July 2018

Our shared planetary picture

This is our first full month of summer or winter, (depending which hemisphere you live in) and a lot of planets are changing direction. Jupiter goes direct on 10th after being retrograde since March. This period has been a review of how well we have been recognising and grasping the opportunities on offer for growth.

Sometimes we do not recognise opportunities for what they are and at others we (wrongly) think they will always be there and so do not grasp them at the time. Self-importance can be another wrong turning that fans a sense of expansion but does not result in true growth.

Hopefully now aware of our earlier mis-readings, we can now once again move forwards, ready for all the opportunities that come our way. Jupiter is presently in Scorpio, so transformation is on offer too.

Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Mars remain retrograde all month and we will be looking at this more closely next month. Mercury joins them too from 26th which can cause misunderstandings or communications to go astray. Bear this in mind if any information goes missing too.

We also have two intense eclipses this month. New Moon on 13th is a lunar eclipse that opposes Pluto and the Full Moon on 27th is a solar eclipse that falls exactly on retrograde Mars. These are emotional waves that can stir up unconscious power surges, anger and frustration. The second one on 27th is also close to the nodal axis which is about our collective evolutionary development. It also triggers Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution, so the outcomes can be sudden and unpredictable too.

As well as collectively, we will all experience this individually, in different areas of life for each sign.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    The Sun continues to warm and activate your mother and home zone until 22nd. But most of the action this month is in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. Venus promises good times until 10th and Mercury keeps things lively until 26th when it goes retrograde. Clinch any deals before then.

New Moon on 13th is also in this area of your solar chart which is a good time to make plans towards what you hope to find in your emotional and domestic life in the month and year ahead. Pluto is opposite this, so career demands may run contrary to your emotional needs. Or there could be a clash between mother and father figures or you may need a better base to spring into the world from.

Venus moves into your work, health and service to others zone from 10th. This helps relations run smoothly with colleagues and daily companions, apart from some possible confusion around 23rd – 24th. The rituals of daily life can be pleasurable too.

Jupiter goes direct on 10th in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. This marks the end of a review period that has been brought about by opportunities that you either didn’t take or took wihout questioning around mid-December last year. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and hopefully now you will know how future expansion should go ahead. And you have until early-October to make a better job of it this time.

The ongoing review in your father, career and status zone continues. And your ruling planet Mars spends the whole month retrograde. This is in your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone, so a review is taking place here too.

Full Moon on 27th is also a solar eclipse and also falls on Mars. So Moon and Mars oppose the Sun, setting up tension between personal creativity and group collective aims. Whether a person of interest should be a love interest or a friend is also a possible dilemma in this line up, as could be the conflicting demands of family or friends. These tensions burst out in your 2nd House which shakes up your finances, values or sense of security. Acknowledge the discomfort and learn more about yourself.


Taurus:    Communications continue to go well for the first three weeks of the month as the Sun encourages you to express yourself. Short journeys, trading and dealings with neighbours and siblings should go well too (apart from a spot of tension around 11th – 12th).

Your ruling planet Venus makes time at home and relations with mother figures pleasurable until 10th. Communications could get heated around 4th – 5th but then continue well until 26th when Mercury goes retrograde.

Meanwhile, Jupiter which has been retrograde in your relationships and partnerships zone since March, goes direct on 10th, opening the way for growth and expansion. This could mean new opportunities, growth within an existing relationship or freedom from whoever may be laying claim to you at present. Venus moves into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity on the same day, offering pleasures here too, so things are looking up! Resist any impulse to rescue people around 23rd – 24th though, when all may not be as it seems.

Mars remains retrograde in your father, career and social status zone all month, continuing the review of how you have been applying yourself in these areas and what action might be needed once this period is over, to make headway.

Full Moon on 27th falls on Mars too and triggers off Uranus which is still newly in your sign. The impetus for change will be strong as an eclipse is involved too. And the main change needed could be your whole identity and the version of yourself that you settled on, until now… Time to look at yourself afresh. This is a call for an awakening which may be uncomfortable, unwanted and unexpected. But that is the price of awakening and excitement!


Gemini: You’re active on the money-making front this month and a new strand of income could come into view with the New Moon on 13th. This is a good time to make a budget and plans for your financial year ahead. Keep an eye out though for financial demands coming from others (possibly taxes, debts, inheritances or partners). Sharing can be growthful, so give it some thought but the decisions should be yours, not other people’s.

