May 2018

Our shared planetary picture

We have a major shift this month as one of our slow-moving outer planets Uranus finishes off its eight-year stay in Aries and moves into Taurus, where it will stay for the next seven years.

Uranus is the planet of change, disruption and revolution so wherever it heads, things get shaken up. Arians have mostly weathered this well but Taureans are generally more averse to change but that does not mean they will not benefit from this burst of fresh air.

Collectively this is likely to impact our banks, currencies, stock exchanges and view of security. Money may be valued for the freedom it can provide, rather than for its own sake and our values may take a major shift.

For those who are presently financially secure, this period of uncertainty may look scary but money is the most temporary of things and our finances can change overnight for better or worse at any time, so why base our sense of security on such a transitory thing?

How we seek and find security is likely to be a whole new challenge. And finding security through philosophies, belief systems and through creativity may give us a firmer foothold on what really matters.

The planet, our Mother Earth may be more unpredictable too and our expectations may have to take that on board. Collective action is likely too which seems to be already starting with raised awareness about plastics. Concrete results from collective action can be a very good outcome of this new era. Talking the talk will no longer do, we have to walk the walk, sometimes barefoot, to reconnect to our planetary home.

Architecture and how we build could take on new forms and methods. Agriculture could get revolutionised too (and hopefully not down a Monsanto-esque route…). Our very understanding of reality is ready for change. The workings and mending of our physical bodies could also take surprising turns. And the power of touch is an area to further explore and Nature Therapy.

Taurus rules the senses and so the arts are likely to get shaken up and will perhaps lead the way to a better relationship with the divine spark within us all.

If your life-style has taken you far from a direct relationship with the natural world, add your voice to campaigns, join groups and then put aside your screens and get out there and feel some blossom or leaves or trees and the Earth under your feet. It is all containing, healing, abundant and free. And it is one of the few aspects of life that accepts you unconditionally.

Uranus will also be shaking things up specific things in different areas of life for each sign. This is a new awakening. Be ready to respond.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Communications will be your forte up until 19th with Mercury in your sign speeding up your thought processes and Venus in your 3rd House of communications, providing the charm to make your plans acceptable to others.

6th – 15th May finds your ruling planet Mars squaring Uranus in your sign. This is not a compromising position and you may find yourself swimming upstream against the odds but your determination is nothing short of miraculous, so who knows what you might be able to achieve.

For the past eight years Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution has been freeing your identity and sense of self. But on 15th it leaves your sign for Taurus. This means your 2nd House (of money, possessions, security, values, income and self-esteem) is going to get shaken up. And you are going to have this process going on for seven years.

You may start to value money for the freedom it provides, rather than anything else. Your values may also change in line with the new uncompromised version of yourself that you have had chance to discover over the past eight years. You may also stop equating your true value with your income. New Moon on 15th coincides with this shift and is a good time to draw up a budget or financial plan for the year ahead.

From 21st – 24th the Sun encourages you to forge ahead with career plans. Meanwhile Chiron – planet of wounding and healing is settling into Aries for its nine-year stay. This will provide you with the opportunity for healing any wounds you have around your identity. How well your father did or did not back this up, may be an area to work on too. This has all been rumbling under the surface for some years but now it will come into full view. Welcome it and be ready for personal growth.

From 16th your energies lean towards friends, groups and community matters. Collective projects grab your imagination and you may find yourself feeling more political than usual. Friends, groups and community can also be a source of energy for you. If you have been thinking of joining something, now would be a great time! Go with it!


Taurus:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 21st radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. But however smoothly life may have been going recently, that is all about to change. Uranus planet of change, disruption and revolution is about to move into your sign on 15th for a seven-year stay! Whatever version of yourself that you have so far settled on, it will no longer do!

We all make compromises in our attempts to adapt to the world and others but Uranus will not settle for that and you are about to be challenged over the next seven years to come up with the pure, uncompromised version of who you truly now are. This may not be comfortable but it will be exciting. So unfasten your seat belt! Inner and outer change will need some space. Your appearance may undergo big changes too as an expression of inner-freedom!

As chance would have it, New Moon in your sign is also on 15th. This marks the beginning of your emotional New Year too and is a good time to think about what you would like to find n your emotional life and what steps could be taken to bring that about.

Your ruling planet Venus helps to make your finances look rosier until 19th. Then it moves into your 3rd House of communcations, adding charm and ease to your words, both written and spoken. Trading and relations with neighbours and siblings should go well too.

Mars is keeping things active in your travel, deep studies and legal zone. You will have energy to pursue cultural interests and ethical challenges too. Principles are just hot air unless you apply them…

From 16th Mars is revving up your father, career and social status zone. If you have ambitions, now is the time to start doing something about them. Go for it!


Gemini:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 21st!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

The month starts well too as Venus is in Gemini until 19th which heightens your charms and enables you to talk people into doing things that they probably should not do… Then from 19th it is in your finance zone making everything look rosier there.

