October 2014

October 2014

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The month begins on a high energy note as Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all align in fire signs, bringing action, growth, expansion and revolutionary change.  This is dynamic energy and everything comes to a head on the morning of 8th with Full Moon in Aries, in the same area of the heavens as Uranus, so expect the unexpected…

Mercury goes retrograde from 4th – 25th which can cause misunderstandings.  Be extra clear in your transactions and avoid signing anything important during this period (if possible) to save yourself energy having to re-do things later.  Mercury moves backwards from Scorpio (a water sign) to Libra (an air sign), searching once again for reason in the midst of emotional turmoil.  More oxygen, breathing and objective thought can provide the answers we are collectively looking for.

Another dramatic event takes place on 23rd with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  This belongs to a positive, passionate, exciting eclipse cycle that brings in a new wave of motivation and fun.  Sun, Venus and Neptune end the month off smoothly and help us all to relate better emotionally.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:  Mars your ruling planet creates a circuit of positive energy with Jupiter and Uranus from 1st – 8th.  This gives the green light for action Aries-style!  Uranus is in your 1st House too, so this is a fast-paced, exhilarating build up to Full Moon on 8th which yes, is also in Aries and near that Uranus!  Nothing can stop you this week and your dynamism can move mountains.  Just decide which mountains in particular you want to move!  Your philosophy and outlook may be undergoing changes too.  This is creative and should be welcomed.  Meanwhile Mercury goes retrograde in your joint finance and intimacy zone on 4th and takes you back to reassess your way of thinking and communicating in partnerships.  You have three weeks to give this a second look before it moves forward again on 25th.  Venus softens your view of partnerships too and makes you want to be more co-operative.  The money of others could benefit you from 23rd.  Share your good fortune!

Taurus:   Home, joint funds,  intimacy and your unconscious or online life are all humming during the first eight days of October.  Your ruling planet Venus is happy too in Libra for most of the month which helps to smooth progress and wellbeing in your work, health and service to others zone.  Venus is opposite Uranus from 9th – 11th which could bring about some surprises and enters your opposite sign on 23rd enhancing harmony in partnerships.  The New Moon and Solar Eclipse, also on 23rd and also in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships brings in a new wave and can motivate you to be more proactive in pursuing what you want in this area.  When Sun and Venus join forces on the weekend of 25th – 26th, Neptune gets involved too, so ideals and the real possibility of wonderful romance in an ideal partnership is high.  Jupiter squares Saturn all month, looking for a solution to conflicting demands from partners and home.  Hold on for the answer next month.

Gemini:   Mars in your opposite sign joins forces with Uranus and Jupiter for the first eight days of the month.  This means action, change and expansion in your partnerships, friendships and communications.  Full Moon on the morning of 8th in your 11th House of friends, groups and organisations produces the present outcome.  Your ruling planet Mercury spends most of the month retrograde (from 4th – 25th), starting in your work, health and service to others zone.  On 10th it moves back into your romance, children and creativity sphere to look for missed answers that can be found there.  Be sure to search as important information can be unlocked.  Mercury goes direct on 25th but it takes until mid-October to get back to where it started.  The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 23rd, also in your work and health zone, bring in a new wave and mark your personal New Year in this area of life.  This will motivate you to move forwards.  Make some new resolutions.  And keep them!

Cancer:   Your enterprising spirit is running on all four cylinders from 1st – 8th as the Grand Trine in fire ignites your work, career and finance zones.  This culminates in Full Moon on 8th in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  This could also put you in the public eye or make you more visible in some way.  Sun and Venus enhance your home and family life and Mercury takes you back here too, to find a better way to approach romance, children or creativity.  New Moon and the eclipse on 23rd can also help with these matters and Venus smoothes the way for better ways forward.  Conflicting demands between your public and private life could impact partnerships.  And when Mars enters your 7th House on 26th you may decide to get more proactive about power issues that keep raising their head.  Anyone expecting you to be a pushover may get a surprise.  Keep trouble-makers on their toes and do what needs to be done.

Leo:   Your ongoing need for personal expansion and the demands of your family, roots or foundations continue to pull you in opposite directions this month.  Jupiter in your 1st house of identity and selfhood is just waiting for you to give it some oxygen and space to fly.  Mars and Uranus completely agree and do their best to help from 1st – 8th.  Be open to new ways of doing things, striking out and giving yourself more leeway.  The culmination of all three planets’ efforts come to fruition at Full Moon on the morning of 8th when emotions will be running high in your travel, study and legal zones.  Mercury could make communications more difficult on the mother and home front from 4th but the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 23rd bring in a fresh new wave at home and by 25th Mercury will be going forward again and Sun, Venus and Neptune work together to create domestic harmony.  Your personal development and self-care could be included in all of this too.  Have you been meeting your own true needs?  Because it’s time to do just that.