Communications are well-starred for most of the month, especially before 10th when Venus creates pleasure through daily interactions and dealings with neighbours and siblings. Short journeys can be fun too. Your ruling plant Mercury keeps you busy here all month. And you can probably talk anyone into anything. This is good for trading too until Mercury goes retrograde on 26th.

On 10th Venus moves into your mother and home zone and you may feel like beautifying your home or inviting others round to share in its pleasures. Relations with mother-figures is pleasurable too.

Jupiter also goes direct on 10th in your 6th House of work, health and service to others. This completes a four-month review of how well you have been tending to your physical well-being. Jupiter is planet of growth, expansion and opportunity, so we are looking for growth here (and not in your girth…). What could you add to your daily routine that would enhance your well-being? Or perhaps, what could you remove? Jupiter here could also mean a new job or the opportunity to learn about different cultures and philosophies through daily companions, perhaps colleagues or even pets.

Full Moon and the solar eclipse on 27th falls in your travel, philosophy, publishing and legal zone. Things have been put on hold or have been going backwards since late June and you have until late August to work out what needs to be done differently. In-laws could be a bit of a nightmare too… This is not a time to push ahead but it is a time to take stock.

Uranus gets triggered by this tension which has just move into your 12th House of inner-workings. Dreams and even visions could bring you nuggets of new awareness about the present and past which can helpfully (albeit disruptively) inform your future. If you practice any form of creativity, Uranus will mark a new era of originality and excitement in your work behind the scenes. Dealings with vulnerable people and institutions (prisons, hospitals etc) could be awakening too and your spiritual views could change.


Cancer:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 22nd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. New Moon on 13th is also in your sign which marks he beginning of your Personal New Year. Make plans and resolutions for what you hope to find in your emotional life in the month and year ahead. Pluto is opposite this New Moon which indicates partners will play a huge, transformational role in this and may undergo their own transformations which strongly impact you.

Your finances are looking fine as the month starts out, specially up until 10th. There may be lots of movement and activity too as Mercury steps up communications until 26th when it goes retrograde. (Sign anything important before then). From 10th communications in general go well, as do trading and relations with neighbours and siblings. Short journeys can be a source of pleasure too.

Jupiter goes direct on 10th in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. This completes a long review, assessing how you dealt with opportunities that were around mid-December last year. Hopefully you now know how best to proceed as the path is open once again until early-October.

Chiron and Saturn are square this month which can bring up old wounds around your experience of your father and how that has impacted your relationships, including the type of partners you choose. Be alert to patterns of relating that you notice in yourself. Self-awareness is the first step to turning things around to a more helpful pattern.

Full Moon on 27th is also an eclipse and also falls on Mars which is still retrograde in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone. This clash between what is yours and the demands of others, bursts out in your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone. Awakening experiences can turn up here. Be ready for them!


Leo:    Venus continues to add to your charms until 10th and then moves on to help with money matters for the rest of the month. You will be feeling communicative too until 26th when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. Get important negotiations out of the way before then.

Your energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as your ruling planet the Sun has been away from you for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd. Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunities goes direct on 10th in your mother and home zone. Things have been under review and moving backwards since early March or even last December but from 10th onwards there is forward movement and the opportunities for growth are strong. This could involve a larger home or one in another country or culture, expansion in the emotional dynamics of your home or an improvement in your relationships with mother figures or new vistas for them. Things are looking better, whichever way it manifests. Self-nurture comes into this too.

Your internal processes are active during the first three weeks of the month, as is work behind the scenes. You want to express your soul and superficial exchanges just will not do. The demands of daily tasks and attending to your health may also feel like unwelcome intrusions into your creative flow.

Relationships and partnerships are still under review and will continue to be so until late August. Full Moon and the solar eclipse on 27th land heavily in this area of your solar chart and have implications for your father, career and social status in some way too, (something or all of whichever have just started to undergo revolutionary change…).


Virgo:    The Sun is encouraging you to make space for pleasant times with friends, groups or your community until 22nd but even better than this, Venus glides into your sign on 10th and stays there until early-August. This adds to your charms and makes you desirable and popular too!

New Moon on 13th opposes Pluto. This marks a new phase with friends or groups, including community and organisations. This would be fine, except your personal need for self-expression is powerfully strong right now and you may not want to appease group opinion. Or there could be conflicting demands between family and friends.

Your 12th House of compassion, unconscious, healing and spirituality is also busy this month. Your soul might be trying to talk to you which could take the form of dreams, nunexplainable experiences and highly-tuned antennae. Listen carefully.

