September 2014

Your Horoscope for September 2014

The 23rd is also our Autumn Equinox when the Sun moves into Libra.  This is a power point in the year and marks the beginning of autumn.  So we have the themes of ‘power’ and ‘moving forwards’ accented twice.

Mercury runs up against Pluto and Uranus this month too so previously hidden information and sudden insights may be unsettling.

Mars completes its tour through Scorpio on 13th and rushes into Sagittarius.  Neptune complicates the picture though and requires Mars (and us) to go forward more sensitively than usual and to take other people’s situations into consideration.  This could feel frustrating if you are in a hurry but the opportunity on offer is to develop new strategies and to appreciate subtleties rather than instant results.

Meanwhile Mars forms a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Uranus towards the end of the month (three planets at equal distance from each other).  They are all in fire signs which generates enthusiasm, optimism and energy.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Partners could have surprising things to say this month which might feel challenging.  Aries usually likes a challenge, so try to look on it as an opportunity to expand your view.  New Moon on 24th is also in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships and offers a fresh new cycle in your emotional life.

Pluto’s change of direction on 23rd helps to propel the long transformation taking place in your father, career and social status zone.  More authority could be coming your way.  And if it does, be sure to use it well.

Mars your ruling planet changes sign on 13th but soon squares up to Neptune.  Hasty actions and your usual forthright style may need some adjustments till the end of the month.  Other people’s feelings and the bigger picture have to be taken into account.

Your favourite part of this month is likely to be from 22nd onwards when Mars and Jupiter fall into step with Uranus which is zapping through your sign.  This hot fiery energy looks like big, up-beat, boisterous fun.  Get out there!

Taurus:   Friends or groups may be the cause of high emotions around 9th and the divide between friendship and romance may not be clear from 6th – 10th.  Keep an open mind.

As Mars moves out of Saturn’s shadow, you start to get a clearer view of relationships and partnerships and your role in them.  And if action is needed to initiate or end things, aim for the first half of the month.

When Mars moves into your 8th House of sharing, joint funds and intimacy on 13th, it won’t be clear what’s happening there either, as Neptune immediately fogs the view.  Feel your way forward but don’t push (or be pushed).

Work, health and service to others draw your attention from 23rd as Sun and New Moon take up residence.  This is the perfect time to set up a new regime.  So just do it!

Also on 23rd Pluto goes direct after being retrograde in your 9th House of travel, law and philosophy.  This should make travel, studies, dealings with in-laws easier and your higher-mind will be working better too.  You’ve had five months to review some of your policies too.  Could it be time to change some of them?

Gemini:   Full Moon on 9th in your father, career and social status zone raises familiar emotions.  Home and career seem to get in each other’s way too from 6th – 11th but then domestic affairs glide smoothly, including any entertainment plans you may have in the pipeline.

Mars enters your 7th House of partnerships on 13th but squares Neptune until 27th.  This clouds your view regarding the status of partnerships, including professional ones.  You’ll just have to sit this one out and feel your way until clarity returns at the end of the month.

Sun moves into your romance, children and creativity area on 23rd and New Moon follows one day later.  This offers a creative new start to heart-felt projects and new stores of energy to apply to them.  .

Pluto goes direct around the same time on 23rd.  This brings about forward movement in your 8th House of transformation, joint finance, the money of others, sharing and intimacy.  Things have been on hold or worse since mid-April which has been uncomfortable but progress is now possible.  This is good news but not the end of the story as Pluto’s going to be bringing transformation to your 8th House for another ten years…

Cancer:   Full Moon on 9th falls into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  You’ll be tuned in to at least one of these, perhaps all three.  Communications are a lively area too, especially from 8th – 13th when discussions in or about the home challenge partners and suggest possible change around career or status.

If partners try to lay down the law, don’t be browbeaten into agreeing to things you might later regret.  Remain the calm voice of reason and wait until Pluto goes direct on 23rd to deal with partnership concerns.