Virgo:   Mars is pushing its way through your mother and home area all month, being revved on by Jupiter behind the scenes and Uranus in your joint funds and shared area from 1st – 8th.  Push ahead with projects at home and work on your own emotional roots and foundations.  This energy builds up to a crescendo at Full Moon on the morning of 8th in your 8th House of joint funds, sharing, intimacy and transformation.  This action at home raises an awareness of old wounds in or from partnerships or even a wounded partner.  Look this in the face as best you can, rather than flinching away.  And let it inform your actions in terms of self care and personal development.  You’re so good at meeting other people’s needs but the question is:  how can you attend to your own inner needs more effectively?  While you’re pondering all of this, situations arise and subside with neighbours and/or siblings but keep your focus on yourself.

Libra:   The Grand Trine in fire signs stimulates communications with partners, groups and friends from 1st – 8th.  And with Venus your ruling planet gliding through Libra from 1st – 23rd you’re the darling of the zodiac and others will find it hard to resist your charming requests.  Even when Mercury goes retrograde on 4th, you’ll fare better than most.  Challenges may come from people in authority but this pushes you to get in touch with your own personal power.  And the message is: “Yes you can!”  Full Moon in your opposite sign on 8th raises emotions in and around partnerships and the Sun moving through Libra till 23rd, replenishes your energy and appetite for life.  The underlying theme of money, security and values rumbles on in the background.  How you’ve been thinking about yourself has been partly to blame and a re-think is needed.  The eclipse on 23rd brings a change of outlook.  Venus helps your finances too from 23rd and there’s still more to come next month!

Scorpio:   Your three areas of finance, work and career are all in active flow from 1st – 8th.  And Full Moon on 8th in your 6th House of work, health and service to others brings emotional results.   Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on 4th which takes you back to look at how self-talk may have been impacting on your communications with the rest of the world.  The Sun has been away from you for the longest time and when it returns to Scorpio on 23rd your energy and life-force are revitalised.  The New Moon and Solar Eclipse both take place in your sign on the same day so this really is your own personal New Year and the eclipse brings in a new positive wave of energy for you.  This is a good time to make resolutions for your year ahead based on your best hopes for the future.  Venus enters your sign on 23rd adding charm to your hypnotic powers and there’s a feeling of overall wellbeing over the last weekend of the month (25th – 26th) when Sun, Venus and Neptune all align to ease your path.  It’s about time!

Sagittarius:   Mars in your sign gives you energy and the drive to push ahead with your projects all month and Jupiter and Uranus are right behind you in this from 1st – 8th.  They bring the added gifts of growth, expansion and revolution to your dynamism, so be courageous!  Big changes are possible!  Full Moon on the morning of 8th falls into your romance, children and creativity zone where Uranus continues to shake things up.  And your ruling planet Jupiter continues to bring expansion in your 9th House of travel, study and principles.  Your inner world is at odds with at least one of your principles here though which results in inner tension.  Turn it into action if you can.  Mars also squares Chiron which is moving through your 4th House of mother and home so old wounds may present themselves as may some inner needs that haven’t been met for some time.  Be attentive to this information and let it inform your decisions and self-care.  This isn’t a month for compromises…

Capricorn:   The planetary dynamic in fire signs from 1st – 8th activates three areas for you: your unconscious and online life, your mother and home life and your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone.  All three spheres should be working well together, so make headway while you can.  Full Moon on 8th in your 4th House of mother and home is the culmination of this exhilarating rush and emotions will run high.  Meanwhile, Venus is helping in your father, career and social status zone and if you need assistance from people who carry influence, don’t be afraid to ask.  Mercury goes retrograde on 4th in your groups, friends, community and organisations area and gradually makes its way back to find better solutions than the current ones.  The status you normally give yourself may be relevant in some way and requires more thought.  You can proceed once again on 26th when this review is complete.  Mars enters your sign on 26th and you will be a force to be reckoned with.  Energy will be yours.  Apply it!

Aquarius:   Your urge for expansion in partnerships (or freedom from them) is at odds with your public persona all month.  Mars and Uranus try their best to encourage growth with or through partners from 1st – 8th and Full Moon in your public sphere on the morning of 8th will have some bearing on the matter.  Sun and then Venus oppose your ruling planet Uranus from 7th – 11th which suggests you won’t feel like compromising but people around you will half expect that already.  Communications with authority figures may be tricky during Mercury’s journey retrograde from 4th – 25th but New Moon and the Solar Eclipse on 23rd bring professional motivation and a fresh start that gets into full swing when Sun and Venus join in from 25th.  Finances and possible new forms of income are looking good around this time and beyond.  Now just what could that new income stream be?

Pisces:   Your own ambitions or assertive people in positions of authority are rubbing against some inner wounds and it may hard to think of anything else.  This is a gift rather pointless suffering, as we have first to be aware of our vulnerabilities before we can work on them and move forwards rather than be held back by them.  While you consciously want to move ahead with finances, work and health and your public status, especially from 1st – 8th, this personal stuff keeps coming up.  Full Moon on the morning of the 8th raises emotions in your 2nd House of money, possessions and security.  On a deeper level this is really about your values and self esteem.  Adjustments here can create the inner peace you’re searching for.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 23rd fall in your travel, study and principles zone.  A new wave will be helpfully blowing the cobwebs from these areas.

Your ruling planet Neptune finishes the month nicely, flowing in harmony with the Sun and Venus from  25th.  Take comfort in your beliefs and from different philosophies and cultures.

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