June 2017

Our shared planetary picture

We have a dazzling start to the month as Venus and Uranus join forces from 1st – 3rd in Aries. This blows our cobwebs away in an unexpected flash and acts of daring may beckon. Many

Sudden attractions to people, unusual recreational activities or an urge to completely change your routine may surprise you. Although this may all pass as quickly as it started, enjoy the moment for what it is worth. And recognise that this is showing you your need for variety and excitement!

Mars leaps forward on 4th, leaving Gemini for Cancer, to be joined on 21st, (the Summer Solstice) by the Sun and Mercury. This makes for a ball of assertive energy that wants to take action – in different areas of life for each sign. New Moon on 24th also falls here, marking a new year in these same areas of life.

Venus heads for home in Taurus from 6th, smoothing the way, making security look more attractive and heightening our senses.

On 9th Jupiter goes direct in Libra, ending a four-month review of where true growth and expansion lie. Hopefully better informed, we can now move ahead with real content, not just bluster. Full Moon in Sag falls on the same afternoon (14.11 BST).

Neptune changes direction on 16th and heads retrograde, taking us all back to review our ideals and how near or far our lives are from them. It will take until late-November to get the full picture.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   The month begins with a zing as Venus joins Uranus in your sign from 1st – 3rd. This is exciting, fun and brings the unexpected. Sudden attractions could surprise you. And although fleeting, they make you aware of your need for variety and fun.

Your charms are still at their height until 6th as Venus continues to ease your path. It then moves into your money and possessions zone and which is usually helpful to your income but the lure of beautiful purchases will be stronger too…

Relationships and partnerships also start to get easier from 9th when Jupiter goes direct in your opposite sign. This marks the end of a four month review about where true growth lies regarding partnerships and at last you now know where that is and you can move forward.

On 4th your ruling planet Mars leaps into your mother and home sphere. If home improvement plans have been pending, this is your month for action! Self improvement (personal development) is up for grabs too. These areas take off with extra zest from 21st when the Sun and Mercury join Mars adding creative strength and lots of ideas!

On 24th New Moon falls in this area of your chart too and marks the beginning of your domestic New Year. Make resolutions that will help self-nurture and a happy home in the year ahead.


Taurus:   There is a shake up at the start of the month (1st – 3rd) as your ruling planet Venus meets Uranus behind the scenes. Make time for creativity as your juices will be full of originality. On 6th Venus glides into Taurus and your charms will be heightened for the rest of the month.

Your powers of persuasion will be strong this month. Mars will be making itself felt in your 3rd House of communications. This makes you more assertive than usual but others may not notice, with your Venusian power to please operating at full strength too… The Sun and Mercury add their energy and talents to Mars’s efforts from 21st and Venus – Pluto team work on 23rd – 24th give you full advantage. Siblings or neighbours could be feistier than usual but so could you.

Thoughts and creative ideas about security and your finances continue until 21st. They need to be in line with your values. What could you do to get them closer?

On 9th Jupiter goes direct in your work, health and service to others zone. You have had four months to work out where you have been going over the top. This could be about over-working, over-eating or over-indulging in some way. In these cases ‘less is more’. Put your realisations into action.

New Moon on 24th marks the beginning of a new year in your communications, physical movement, siblings and neighbours zone. Make resolutions for your year ahead!


Gemini:   Friends, groups and community provide an exciting start to the month as Venus and Uranus bring excitement and fun! Romance and partnerships look interesting too on 9th when Full Moon, early in the afternoon, in your opposite sign Sag. coincides with Jupiter going direct after four months in retrograde. This helps to bring growth to romance, dealings with children and creativity.

Your ruling planet Mercury is moving quickly this month which is how you like it. It is also in your own sign from 6th – 21st which means you will be on good form. A square with Neptune on 14th may be the only exception when all may not be as it seems or you cannot take what other people say at face value.

The Sun ball remains in your court until 21st radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. But your mind is probably going to be focused on money as Mars jumps into your finance zone on 4th and stays into July. Mars is action oriented and spurs you on to improve your income and security. The Sun and Mercury join in from 21st adding creative energy and fresh ideas to your drive forward. Your values need to be reflected in whatever financial steps you take. Keep them close by.


