for a health review too.  Have you been moving that body enough to stay healthy?  Make some resolutions and start them at New Moon on 29th.

Relationships and partnerships go nicely from 7th as Venus brings harmony and pleasure.  This gets even better from 19th when feisty Mars moves out of the picture too.

Joint funds need looking at which could include taxes, debts and inheritances.  Sharing in a broader sense may need looking at too, including intimacy.  It will become harder to fathom things out after 29th when Neptune creates a fog.  Make your move before then.  But as visibility of that door slips away, Uranus goes direct, urging you to push forward with travel and study plans and explorations of all kinds.  Keep daily exercise going, as you allow yourself access to a wider world!


Virgo:   Venus creates harmony in your romance, children and creativity zone until 7th.  Then it moves on to soften things connected to your work, health and daily routine.  Being of service to others brings pleasure and dealings daily companions (colleagues, flatmates and pets) goes well too.

Emotions run high in your professional life around Full Moon on 13th – 14th.  Then on 19th your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde until early next month.  This is also in your romance, children and creativity zone where a review of communications is needed in some way.

Mars has been making you more determined in your work and health zone and will continue to do so until 19th, when it moves into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  You may find yourself being more assertive here than usual or running into someone else who is…  If you have plans in this department, put them into action before 29th when Mars starts getting lost in  Neptunian mists.

Uranus goes direct on 29th in your joint funds zone which means progress can commence regarding taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing, including intimacy.  Uranus is opposite Jupiter during the second half of the month, so all of this has to be balanced with your personal income and security needs.  New Moon is also on 29th and offers a fresh start in romance, children and creativity.  Make some resolutions to help the year ahead go in the direction you would like it to!


Libra:   Home is where the heart is up to 7th but then your ruling planet Venus glides into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity bringing pleasure and ease.  Mars has already been making headway in these areas for a month, so enjoy your achievements.

Mars moves on to tackle your work, health and service to others zone from 19th.  So if anything needs attending to in any of these areas, push ahead.  Choose your words carefully from 19th when Mercury goes retrograde in your mother and home zone as complicated power dynamics are still around.

New Moon on 29th marks the beginning of your domestic New Year – make some resolutions.  Uranus goes direct the same day in your partnerships zone so there’s a positive gear change here too.  Uranus has been retrograde since late July, pulling you back to reassess whether or not you have been over- compromising in partnerships (both business and personal).  If you have been, now is the time to start a new regime.  Others may be surprised but they’ll get used to it!


Scorpio:   Venus glides into your mother and home zone on 7th bringing domestic harmony and perhaps the final decorative touches to projects you’ve been working on.  This is also a good time for entertaining at home and your personal development could benefit too.

Long-standing financial constraints may look more optimistic too as the Sun sheds light on worries and feelings of not having ‘enough’.  Sometimes a feeling of security can be found through creativity or a value system that gives a sense of security.  Explore these areas if anxieties persist, especially around 9th -10th.

Communications could get tricky from 19th when Mercury goes retrograde.  If important discussions are needed, try to schedule them in before then.  Communications with neighbours and siblings may need revisiting too.  And are you getting enough exercise?

Mars and Neptune join forces from 29th and add mystique to your romance, children and creativity zone.  Heightened creative flow may be more reliable than the beckon of a certain someone but your own mystique could be intriguing to others.  This is a passing Neptunian mist, so keep your feet on the ground.

There’s a further change of gear on 29th when Uranus goes direct in your work, health and service to others zone, urging you to put a new regime in place.  New Moon’s on the same day in your communications zone.  Now what new form of physical movement or self expression could you start?  29th is your day to make and start new resolutions (not 31st).  Now what should they be?


Sagittarius:   Your two-year struggle with Saturn in your sign feels a bit lighter this month as the Sun brings light relief and perhaps helpful insights around 9th – 10th.  Then Full Moon on 13th – 14th is in your opposite sign, raising emotions around relationships and partnerships.

Your finances are a big focus this month too.  All seems to be well up until 7th but then Mercury goes retrograde here on 19th which causes you to review recent moves.  The Sun gets involved from 21st which helps you to keep hold of optimism even though there are hold-ups until Jan 8th.

From 7th Venus charms you with the pleasures of the mind.  Dealings with neighbours and siblings bring pleasure too.  From 19th Mars makes you feel energetic on the mother and home front but from 29th it runs into Neptune making it very difficult to decipher anything or make headway.

Your ruling planet Jupiter opposes Uranus mid-month onwards which raises the dilemma of whether to go along with group projects or individual ones.  There could also be uncomfortable choices around whether to accommodate  children or friends.

New Moon on 29th falls in your busy finance zone.  Create a new budget – and keep to it of course…


Capricorn:   The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time but on 21st the Sun enters Capricorn bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal.  New Moon on 29th is also in your sign which marks the beginning of your personal new year.  Make resolutions for the year ahead that especially involve how you would like to run your home and emotional life.  (December 31st resolutions are just for the uninformed!)

Venus is also in your sign until 7th heightening your charms, then it moves into your finance zone which usually bodes well for income or a sense of security.  Mars is already in this zone making you energetic in your pursuit of new possibilities.  On 19th it moves into your communications zone however and your may be more decisive than usual in deed and word.  Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on the same day however, so it may pay to hold your tongue until next month.

When Mars runs into Neptune from 29th communications with siblings or neighbours may be baffling and you may have to take other people’s feelings into consideration more.

On 29th Uranus also goes direct in your mother and home zone.  This has been retrograde since late July which has provided a chance for you to review whether you have been making too many compromises in these areas: or not enough.  You may also need to make space for your personal development too.  As Uranus moves forward you can set out anew, better informed and ready to bring about the necessary changes.  You know what they are…


Aquarius:   On 7th Venus moves into your sign putting you at the top of everyone’s favourite list!  It’s going to stay there until January 3rd so make the most of that extra popularity!  Mars is already energising you Aquarians until 19th which means you’re a creative dynamo right now, especially mid-month!

Dealings with friends, groups and community are more cheerful too with the Sun’s warmth cheering things up and any misunderstandings that have been weighing you down could get cleared up around 9th – 10th.

You’ll start to be more pro-active about finances from 19th but by 29th Neptune clouds the way forward and you may just have to pause until it passes on January 5th.

Your inner workings are being pummeled this month which can be helpful and New Moon on 29th offers a new way forward in creativity, spirituality or compassion.  Your ruling planet Uranus goes direct on the same day which means full steam ahead!  Yes, at last!


Pisces:   The Sun is lighting up your public life until 21st, helping ambitions along and shedding light on some of the obstacles that have been holding you back for the last couple of years.  Your relationships with father figures could improve too.  Be open to helpful insights, especially around 9th -10th.

Your friends, groups and community zone goes well until 7th but gets trickier from 19th when Mercury goes retrograde.  Review recent communications in these areas.  New Moon on 29th falls in this zone too, marking the beginning of your collective New Year.  Make some resolutions for the year ahead in these areas of life.

Mars enters your sign on 19th bringing energy, drive and determination to forge ahead in whichever direction you choose.  From 29th Mars catches up with your ruling planet Neptune which puts your intuition into action and helps you to pursue your ideals and even make dreams come true.

Work behind the scenes starts to move forward too when Uranus goes direct, also on 29th.  You have a unique approach to creativity, spirituality and compassion right now and having carried out a review on how far you have compromised; the fresh, true version is ready to go.  This has to somehow balance with your daily life where Jupiter is also encouraging you to expand or make yourself free.


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