January 2015

Your Horoscope for January 2015

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Although traditionally the Winter Solstice was considered New Year, our ‘convenient’ Gregorian calendar gives the honour to January 1st and our symbolic thoughts of a fresh start focus here these days.

With Sun in Capricorn, it is a great time to focus and set our goals.  And the expectation of change is picked up by the planets by the second week of January, as three planets in Aquarius bring a breath of fresh air and surprise, so be ready to go with it.

Mercury goes retrograde three times this year and all three about-turns are in air signs – the element that represents thought and communication.

This is a direct challenge and opportunity to re-view our way of thinking.  Can we incorporate wider ideas and concepts into our mental framework?  There are many ways of seeing things and it would be negligent to think our first response is the only one worth considering.  Looking at things from a self-serving position restricts the view too.  How might things look from an objective point of view?

Your first opportunity to explore this area begins on January 21st and you have until February 11th to get fully re-acquainted with your humanitarian standpoint.  And to remember how good it feels when you stand firm there!

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Full Moon on the morning of 5th demands your attention and the subject is mother and home.  How can you meet your needs for nurturing while father and career demand so much of you?  And your fierce independence may run contrary to admitting you have emotional needs too.

Most of the action though is in your 11th House of groups, friends, community, organisations and humanitarian ideals.  Your ruling planet Mars continues to make this a dynamic area until 12th and Venus smoothes relations here for most of the month.

Just when you think a new opportunity is in sight at New Moon on 20th, Mercury goes retrograde taking you right back to the conflicting demands presented to you on 5th.  No point sweeping emotions under the carpet, they must be given their rightful place but you have to allow it!

Taurus:   Mars is still urging you to push ahead with father, career and social status plans and you have until 12th to enjoy this wind in your sails.  Your ruling planet Venus eases things here too from 3rd to 27th and if you have favours to ask from influential people, ask away but before 21st when Mercury goes retrograde.

Venus also opposes Jupiter around 18th and 19th so go easy in areas where you tend to over-indulge…

New Moon on 20th marks a fresh start in your public persona which is a good time to make your professional resolutions for the year ahead.  With Mercury retrograde the following day till Feb 11th, make this a time to check and double-check current proposals and to consider the well-being of others in your communications and decision making.

Gemini:  Your ruling planet Mercury is dashing about backwards and forwards and the area demanding your attention is your 9th House of travel, studies, publishing, law and ethical matters.  Full Moon on the morning of 5th falls into your money and security zone, clashing with your joint funds and intimate life and also with collectives, friends and organisations.

The first half of the month is a good time to get away but travel complications could occur when Mercury is retrograde between 21st Jan and 11th Feb.  Make this a time to look at the conflicting demands above..

Saturn has now taken residence in your partnerships zone for the next three years which will provide you with plenty of things to mull over and this month, it seems to be in relation to ideals about father, career and social status.  The discomfort this brings will hopefully spur you on to explore these issues in more depth…


Cancer:   The month begins with Sun and Pluto moving together through your 7th House of relationships and partnerships which could bring welcome transformation were it not for Uranus hanging around at 90° urging you to press for more independence in the world. 

Full Moon in your sign early morning on 5th brings emotion into the arena and you may feel sandwiched in between the conflicting demands of these two giants pulling you in different directions…  Solace or rescue comes either through ‘the money of others’, redistributing existing resources or sharing.  Intimacy can lend a helping hand too.

New Moon on 20th falls into your shared area too, seeming to offer a new solution until Mercury goes retrograde the next day suggesting you check things through and wait until after 11th Feb before making big decisions.  Breathing helps.

Leo:   Loads of action this month in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships and you may find yourself being susceptible to the charms of others.  New Moon on 20th falls into this area of your life too but when Mercury goes retrograde the next day, you may have to review, amend or back-pedal on what was said, understood or promised around 5th…

Jupiter still in your sign, opposes Venus on 18th and 19th so don’t go to excess or try to over-please others.  Your mother and home zone, now free of Saturn feels lighter and your new area of learning is your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  Hard work may be involved but there’s no harm in that – it can be highly productive!


Virgo:   Saturn, Mars and Neptune are all trying to achieve different things this month which isn’t very comfortable!  You’ll be pushing for ideals in partnerships from 12th but demands on the home front will make that difficult.

All the nervous energy created needs to go somewhere and a daily routine incorporating exercise and perhaps mindfulness and meditation is one of the quickest routes to calm.