Meanwhile Mars is trying to sort out joint finances, including taxes, debts and inheritances. Sharing in general takes on a more active form, including the sharing of yourself on an intimate level. Then from 16th Mars jumps into your travel, deep studies, philosophy and legal zone, giving you energy to attend to one or more of these.

Career, work and health are looking good, just as long as you do not over-indulge!


Cancer:    For the past eight years Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution has been shaking up your father, career and social status zone but on 15th it completes its stay and moves on to your friends, groups, community and humanitarian needs zone. This will bring unusual and stimulating friends into your life. If you join or start any groups or community projects, this will have an exhilarating effect too. And you might be an agent of revolution in these arenas or in an organisation or become more political.

Relationships and partnerships continue to be an intense hot potato with Mars wanting to push things ahead until 16th. The outcomes of such insistence may be unexpected, so be prepared for that.

From 16th, Mars will be tackling joint funds. This is a good time to start sorting out debts, inheritances, taxes and financial interests you hold with others. Sharing in a broader sense comes into this too, including on an intimate level.

From 19th Venus glides into your sign where it will stay until mid-June. It is your turn to be darling of the zodiac. Enjoy the responses to your charms!


Leo:    Your ruling planet the Sun opposes Jupiter from 8th – 9th when your ambitions or dealings with father figures and situations to do with mother or home are in conflict. In general career matters look good though with the Sun warming your path in the world until 21st.

A major change is about to take place as Uranus moves into your father, career and social status zone on 15th. This is the start of a seven-year revolution that will change your standing in the world, hopefully by finding the pure uncompromised expression of your talents and potential. This may be as surprising to you as it is to others as Uranus always challenges the status quo.

Work, health and daily routine are intense as Mars adds its energies to the mix. If you want to bring about changes in any of these areas, you have the energy and will-power to do so up until 16th, although the outcomes may not be quite what you expected…

Mars then moves into your relationships and partnerships zone bringing heat and determination. If there is a certain someone you would like to be in a relationship with, this could provide the impetus to go after them or perhaps you will find someone hot-footedly pursuing you. For existing partnerships, the heat could be passion or conflict or both! From 21st – 24th the Sun and Mars are in tune with each other so passions might have the upper hand then!


Virgo:    Joint funds, taxes, debts and inheritances have all been on an unsettling roll for the past eight years as Uranus has worked its way through your 8th House. This has also had an impact on how you view sharing in general and on an intimate level. Many things may have come into full view during this process which although perhaps challenging, has made it easier to work with and through these issues.

Uranus’s next port of call is in your 9th House of travel, religion, deep studies, philosophy, publishing, different cultures, law and ethics. Whatever the status quo is now on one or more of these topics, big changes are on the way, starting on 15th. The New Moon is also in this part of your solar chart on 15th. Your outlook and world view is about to be revolutionised. Be open to a more freeing stance.

Jupiter and Neptune are in good aspect all month which helps communications and partnerships to work well together. Your father, career and social status zone is well-balanced too as Venus smoothly gains the co-operation of others up until 19th.  Ask for assistance from the people who can help you, especially those with high status. They want you to do well.

The Sun warms your path here too from 21st while Venus moves into your friends, groups and community zone, bringing good times and pleasure. Be sure to make time for these too!


Libra:    Communications with partners go well at the start of this month as Mercury helps to keep channels open until 13th. Two days later on 15th, Uranus helps too by moving out of your partnerships zone after an eight year stay which may have brought disruption, shocks and uncertainty.

Uranus is now about to shake up your joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances and intimacy zone for the next seven years. Your finances will be impacted by others – (whether for better or worse, remains to be seen). You might also welcome more personal space in terms of intimacy or feel more experimental.

Your ruling planet Venus is smoothing travel, studies and dealings with different cultures up until 19th. It then moves into your 10th House of father, career and social status. People in authority will help you if you ask them and your ambitions will feel more reachable.

Meanwhile your currently intense 4th House of mother and home, also has Mars adding action and energy until 16th. If you have domestic projects or personal development projects that need to be started or pushed forward, get going. With Uranus in aspect, the outcomes may not be what you expected but that is not a reason to hold back.


Scorpio:    Relationships and partnerships may feel restrictive around 8th – 9th when the Sun opposes Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion in your sign. Keep calm, this will pass and partnerships have a lot to offer this month as the Sun and then Mercury keep channels open.

The big news this month is that Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution (which as been shaking up your work, health, service to others and daily routine for the last eight years), jumps into your relationships and partnerships zone on 15th for a seven-year stay. New Moon falls here on 15th too so this is a double fresh start!

Jupiter and Neptune are in tune all month which helps you to apply your ideals in romance, dealings with children and creative projects. Joint funds look healthy too until 19th when Venus moves on to offer pleasure through travel, deep studies, philosophy and cultural pursuits.

