September 2015

Your Horoscope for September 2015

Our shared planetary picture

Lots of planetary happenings this month!  Venus and Mars start the month harmoniously and then move on to engage independently with freedom-loving Uranus.  Mars gets there first (4th – 8th) and after moving direct on 6th, Venus takes the same angle (18th – 23rd).  Compromise will not look like a possible option during these periods, nor should it.  Be open to what these two fresh breezes bring.

Every eclipse belongs to a cycle which repeats (often over hundreds of years) in different locations.  The partial solar eclipse this month on 13th (07.55 BST) belongs to a tricky series which often raises anxieties and concerns.

Later the same week on 17th Mercury goes retrograde (until Oct 9th).  So be alert to the higher potential for mix-ups and mis-understandings and avoid signing anything during this period if you can.

Next day on 18th Saturn finally completes its three year stay in Scorpio and moves into Sag.  This marks the beginning of a new focus of learning for us all over the next two years.  The truth and the consequences of mis-using it (in the present and past) are likely to come to light.  This is happening on a collective as well as on an individual level.  Ethics are also likely to be high profile.   The responsibilities of the media, legal system and religions will weigh heavily too (especially if they have not functioned as well as they should).  Navigate this new period as honestly as you can.

The final big shift of the month comes on 25th when Pluto goes direct after five months going retrograde and Mars changes signs from Leo to Virgo.  That makes for two strong forces pushing forwards anew.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun Sign  and  for your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:  Venus joins your ruling planet Mars at the start of the month bringing passion to your romance, children and creativity zone.  You’ll be more susceptible to the charms of others and your irresistibility will be heightened too!  By 4th Mars and Uranus are driving you on to astonish us yet again with more of your dashing Arian feats!  This wind is only behind you until 8th so follow your reliable impulses and don’t hang around!

The focus falls on your work, health and service to others zone with the eclipse on 13th.  Your daily routine may need examining.  Give it some consideration.  Relationships and partnerships could also suffer from crossed wires during Mercury’s retrograde movement from 17th (until Oct 9th).  Be as clear as you can.

Saturn completes its three year transit through your life processes, intimacy, joint funds and sharing zone on 18th.  Lessons learnt you now know how to proceed correctly.  Venus and Uranus throw up unexpected excitement from 18th – 23rd too, adding to the sense of release from your long Saturn transit.

Mars leaps again on 25th into your work, health and service to others zone on the same day as Pluto moves forward in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  You’ll like this change of pace – action all round!

Full Moon on the night of 27th/28th is in your sign.  Emotions will raise their head.   Don’t side-step them or push them down.  Let it flow!

Taurus:  Your ruling planet Venus starts the month passionately and creatively with Mars and they’re in your 4th House of mother and home, generating lots of energy for DIY, blitzing and perhaps entertaining too.  You have Mars on hand until 25th so push ahead with projects (especially creative ones) at home.  Personal development could benefit from this energy too.

Venus has been retrograde since late July taking you back to examine some relationships once again but this process completes on 6th and you can move ahead with the information you gleened during this period.  Venus also teams up with Uranus from 18th – 23rd which can make for emotional or creative excitement.  Be open to both!

The eclipse on 13th falls in your romance, children and creativity zone.  And two days later Mercury goes retrograde in your 6th House of work, health and service to others until Oct 9th.  Keep communications as clear as you can with colleagues and daily companions and it might be worth getting a second opinion on health diagnoses if any turn up during this period.

Saturn completes its long and arduous lessons in your relationships and partnerships zone on 18th and you can finally put the conclusions (which you may have learnt the hard way) into action.

Saturn is now taking you into a new area of learning – your 8th House of transformation.  This includes the life transformational processes of birth, sex and death and also joint funds, the money of others, taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing.  All hefty numbers, so it’s good that you’re a sturdy, resilient Taurus!

Gemini:  Creative ideas are still bubbling away at the start of the month, as Venus and Mars join forces in your 3rd House of ideas, communications, trading, siblings and neighbours.  Your natural ability to break down information and make it available to others is at its creative best, as is your gift for words.