Your mind and thought patterns may not have been your best friend over the past four months, as Jupiter has been going retrograde in your 3rd House of communications. This can easily blow things out of proportion, either in your own mind or in your dealings with others. Equally this may have been a period of reviewing such tendencies. Whichever it has been, Jupiter is now heading forwards which is good for positive thinking. (And Virgos are always the better for that).

Mars continues retrograde in your 6th House of work, health and service to others all month. How you assert yourself at work and in your daily life is under review. And whether or not you are in the right job may be a question mark too.

Your daily routine could also do with some scrutiny. Are you using and directing your energies in a helpful way? (This includes being helpful to yourself). Or have you been dissipating energy fruitlessly? Would a digital holiday (abandoning all electronic gadgets) enhance your well-being at this time?

Full Moon on 27th falls directly on this point in your solar chart. There is also an eclipse which lengthens its impact. This can sometimes be felt during the months leading up to the eclipse or in the months after. Some of the tensions from this, burst out in your 9th House of travel, religion, philosophy, deep studies and world view. Your viewpoint and what you hold as true, is at the start of a seven-year revolution. And you might become very aware of it, this month.


Libra:    Career and relations with authority or father figures go well until 22nd as the Sun keeps interactions warm and expressive. New Moon on 13th also falls in this area of your solar chart. This marks the beginning of your Professional New Year. Make plans for what you hope to find in the month and year ahead.

Pluto gets triggered at the same time which means deep events relating to mother figures, self-nurture or the home will have a transformational impact on what you achieve in the world. So make sure your base (physical and emotional) is right for you to spring into the world from.

Your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals is busy too with your ruling planet Venus smoothing thngs along until 10th. Mercury aids communications here until 26th when it goes retrograde.

From 10th onwards, Venus is in your 12th House of compassion, spirituality and creativity behind the scenes. Tranquil, reflective time alone can be a pleasure. Try to schedule this in.

From 10th Jupiter goes direct in your finance zone, allowing you to finally move ahead with plans for expansion that have been under review for most of this year. This also relates to values and security needs.

We usually seek security through material things but Jupiter may want to expand your thinking around this. Where does the feeling of ‘enough’ come from? This is a time to explore and find new answers. And if you are open to going even deeper, where in your past did the feeling of ‘not enough’ come from? You have until early October to make a good start on this.

Full Moon on 27th falls on Mars in your romance, children and creativity zone and squares Uranus in your 8th House of joint funds, sharing and intimacy. You may feel shaken up by this, as an eclipse is involved too. Be alert for the awakening quality of events that take place. They are for you not against you.


Scorpio:    Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity goes direct in your sign on 10th after a four-month review of how you have been responding to opportunities for growth. This may have involved your sense of identity, self-expression and outlets for that expression. From 10th onwards you can apply your conclusions and continue to do so up until early-October. Jupiter only visits your sign every 12 years, so be sure to grasp this offer of growth.

Travel, deep studies and cultural exploration go well during the first three weeks of the month, although a Sun – Pluto opposition around 11th – 12th and New Moon on 13th may pull you in different directions.

The main emphasis this month though is in your 10th House of father, career and social status. Venus is smoothing things along until 10th, inclining people in authority to help you along. The Sun comes to encourage your self-expression here too from 22nd and Mercury helps communications all month up until 26th when it goes retrograde.

Your home situation and dealings with mother figures continues to be taxing. A review is going on here too. How have you been asserting yourself at home? And could it be too much or not enough? This is brought to a head around Full Moon on 27th which is also an eclipse that falls right on retrograde Mars in this part of your solar chart.

Uranus gets triggered by this too which highlights the need for change in relationships and partnerships. If your partnerships are not nurturing you, why are you in them? Or what needs to change? Perhaps on the other hand, you do feel nurtured by them. But does your partner? Honesty and self-honesty are the only way forward.


Sagittarius:    ‘The money of others’ looks promising during the first three weeks of this month, although your own financial priorities or security needs may clash with this around 11th – 13th.

Your ruling plant Jupiter goes direct on 10th after being retrograde since last March. Optimism (if it was temporarily hard to find) should return and you may feel this in your sense of compassion, creatively behind the scenes or even spiritually. If you have been going through writer’s block (or any other creative equivalent) the brakes should now be off.

Travel and dealings with people from different countries, cultures or belief systems is stimulating all month. Venus offers pleasure through these pursuits until 10th and Mercury keeps communications open until 26th when it goes retrograde. Try to arrange trips for before then. Publishing, legal matters and dealings with in-laws could feature too.

On 10th Venus glides into your 10th House of father, career and social status. This helps you to find co-operation from others in professional matters. People in positions of authority will be inclined to help you too, so do not be afraid to ask.