Mars starts to move away from your ruling planet Pluto but remains in your 3rd House of communication until 16th. It is also square Uranus from 6th – 15th when any show of verbal, mental or written forcefulness may back-fire and upset your sense of well-being. The gentler your message, the better its chances of being heard.


Sagittarius:    Finances and security continue to compulsively grab your attention and you will be active in attending to them up to 16th but even so, the outcomes may not be what you expected as Uranus throws its famous spanner into the works. Make sure that your work, health and well-being do not suffer as a result. It is only money after all!

Stress levels are likely to drop though about love affairs, children and creative projects as Uranus completes its eight-year whilrlwind stay in your 5th House on 15th! But as one troublesome door closes, another opens and this time it is to do with your work, health, service to others and daily routine. Uranus’s next mission is to shake things up here to hopefully free you into a wider view of well-being. Being pro-active can take the bite out of Uranus transits which only want the best for us anyway but not in respect to the status quo…

If you have had any thoughts of volunteering or helping your fellow humans in any way, this is a good time to start. Trying new eating patterns or new forms of daily exercise can have a revolutionising effect too, as can the impact of pets.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is in good aspect to Neptune all month which makes for soothing and perhaps spiritual growth relating to mother and home. This can be the building you live in, the dynamics within it or your country, Mother Nature or the planet as our home. Ecological ideals may become more active too. Seek out others who share your vision.

Relationships and partnerships go well up until 19th and then intimacy gets easier too. Mars heads into your 3rd House however from 16th which may make you more assertive on the communications front. By all means put your ideas into action but try to modify the verbals unless it is for the collective good!


Capricorn:    Your drive and energy are second to none as Mars pushes forwards full steam ahead in your sign until 16th. With Pluto and Saturn already there for the long term, there is little you cannot have an impact on during the first half of this month. Be warned however that Uranus is square Mars and so ruthless actions are likely to backfire. The greater good has the upper hand, so apply your energies in that direction for the best outcomes.

From 16th Mars turns its focus to your finances with an iron-fist determination to sort them out. It is time to pull your head out of the sand. This could also be a good time to start generating extra income. And you may already or soon have thoughts about how that might come about.

There are two other gear changes at around the same time, as the New Moon coincides with Uranus leaving your 4th House of mother and home after an eight-year disruptive stay. The next new area of your life to be shaken up by this planet of change, disruption and revolution is your 5th House of love affairs, children and creativity. If a creative hobby or project has been on your mind, this is a perfect time to make a start.

Your health or daily well-being will probably be on a high this month with Venus offering pleasure in daily routines and rituals until 19th, closely followed by the Sun. Venus then moves into your relationships and partnerships zone, smoothing things along in a harmonious way for the rest of the month – enjoy!


Aquarius:    Your ruling planet Uranus has been revolutionising your means of communication for the past eight years. But on 15th it is moving into your 4th House of mother and home, so prepare for change! This will be a seven-year process that might find you or a mother figure moving home or undergoing some big domestic changes. Your style in how you nurture people may change too, including self-nurture.

Personal development also comes under the 4th House’s domain and Uranus’s presence can open up previously locked away memories that can shed light on emotional patterns set up in childhood. It can also move them around to a more helpful position. Taking support from a counsellor or therapist can be especially helpful during this time.

New Moon also on 15th is also in your 4th House of mother and home so this is also a good time to make plans for how your home and self-nurture patterns can better meet your needs in the month and year ahead.

On 16th Mars leaps into your sign, filling you with optimism, energy and determination. Anything you turn your hand to looks possible, so get moving. Jupiter in your professional zone and Neptune in your finance quarter are working well together all month too. Make hay while the Sun shines!


Pisces:    Jupiter is in good aspect to your ruling planet Neptune all month which is good for travel, deep studies, philosophical and spiritual matters and a generally compassionate world view. Venus is helping to create harmony at home too and you may be occupied beautifying your home or creating harmony with those already in it or by entertaining others. This continues until 19th when Venus turns its soft focus to romance, children and creativty.

The major game player this month though is Uranus which moves out of your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values where it has been shaking things up unpredictably for eight years… to your 3rd House of communications. It will stay here for the next seven years, revolutionising how, what and who you communicate with, your ideas, trading patterns and dealings with neighbours and siblings.

You can help this along by being experimental in trying different forms of physical movement, trying new forms of self-expression – music, art, film are just a few and welcoming new ideas, views and concepts into your world. One school of thought believes that we open up neural pathways through crawling as infants and likewise new forms of movement can expand our mental possibilities as adults too. Explore this!

Mars remains until 16th being pro-active with friends, groups and community. As Pluto is close by, make sure this does not take the form of stirring things up just for the sake of it. Friends too may help you to get more active and increase your enthusiasm for group and community projects.

From 16th Mars moves into your unconscious, stirring things up there. Welcome information that comes up from your hidden depths and act on it. It has been internalised for long enough. Your intuition will be strong too and creativity behind the scenes is another area to plough your energies into. Be open to inspiration!


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