Pluto has been back-peddling for the last five months, providing time to look again at power plays or responsibilities in partnerships.  (This includes professional partners as well as intimates).  The way forward for you should now be clearer.  Not just in terms of direction but in how to assert yourself.  But if you’ve been the one wielding power, then this could be an opportunity to start being fairer.

Sun moves into your 4th House on 23rd and New Moon falls here the next day too.  This is the perfect time for a new approach towards mother or home…


Leo:   As Mars moves away from Saturn during the first half of the month, you get a clearer view of ongoing matters to do with mother, home and early foundations.  And feelings of being stuck start to lift too.

Mars then moves into your romance, children and creativity zone on 13th but Neptune blocks the view and it’ll be hard to make out exactly what’s happening.  Your usual strategies don’t seem to work, so just feel your way forwards until the view gets clearer (after 27th).

Finances are changeable and look uncertain from 6th – 10th as Venus is opposite Neptune.  But from 11th onwards Venus should help to improve things.

Your 3rd House of communications is an active area later in the month.  Sun moves in on 23rd, followed by the New Moon the next day.  This opens a new door in your way of thinking.  Seek out mental stimulation, be open to new ideas and express yourself.  This means in the broadest sense.  Be open to new forms of physical movement too.

Pluto’s shift forwards in your 6th House of work, health and service to others on 23rd could bring positive changes to your daily routine.  This might come about through work, helping others or through how you feed yourself or a new health routine.  Whichever it is, it will be a welcome change to the past five months of back-peddling.

The Grand Trine in fire signs from 22nd brings fun too.  Get moving!


Virgo:   Venus in your sign from 5th – 29th heightens your natural charms and makes you irresistible.  If you need co-operation, you’ll find it and people will bow to your wishes.  Relationships and partnerships may not be entirely straight forwards though when Venus opposes Neptune from 6th – 10th.  It’ll be hard to see what’s happening during this period and pressing for clarity won’t work.  Trust your instincts and wait for the mist to clear.  Full Moon in your opposite sign on 9th will bring things to a head during this emotional wave and may bring some realisations.

Mars moves into your 4th House of mother and home on 13th.  The urge for action will be strong but again Neptune clouds the way forward and you’ll have to feel your way gently forward until 27th when the coast clears.

Pluto goes direct on 23rd and matters concerning romance, children and creativity start to move forwards once again, after five months of standstill.  (There is yet further to go in this direction, as future years will reveal).

Your finances undergo a renewal around the same time as Pluto’s turnaround when Sun moves into Libra on 23rd, followed by New Moon on 24th.  This is your financial New Year.  Make some resolutions!

Libra:   You’ll have a lot to say this month as Mercury zooms through your sign.  And matters you raise around 8th – 13th may raise some eyebrows, especially with partners and at home but stand your ground.

This month is your Astrological New Year (January 1st is just an arbitrary date for collective convenience).  The Sun brings energy and a sense of renewal on 23rd as it enters your sign.  New Moon the following day is also in Libra which marks the beginning of your emotional new year too.

This may bring new people into your emotional circle or a breath of fresh air to existing emotional situations and involvements.  It’s a positive energy and so whatever may have seemed difficult before, becomes less so, as your emotional resources are refilled.  This shouldn’t be used to maintain unacceptable situations though.  Use this fresh energy well.

Pluto also goes direct on the same day, so deep matters connected to the mother or home start to move forwards again.  They have been on hold for five months to give you chance to reappraise things.  This could be a great time to start therapy, explore your early roots, renovate your home or to move beyond impasses that have held you back.  It’s an ongoing process.

Scorpio:   As Mars moves away from Saturn in your sign, your perspective will become clearer and taking yourself in hand should become easier too.  Any action that you now realise is needed, with regard to yourself, can be put in place before 13th.

Mars then moves into your 2nd House of money and possessions but Neptune clouds the way so just feel your way gently in this area until the coast is clear (from 27th).

Your mind will be active but sometimes reactive around siblings, neighbours and work situations.  Weigh your words carefully as much as possible. People will pick up on your mood so carving it out in words may not be helpful.  Mindfulness will help you to keep things together and keep things in proportion.