Cancer:   Venus and Uranus bring surprises to your father and career zone from 1st – 3rd which can shake up your social status too. New ambitions could raise their head, however briefly and the need for change and refreshment is strong.

On 6th Venus moves on to bring pleasure through friends, groups and community, right into July. However pressurised things may be, make time to enjoy these.

Energy levels may have been low recently as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time – but that is about to change. Mars leaps into your sign on 4th and the Sun and Mercury join it on 21st which means three green lights saying – GO!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer!

Full Moon on 9th (14.11 BST) falls in your work and health zone. Be open and attentive to the information your emotions offer. Also on 9th Jupiter goes direct in your mother and home zone. This completes a four-month review on how growth and expansion in these areas and in personal development and self-nurture should be applied. Your conclusions are now clear for you to take forward. Follow them!


Leo:   Venus and Uranus liven up your travel, studies, philosophy and legal zone from 1st – 3rd bringing fresh insights or a sudden attraction to someone or something from a different country or culture. Ethical situations may look different too.

This is quickly followed on 4th by Mars jumping into your inspiration zone, giving energy to your creative, compassionate or spiritual life behind the scenes. The Sun and Mercury join it from 21st and New Moon on 24th marks the beginning of a fresh year in this area of your life too. If you have been thinking of starting a new spiritual or creative practice, this would be a great month to begin.

From 6th Venus is smoothing interactions in your father, career and social status zone. People in positions of power or influence will be happy to help you, so do not be afraid to ask. A good aspect between Venus and Pluto on 23rd – 24th is good for work and career and for getting your daily routine in line with your ambitions.

On 9th Jupiter goes direct in your communications zone, taking your mind to a more positive place after four months of going backwards. Physical movement can be helped too and if you had it in mind to learn a new language or communicate in a new way, the winds of Jupiter are behind you. 

From 22nd – 27th you may become aware of how your unconscious patterns may have been undermining you. Jupiter is ready to widen your thinking. Iron out any self-sabotage that has been going on and become aware of your full possibilities!


Virgo:   Unexpected events occur in your shared finances or in your intimate life from 1st – 3rd and ‘the money of others’ or how others deal with you financially, could take you by surprise. Sudden attractions ditto!

In terms of your own income, this starts looking better from 9th when Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity goes direct after four months in retrograde. This has been a time of review about how to best approach expansion. And now you can put your conclusions into action.

Full Moon, also on the afternoon of 9th falls in your mother and home zone, raising emotions about these, your personal development and self-nurture. And on 16th Neptune goes retrograde in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships, in search of ideals or lost ideals.

Career matters are forefront up to 21st as the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury light and negotiate the way (with perhaps just a hiccough on 14th when all is not clear). Meanwhile from 6th, Venus is enhancing travel and dealings with different countries, cultures, philosophies, publications and legal matters.

From 4th Mars jumps into your friends, groups, community and political zone, where you will both find and give energy and want to get things done. Mercury and the Sun add their energies too from 21st. You have a lot to offer!


Libra:   There is a flurry of excitement from 1st – 3rd when Venus and Uranus join forces and shake things up in your relationships and partnerships. This could produce sudden attractions or refresh your current situation in some way!

On 6th Venus glides into your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing, helping things along there too. ‘The money of others’ may come your way, sometimes in the form of loans, inheritances or tax rebates or a partner may be more generous, including during intimacy.

The Sun and Mercury intensify these benefits from 21st, adding energy and better communications to the mix. And New Moon on 24th marks a new beginning also in this area of your solar chart. Give what you hope to find.

Jupiter which has been going retrograde in your sign since early Feb goes direct on 9th, indicating that the review of your need for growth in self-expression is now complete and the best way forward should be clear. You have until mid-October to make the most of the opportunities on offer. Be ready for growth and expansion!


Scorpio:   Surprises or unexpected events to do with work, health, service to others or your daily routine, shake things up from 1st – 3rd as Venus and Uranus join forces. Be open to new insights that get thrown up then.

Communications in relationships and partnerships continue to be fruitful up until 6th too. Then ideas about sharing resources and yourself (on an intimate level) occupy your mind until 21st.