Venus goes direct on 6th which is even more helpful and Uranus is getting involved with both planets later in the month, bringing excitement and the unexpected.   You don’t have to wait long, as Mars hooks up with Uranus first of all from 4th – 8th.  If you find yourself being more assertive with friends, groups and the many communities that your belong to, it’s that Mars wind in your sails.  Your ideas will take on an original form and your need for pure, uncompromised expression and creative freedom will be exhilarating (and surprising for others).  Whatever you do, don’t compromise.  They’ll get used to it!

Home (in the widest sense) mother, nurturing and personal development are the focus on 13th when the eclipse comes to call.  Reflect well on what comes up and apply some of that creative thinking of yours to the possibly tricky material presented.  Your ruling planet Mercury becomes contrary from 17th while it goes retrograde until Oct 9th.  This falls in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  Be very clear in all of your communications during this period and double-check all the credentials if you’re planning any financial speculation.  (Wait until Mercury’s direct again if you can).

You’ll be pleased to know Saturn finally finishes its long and arduous orbit through your 6th House of work, health and service to others on 18th.  This marks the end of three long years of learning in these areas.  You can now apply your hard-earnt conclusions and move forward.

As one door closes, another opens and your next long stretch with Saturn is in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  This may not be immediately apparent as Venus starts to liaise with Uranus also on 18th (until 23rd).  This can be romantically or creatively exciting which may happily distract you from the toll of serious Saturn.

On 25th both Mars and Pluto conspire to change gear in your mother and home zone and in your transformational life processes and sharing arena which includes the sharing of yourself physically (i.e. intimately) and fiscally as in joint funds.  And what I wonder, will that bring?

Cancer:  Your creative financial schemes start the month well as Venus and Mars produce the desired effects.  And things look even brighter when Venus goes direct on 6th.  The month gets less predictable as it unfolds though.  Changeable Uranus enters the creative equation from 4th – 8th as Mars teams up with it.  This brings you unexpected help from authority figures or from your professional or social status.  (Enjoy it and avoid compromise if at all possible!)

The famous eclipse falls into your 3rd House of communications on 13th.  This can make your ideas, sharing of information, trading, physical movement and dealings with siblings or neighbours thought provoking and at worst, tricky.

Mercury goes retrograde later in the week from 17th which is astrologically a double whammy.  The best advice is to be very clear in all your dealings and to double and treble check that people have fully understood you.  Best to avoid signing things if possible.

Saturn leaves your 5th House of romance, children and creativity on 18th.  Many issues have been placed before you over the past three years and now hopefully older and wiser, you can at last put your conclusions into action.  The sense of relief this generates is added to by Venus and Uranus joining forces from 18th – 23rd.  This could be exciting.  Be experimental and open to the unexpected.

Power-wielding Pluto which has been dragging you back to reassess things in your relationships and partnerships zone since mid-April, goes direct on 25th.  Forward movement is once again possible.  Mars changes sign on the same day and leaps into your 3rd House of communications,  Others may think you’re being more assertive… and they’re right!  Time for dynamic action!

Leo:  Venus and Mars add to your charisma at the start of the month, as they conjoin in your sign – mmmmmm.  And what a shining star you are in our sky!  (Being a Leo, we know you can handle it!).

Relating and creativity get even easier when Venus goes direct on 6th, right in the middle of a Mars-Uranus aspect that brings excitement to you from your travel, study, legal, cultural and ethics zone.  This is around from 4th – 8th so make the most of it.  And bear in mind it means others should adapt to you this time!

The tricky eclipse on 13th falls in your 2nd House of finance, security and values.  This is an active area all month and it’s not all problematic, although that may not be apparent this week…

Mercury goes retrograde on 17th in your communications zone.  Be very clear in all you say and double-check you’ve understood others.  (This applies until Oct 9th).  The following day Saturn finally finishes its long lessons in your 4th House of mother and home.  And your new area for learning over the next two years is in love affairs, children and creativity.

Venus teams up with Uranus from 18th – 23rd adding even further to your charms.  You could be prone to the attractions of others too, especially those from different countries and cultures or people with attractively different belief systems or philosophies.

On 25th Pluto and Mars both make a change and stir up action in your work, health and finance zones.  Could that be a new job on the horizon?  Or a change in your daily routine that adds to your sense of security?  Yes it could!  Explore both possibilities!

Virgo:  So much is happening in Virgo.  Sun and Jupiter are both in your sign for most of the month, bringing fresh energy, optimism and a feeling of renewal.  Your unconscious, healing and behind the scenes life is also working creatively and pointing  out things you need to make conscious.  Psychological blocks could be moved or worked on too.