Your ruling planet Pluto moves forwards on 23rd after five months in reverse.  This has been in your 3rd House of communications, siblings, neighbours and short journeys.  While the past five months may not have been easy, they have provided an opportunity for you to look at these areas afresh and now with Pluto’s forward movement you can start to apply your conclusions.

Make your mind your friend and try techniques designed to help with this (e.g. mindfulness, relaxation techniques, meditation, hypnosis, creative visualisation and others).  It’s a great time to start therapy too.  And remember, drink and drugs are really not the answer…

Sagittarius:   Full Moon in your mother and home zone on 9th brings up emotions, perhaps from the past and your early years.  Your foundations and career seem to get in each other’s way from 6th – 10th but then things run smoothly in your father, career and social status zone for the rest of the month.

Mars enters your sign on 13th, bringing energy and drive but unclear conditions at home make it difficult to apply yourself.  Things get clearer after 27th when Mars gets free of Neptune’s influence.

Pluto goes direct in your finance zone on 23rd after five months of standstill.  Your understanding about security, finances, income and self-esteem are all ready to move forwards.

And if you’re on the lookout for fun, this is your month.  Mars in your sign triggers off a Grand Trine in fire signs from 22nd.  It’s in good company with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries.  Adventures, risks and rollicking fun all beckon!

Capricorn:   Official letters could be winging their way towards you this month or it could be you sending them.  Either way, the repercussions are going to be noticeable, especially around 8th – 13th.  Your reactions will be strong and changes to mother or the home could take you by surprise.  It’s usually better if the changes are instigated by you, so keep an eye open for new solutions and the untried.

Your favourite part of the month will probably be towards the end when Sun moves into your 10th House of father, career and social status, followed by New Moon on 24th which could even put you in the public eye.  This is the beginning of a new cycle professionally.  Keep an eye open for opportunities or carve some out yourself.

Most important of all, Pluto goes direct in your sign on 23rd, after five months of being retrograde, This will have been a frustrating time for you but wisdom gathered during these delays can now be applied to your situation.  You’re back in the driving seat and it’s time to go forwards.  What other people think about this is irrelevant.  Lead by example!


Aquarius:   Venus enters your shared area on 5th and immediately opposes Neptune which blurs the division between what is yours alone and what you’re happy to share.  By 11th things are clearer and you start to see that personal freedom has its limitations and that merging with others can bring other fruits, just as valuable.

Other long-term policies may be up for review too from 23rd as Sun and then New Moon highlight your 9th House of travel, culture, philosophy and law.  This is a great time for a trip or exploring other cultures and your own personal policies.  This new beam can illuminate areas where you may have been too closed and open new horizons.

Mars is already moving away from Saturn at the start of the month in your 10th House of father, career and status.  This allows you to push ahead with ambitions, clear of recent frustrations and hold ups.  You have until 13th to do this.

Major shifts behind the scenes are still taking place.  Pluto goes direct on 23rd after five months going retrograde.  This has been a chance to review earlier mindsets and you could try out new or different ones now that things are going forwards.

Your online life could change gear too.  Any work you do on your unconscious will be helpful, be that mindfulness, therapy or meditation.  It’s also a good time for charitable activities, your imagination and creative work, perhaps behind the scenes.

Pisces:   Venus opposite Neptune in your sign starts stirring things up emotionally from 6th and Full Moon in your sign on 9th sweeps you up into emotional highs (or lows).  This happens to every sign once a year and this month, the experience is yours.  Partners may seem to be at the centre of the storm but most likely it’s uncertainty about yourself that catches you unawares.

Partnerships run smoothly after this but career, status or father issues are likely to be more problematic.  Mars is ready to push ahead here from 13th but again, your uncertainty stops play.

The challenges to Neptune will call for much soul-searching about your present situation and how you’re dealing with yourself these days.  It might even bring up questions about who you truly are now.  Are self-sabotaging habits getting in the way?  Take time and space to reflect on this.  A retreat or therapy can be helpful with this process.

Pluto goes direct in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and organisations on 23rd.  This offers progress in areas which have been on hold for five months.  Be open to transformation!


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