Relationships and partnerships continue to benefit as Venus glides into your opposite sign on 6th and smooths things along all month. From 23rd – 24th Venus works together with your ruling planet Pluto to deepen communications in a satisfying way too.

The other area of activity this month is your travel, studies, philosophy, legal and publishing zone. Mars stirs you to action from 4th and the Sun and Mercury join in offering creative energy and ideas from 21st. New Moon falls here too on 24th marking a fresh start and a good time to make resolutions for a wider world in the year ahead. Stretch your horizons!


Sagittarius:   Fun and excitement start the month as Venus and Uranus light up your romance, children and creativity zone from 1st – 3rd. Sudden attractions could grab you, as could unusual recreational activities or creative inspiration!

On 4th Mars jumps into your joint funds zone, spurring you on to take action on shared finances (including taxes, loans, debts and inheritances) and possibly on an intimate level too. From 6th Venus enhances relations with colleagues or daily companions. Health matters could improve too – unless you over-indulge…

On 9th your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct after four months in reverse in your friends, groups and community or political zone. Full Moon falls just one hour earlier (14.11 BST) in Sag. which gives an emotional high tide of a day.

Relationships and partnerships are highlighted until 21st when the focus turns to how they operate on a practical level – in intimacy and financially. New Moon on 24th marks the beginning of a new phase in these areas too. Start as you mean to go on.


Capricorn:   Sudden surprises at home or to do with mother figures or personal development shake things up from 1st – 3rd as Venus and Uranus join forces. On 6th though Venus moves on to enhance your romance, children and creativity zone for the rest of the month, offering pleasure through all three.

Mars jumps into your relationships and partnerships zone on 4th, heating things up. This could include passions or conflicts but the Sun and Mercury’s arrival on 21st add creativity and more communication to the picture. New Moon on 24th also marks the beginning of a new phase in relating. Make resolutions to help partnerships in the year ahead.

Jupiter goes direct on 9th in your father, career and social status zone. This completes a four-month review of how expansion should go. Apply your conclusions. There may be friction between partnerships and your father and career zone from 22nd – 27th. Be as creative as you can to find a good solution.


Aquarius:   Fun is on the agenda from 1st – 3rd and it is the kind of fun you like as Venus joins your ruling planet Uranus in your communications zone. Make time to be around people.

On 6th Venus glides into your mother and home zone and you will want to enjoy domestic things and perhaps beautify your home or entertain there. Relationships with mother-figures are enjoyable too or perhaps you will enjoy nurturing others.

On 9th Jupiter goes direct in your travel, studies, publishing and philosophy and law zone. Human existence may now seem clearer. Or how you or your activities fit into the scheme of things, may be make more sense. People or philosophies from other countries and cultures have much to show you. Be ready to learn.

Mars jumps signs this month too. On 4th it moves into your work, health and service to others zone. Make the most of this fresh energy to take action in whatever areas need it. The Sun and Mercury add creative energy and ideas from 21st and New Moon on 24th is also in this area of your chart.

This marks the beginning of your work and health New Year. Make some resolutions for the year ahead. This is an excellent time to look at how well you have been tending your physical body and to start a new health regime or a new job. Take action!


Pisces:   Finances are spinning from 1st – 3rd when Venus and Uranus turn things around and catch you unawares. This is not the main focus of the month however as the Sun and Mercury are being creative (and perhaps wanting to move things around) in your mother and home sphere until 21st.

This may not suit you around 4th and 14th when the Sun and then Mercury run up against your ruling planet Neptune. We all have ideals but we need to be practical too

On 4th Mars moves into your romance, children and creativity zone, to be joined on 21st by the Sun and Mercury. You will want to take action and the strong determination of Mars and its two helpers should enable you to make good headway. New Moon on 24th falls here too, so make some resolutions for the year ahead that will help to manifest what you would like to create in these areas of life.

On 9th Jupiter moves forwards after four months in reverse in the area of your chart that covers joint funds and intimacy. ‘The money of others’ may benefit you, be that repaid debts, loans, tax rebates or inheritances. This follows a review of how you have been dealing with joint funds and intimacy. It should now be clear where true growth lies.

Your ruling planet Neptune goes retrograde on 16th to review how close your current self is to your ideal self. This is not a quick peep. It will take until late November to get the full view. Be open to what you find.


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