Mars remains retrograde all month in your 3rd House of communications. Watch your tongue! Sagittarian honesty can be too much for some, especially if it comes with a sharp edge. Why not channel discontent and observations into your creative work rather than directing it at individuals?

Full Moon on 27th is also an eclipse and hits this very spot in your solar chart. This sets off a chain reaction that finds an outlet in your 6th House of work, health and service to others. Make sure you get plenty of exercise so that this energy does not just rev round your nervous system.

Ideals about mother and home (on a personal or collective scale) continue and late July you may find yourself on a rescue mission. This could be towards a person you feel protective towards or even Mother Nature.


Capricorn:    Relationships and partnerships are warm and expressive as the Sun keeps things buoyant through to 22nd. Joint funds, sharing and intimacy go well too, especially up until 10th when Venus creates a sense of ease and well-being. Mercury is keeping communications open here too until 26th when it goes retrograde. Settle important matters before then.

New Moon on 13th also falls in your relationships and partnerships zone, marking the start of your Relational New Year. This is a time to make plans for what you hope to find in your partnerships in the month and year ahead. The only possible difficulty here is that Pluto (still in your sign) is opposite all of this, meaning that the only spanner in the works may be you… The massive transformation that you are undergoing these years will automatically impact your partners and partnerships and you will need people who can undsrstand and roll with your deep internal changes.

Venus is in your 9th House of travel, study, philosophy and culture from 10th which makes it a good time to travel or enjoy exploring different cultures and people with different viewpoints to your own. Publishing and legal matters could go well too.

Jupiter has been carrying out a review of your approach towards friends and groups or community and humanitarian matters. And also from 10th you can start to apply your new conclusions as the door opens for forward movement.

Your personal finances and income are still undergoing a review as Mars continues to head backwards in this area of your solar chart. This may not help your sense of security but take it as an opportunity to review your values as you may have been expressing inappropriate actions in your finances. Full Moon on 27th triggers this too and further stimulates the beginning of the new seven-year revolution that has just started in the romance, children and creativity area of your solar chart. There is an eclipse here too, so this will have some impact for months to come.


Aquarius:    Relationships and partnerships start the month well as Venus adds a warm glow and harmonious vibe. The Sun arrives too on 22nd encouraging self-expression and Mercury keeps communications open all month until 26th.

Jupiter which has been retrograde in your father, career and social status zone since early March, goes direct on 10th meaning the way is now clear to pursue professional opportunities. Which direction to take may be not that clear though as Mars is still retrograde in your sign which leaves you wondering just where you should apply yourself.

The Full Moon and eclipse on 27th is in Aquarius and lands right on Mars in your sign which will have quite an impact. The tension of this bursts out in your 4th House of mother and home too, into the next few months. Your ruling planet Uranus has recently moved into this area of your life which will be shaking things up for the next seven years.

At the end of the month the pressing question may be: is your home or the emotional dynamics in it, supportive to you? And what changes might you need to take re self-nurture and personal development? There could be sudden changes happening to mother-figures too.

Any of the above could be a source of emotional disruption but the important thing is to focus on what feelings are brought up for you, rather than the events themselves. Buried childhood memories can come to the surface which is rich material to work with to help turn around any unhelpful emotional patterns. Take support from a counsellor or therapist if you are ready to embark upon this journey. You will not regret it.


Pisces:    Romance, children and creativity look warm and cheerful during the first three weeks of the month. The weekend of 7th – 8th looks dreamy too!
Partnerships also take on a warm glow from 10th when Venus glides in, creating harmony. (Apart from a brief hiccough around 23rd – 24th when Venus opposes Neptune but this soon passes).

New Moon on 13th also marks the start of a new phase for you in romance, children and creativity. Pluto opposes though from your friends, groups and community zone and you may have to choose between personal and collective goals.

Work, health and well-being are a big deal this month . Up until 26th, Mercury helps communications with colleagues or daily companions. Mindfulness and physical exercise can go well too.

Jupiter which has been retrograde for four months in your travel, studies and ethics zone, goes direct on 10th, allowing you to move forwards once again.
Mars is still retrograde in your 12th House of the unconscious, healing and spirituality. And Full Moon on 27th falls on this, high-lighting any unconscious anger or self-sabotage that has been going on. This could burst out in impulsive words too…

The best way to heal unresolved pain is with the support of a counsellor or therapist. And now could be a good time to begin your inner explorations as this planetary combination could up-root previously buried memories that you could be ready to now work on.

Creativity is another helpful path to channel emotions into. Add this string to your bow too.


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