When your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on 21st you will be taken back to review decisions or discussions made around Full Moon on 4th and 5th.

How you tend yourself on a physical level is central.  This includes what you feed yourself with, how and when.  Another source of well-being could be pets…  If the commitment of looking after one on a daily basis is too much, could you borrow someone else’s now and then?

Libra:   Full Moon on the morning of 5th brings up some old chestnuts.  Yet again partnership issues clash with home and trigger off emotions about career or social status (parents or parenthood could be part of the equation too) and while Librans often prefer to hope difficult things will just go away, this is an ongoing dynamic, so you might as well take a look…

A cluster of planets ((including your ruling planet Venus) are busy in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity this month.  Avoid excesses here around 18th and 19th (including trying to please everybody) and although New Moon promises a fresh start on 20th, Mercury goes retrograde the next day.

It’s heading back to review those discussions or decisions made around 5th.  If you kept quiet then or agreed to something to keep the peace, the issue will need airing or re-thinking again.  You have until 11th Feb to get this right…

Scorpio:   A cluster of planets are conspiring to bring you harmony on the mother and home front.  Mars gives you energy to make these changes too until 12th.  Venus is in the equation for most of the month bringing pleasure and harmony.  Could that be beautifying the home or entertaining others in it?

New Moon on 20th marks a new beginning in your mother, home and personal development zone.  It’s immediately followed by Mercury going retrograde the day after, so reassess communications and decisions made around 5th and don’t sign anything until after 11th Feb.

Finally free of Saturn in your sign for the next 28 years (hooray!), the serious focus now is security, income, self esteem and where the feeling of ‘enough’ can be found.  This is just the beginning of a three-year voyage so clear the decks of past debris and focus on the new course ahead…

Sagittarius:   Mars opposes your ruling planet Jupiter on 1st and Venus does likewise on 18th and 19th which are times to guard against excess, including the excessive pleasing of others.  Saturn is now settling in to your sign, where it will stay for the next three years and the subject up for review is you! 

Mars, Venus and Neptune complicate the picture this month, pulling you in all directions –particularly how you express your identity, versus your ideals about mother and home.  You want to hold on to these ideals but your exuberant self and your need for freedom keep getting in the way.  You’ll try to make it alright with everyone from 27th to 30th but could the price for doing so be too high?

Making compromises and honouring your sense of true self may not feel compatible and this is just the beginning of your voyage.  Self-honesty is of course the starting point –ouch!

Capricorn:   Full Moon in your opposite sign on the morning of 5th will trigger emotion.  This could be yours, your partner’s or both.  This is in connection to an ongoing power play around changes to do with mother or home – ongoing issues.

The major feature this month is finance and security.  You’ve been on the case for a while and the energy provided by Mars will continue to propel you forward until 12th.  Meanwhile, Venus eases the cash flow from 3rd to 27th.

A new option presents itself with New Moon on 20th but don’t be rushed.  Mercury goes retrograde the next day until Feb 11th.  Don’t sign anything then but do take the opportunity to review or re-think discussions you had earlier, around 5th Jan

Don’t let the selfish tactics of others lower your principles.  A wide humanitarian approach is best.  Once again you may have to lead by example…

Aquarius:   The month starts out at a gallop as Mars continues in your sign (until 12th), swiftly followed by Venus (making you irresistible) and Mercury.  Sun brings its restorative powers to you too on 20th along with the New Moon but then Mercury goes retrograde in your sign the following day.  Everything’s fresh and lovely but you have some thinking to do and it relates back to whatever was being thought about  or said on January 5th…

With Saturn no longer blocking your public persona, headway can be made in the world.  But keep an eye open for over-confident assumptions on 18th and 19th.  Check the facts first.

New Moon in your sign on 20th marks the beginning of your personal new year.  If things were too hectic on 1st, make your resolutions then .

Pisces:   Saturn has entered your 10th House of father, career and social status and is due to stay there for the next three years.  This is an opportunity to review how you’ve been dealing with those areas of life and how you’d like to deal with them better in the future.  Ideals about yourself will be coming under scrutiny this month and when Mars enters your sign on 12th, you’ll want to push ahead to get closer to your ideal self.

Mercury goes retrograde in your 12th House of behind the scenes matters on 21st.  Use this time to examine how you’ve been programming your unconscious.  Self-talk is a good place to start.  Are your thought processes supporting you?  Use this time to make sure you’ve got everything running in a positive direction.  Your online life might need some attention too…

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