Mid-month the eclipse is in your sign on 13th which is challenging, followed by Mercury’s retrograde movement on 17th in your finance and security zone.  Avoid making major financial moves until after it goes direct (on Oct 9th) if you can.

Saturn which has been testing you in your 3rd House of communications, physical movement, siblings and neighbours for three years, makes its exit on 18th.  This lightens the mind and allows you to apply your hard-earnt conclusion to these areas.  Positive thinking should become easier too.

Saturn’s new area for learning and revision is in your mother and home zone.  Nurturing and personal development come into this too so prepare for a new course of discovery.

On 25th Pluto goes direct in your romance, children and creativity zone after five months of being retrograde.  If plans in any of these areas have been on hold, take the brakes off now and push ahead.  On the same day Mars leaps into your sign bringing energy, drive and dynamic action and it’s around for the next seven weeks.  Forge ahead and make hay while the sun shines!

Libra:  Your ruling planet Venus starts the month next to passionate Mars and then goes direct on 6th.  This is good for friends, groups and collective endeavours.  Partnerships may be more erratic though as Uranus is lying in wait full of surprises.

Mars gets within range of it from 4th – 8th and brings sudden change to partnerships, groups and friendships.  This can be exciting or startling depending on how alert you’ve been lately.  Venus gets there later in the month (18th – 23rd) which brings excitement and unexpected new attractions.  Alternatively, the new attraction may be you!

Your inner world may produce unhelpful thoughts around the time of the eclipse on 13th.  The more conscious you are of them, the easier they’ll be to deal with.  How we think of something, makes it so.  With this in mind, guide your thoughts in a positive direction.  Mercury also goes retrograde in your sign on 17th, making it all the more important to keep your mind buoyant and to take special care with communications.  (This applies until Oct 9th).

Saturn completes its long sojourn in your money, possessions, security and values zone on 18th.  The repetitive nature of this learning process has been necessary to get the point across.   It’s taken you’ve now ‘got it’ (i.e. the point, not necessarily the money!)

There’s a double shift on 25th as Pluto goes direct in your mother and home zone while Mars jumps into your 12th House of behind the scenes activity.  Use it to bring unconscious material to light.

Full Moon in your opposite sign on the night of 27th/28th looks intense for partnerships. Channel that intensity!

Scorpio:  Your father, career and social status zone begins the month creatively with Venus and Mars working together.  On 6th Venus goes direct and people in authority will be well-disposed towards you.  Your ambitions are strong with Mars in your 10th House too.  Ask favours from people who can help.

Uranus in your 6th House of work, health and service to others is helping things along too.  Changes to how you arrange your daily routine can have massive impact on your progress.  And this can apply to both your work and home life routine.  Experiment.

The eclipse on 13th in your friends, groups and community zone could be challenging. Mercury goes retrograde too on 17th in your 12th House of spirituality, compassion, the collective unconscious and healing so try to be clear on your motives in relation to others and take some time to examine how well you acknowledge, soothe and express your inner world and on how helpful your ‘self-talk’ is.

The moment you’ve been waiting for comes to pass on 18th when Saturn moves out of your sign.  After pushing uncomfortable information under your nose for you to review for the past three years, it now leaves you free to apply the conclusions you have drawn.

Saturn is always somewhere teaching us lessons and its next port of call is your 2nd House of money, possessions, self-esteem, security and values.  This is roughly a two-year process and it starts on 18th.

On 25th Mars moves into your 11th House making you more assertive or directive with friends, groups and community.  Your ruling planet Pluto goes direct on the same day in your communications, physical movement, siblings and neighbours zone after five months being in retrograde.  Check your thinking dial is on a positive setting, as you’ll be running at full force.  Forge ahead!

Sagittarius:  Travel, studies, cultural and ethical matters start the month well and get even better when Venus goes direct on 6th.  Uranus in your romance, children and creativity zone helps in a stimulating way too.

The eclipse on 13th falls in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  This is not always the most helpful of things.  On 17th Mercury goes retrograde too in your friends, groups and community zone.  Take care with communications until it goes direct on Oct 9th.

