Venus in Pisces Feb 25 – Mar 21

When Venus planet of love, harmony and pleasure glides into Pisces, our collective mood changes to a gentler more emotional tone. Pisces is mutable, flexible water, like the ocean that links us all. And the arrival of Venus softens and smoothes those waters. In astrology Venus is ‘exalted’ in Pisces which means this is the best possible sign for it to be in. This is good news for us all!

Compassion will be heightened during Venus’s journey through Pisces. We will feel the pain and suffering of others more keenly and will feel moved to respond and help. Whereas Virgo (its opposite sign) gets involved in the practical side of care; Pisces attends by tuning in and sending empathy on an emotional, intuitive level. In our practical world this may seem a lesser function but it is just as valid as we all long to be understood.

Before we learnt to speak, we were dependent on our carers to intuit what we needed or wanted. This was our earliest unspoken language and we still use it, especially when Venus is passing through Pisces.

Our imagination is also opened by Venus in Pisces and finding outlets for creative expression becomes even more important. Art, music, dance, photography, film and theatre, all benefit from this inspiration which is around until March 21st.

And for any romantic souls out there, whereas Valentine’s Day is always February 14th whatever the planetary line-up: Venus in Pisces is romance itself. You may find yourself more open to this possibility and who knows, so may your loved one or longed for one. And you may find yourselves on the dreamy shores of love.

Pay attention to your dreams too as they can be a source of inspiration and information. Prayer, meditation and healing can be other expressions of this subtle energy. With Venus in Pisces we understand better than ever, that we are all in the pool together and whatever happens to one, happens to us all.

Follow your intuition, express your emotions, be creative and send your positive thoughts and energy out to where they are needed most.

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