The biggest news this month is Saturn’s arrival in Sag on 18th where it’s going to stay until Dec 2017.  Saturn is the planet of learning, restriction and self-imposed limitations which doesn’t sound very attractive but it also brings maturity, responsibilities and a reaping of what you’ve already sown.  (i.e. this could be good!)

When Saturn enters your sign you’re sometimes drawn to a halt in order to carry out a much-needed review on how you’ve been dealing in the past with identity, self-expression and creativity.  It’s also an opportunity to look at how you want to deal with these in the future, although they may not be easy during this learning process.  Square up to the information about yourself, that’s laid before you during this period.  It’s to help you not punish you.

Your ambitions begin to sharpen on 25th as Mars and Pluto push ahead with money-making career plans or self-esteem improvements.  Go well!

Capricorn:  Your intimacy and joint funds zone goes well at the start of the month as Venus and Mars join forces.  And this gets even better after Venus goes direct on 6th!

Travel, study, legal and ethical matters could cause concerns with the eclipse around 13th.  Communications with authority figures could be tricky too from 17th.  Check and double check everyone is included in the information loop professionally, as this falls in your father, career and social status zone.

Your ruling planet Saturn changes sign this month and moves into your inner workings zone on 18th for two years which should help you to become more compassionate and more self-aware.  Self-sabotage is one area to explore, as is healing.

The other big shift this month is Pluto which has been retrograde in your sign since mid-April.  On 25th it goes direct and you can once again move ahead with your plans.  Mars changes signs on the same day, making you more assertive about travel, studies, and principles.

Full Moon on the night of 27th/28th falls in your mother and home zone.  Fireworks or passion?  You decide.

Aquarius:  Partnerships start the month passionately with Venus and Mars meeting in your 7th House.  Mars then goes on to align with your ruling planet Uranus from 4th – 8th when you’ll want to do things in your own way.  This is a time when others will just have to adapt to you and if they do, they could learn an Aquarian thing or two on the excitement richter scale!

On 6th Venus goes direct, also in your 7th House, improving relationships and creative projects.  It too teams up with Uranus from 18th – 23rd when new attractions could come along or an existing relationship could develop in an unexpected direction.  Or perhaps the call of freedom will be just too loud for you to ignore.  If none of these seem to apply, then it may show up in exciting creative projects instead!

The eclipse on 13th falls in your transformational life processes, intimacy and joint funds zone which isn’t easy.  Mercury goes retrograde later in the week on 17th which isn’t the most helpful situation either.  This is in your 9th House of travel, studies, law, ethics and publishing zone.  Avoid making deals until after Oct 9th if you can.

After a three-year intensive course, Saturn finally leaves your father, career and social status zone on 18th.  With many lessons now tucked under your belt, you now know how to continue.  Your new arenas for Saturn’s scrutiny is friends, groups, community, organisations and humanitarian ideals – areas close to the Aquarian heart.  This is just the beginning, you have just over two years to complete all of your new homework.

Pluto goes direct in your behind the scenes 12th House on 25th after five months of being in reverse.  A psychological block could shift or a dream or revelation could bring helpful information.  Mars changes signs on the same day in your 6th House of work health and service to others.  Apply that energy where it’s most needed.  Could that be a new regime perhaps?  Yes it could.  Your unconscious is prepared to co-operate too.  So with self-sabotage out of the way, there’s nothing to stop you.  Get going!

Pisces:  Harmony at work and in your daily dealings at the start of the month as Venus and Mars join forces.  And things improve even more when Venus goes direct on 6th.  Uranus is helping things along in an unexpected way too from your income zone.

The eclipse on 13th focuses your attention on relationships and partnerships.  Sun and Jupiter are working on the positive side but give it all some thought.  Hold back on joint-fund projects from 17th when Mercury goes retrograde in your intimacy and sharing zone.  And proceed with caution until after it goes direct (on Oct 9th).

Serious Saturn completes its three-year course of lessons in your travel, study, legal, publishing and ethics zone on 18th.  Lessons learnt you can now proceed correctly and move on to your new Saturnian focus – your 10th House of father, career and social status.  This course of learning will last until Dec 2017 and is a time when you will reap what you have sown.

Mars and Pluto both make a move on 25th, bringing action and forward movement to your romance, children and creativity zone and to your friends, groups and community areas.  The way is now clear on all fronts.  Full steam ahead!

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