September 2020 Horoscopes

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Some of the weight of recent months starts to inch forward in September as two of the three heavy-weight planets in Capricorn go direct after three months of all moving retrograde. Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity completes its review and goes direct on 13th followed by Saturn planet of self-discipline, hard work and boundaries on 29th.

These movements are especially significant as Jupiter and Saturn are on their final stretch in Capricorn and by late December they will be gone. Pluto remains retrograde though until next month and will stay in Capricorn, demanding further transformation of power structures and the status quo for another four years.

None of this is much consolation for Mars in Aries though which has been trying to make headway against the heavy authority of the three planets in Capricorn. This symbolises the struggle of the individual against authority. On 9th Mars goes retrograde to carry out a review of how it has been approaching its goals. Mars in Aries is not easily thwarted though and mid-November it comes back, hopefully with a winning formula.

Venus runs into opposition with Pluto and Saturn during the first week of the month (ouch!) but glides on to happier times from 6th when it moves into Leo. Self expression everyone! Remember that? If not, Venus in Leo will help to remind you!

Venus squares Uranus too on 14th – 15th which can bring about the unexpected. As opportunities for spontaneity have been so squashed recently, a surprise could be welcome!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Career prospects should look a bit brighter this month as Jupiter goes direct on 13th and Saturn on 29th in your social status zone. Pluto is still holding back, looking for deeper transformation but some movement should at least be possible.

Your ruling planet Mars is less happy though as Saturn and to some extent, Pluto are blocking it all month. The powers that be seem not to agree with your plans this month. Mars goes retrograde too on 9th to review your recent efforts and work out how best to proceed once the brakes are off (from mid-November).

Home comforts may run up against the demands of the world early in the month and you may not be able to give as much time as you would like to domestic pleasures. Opportunities for fun (and possibly romance) increase though from 6th when Venus glides into your 5th House of pleasure. This also brings opportunities for enjoyable time with children, being creative, recreation, sports (if that is your thing) and letting your hair down in general.

New Moon on 17th falls in your work, health and service to others zone – the perfect time to start a new regime, new job or volunteering position. Could your daily routine do with a shake-up too? Saturn is on hand offering any self-discipline needed. So why not go for it?


Taurus:    Travel has been on hold for most of us this year but Taureans may have felt the pinch more than most, as three heavy-weight planets have been sitting in your 9th House of exploration, deep study, philosophy, ethics and world view. They have also been moving retrograde for the past few weeks, calling for an internal review of your beliefs and your relationship with the wider world. The good news is two of them go direct this month: Jupiter on 13th and Saturn on 29th. And you can start to apply your conclusions from this review period and move forward once again.

Your ruling planet Venus runs up against these heavy-weight during the first week of the month and frustratingly, Mars does the same all month and itself goes retrograde from 9th. This calls for a review of your inner-workings, your response to those suffering and in need, your online life and your spiritual world.

Your ruling planet Venus brings harmony on the mother and home front from 6th and you may want to beautify your home and invite others to share its pleasures. This is a good time for self-nurture and for personal development too. On 14th – 15th Venus squares Uranus in your sign which challenges you to make internal changes. Make them!

New Moon on 17th falls in your romance, children and creativity zone. Recreational pleasures come into this too. Arrange fun activities for yourself.


Gemini:    Venus glides through your communications zone from 6th, adding sugar to your silver tongue and quick wit. Yes, your charm offensive is high. Others beware! Your ruling planet Mercury is whizzing ahead too and spans three signs this month, stirring up lots of mental stimulation and variety which is just how you like it.

Mars is having a more difficult month though which for Geminis means conflict or frustrations with friends, groups, organisations, community or humanitarian ideals. Admitting defeat temporarily, Mars goes retrograde on 9th to review its recent approach in one or more of these areas.

The main challenge Mars runs into are the three huge planets (Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto) currently residing in your 8th House, calling for growth and transformation in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. All three have been retrograde for months but on 13th Jupiter goes direct and Saturn follows on 29th. And yes, this means the possibility of moving out from a state of feeling stuck.

New Moon on 17th marks a fresh start in your mother and home zone. Are home conditions supporting your personal development? And have you been attending enough to self-nurture? This new cycle is an opportunity to get physical and emotional conditions in the home just right, so you can spring into the world from a healthy base.


Cancer:    Your desire to socialise early in the month, may get scuppered by opposition from partners or partnerships. And your ambitions likewise as Mars tries to square up to the same immovable objects in your partnerships zone all month. There may be a bit of give though when Jupiter goes direct on 13th and Saturn on 29th.

Mars retreats and goes retrograde from 9th to review its recent strategies. You have two months to reflect on how your approach needs to change and to decide on your goals. Then mid-November you will be ready to give your ambitions a push forwards once again.

The Sun is keeping your communications zone warm and active during the first three weeks of September and New Moon on 17th falls here too, marking a fresh start in some way. Do you need to re-establish contact with someone? Or is there a course you would enjoy taking, a new language to learn or a new form of exercise to try? If so, the planetary wind is behind you

Venus spends most of the month (from 6th) in your 2nd House, making finances look rosier and adding to your sense of security. Although there may be a surprise mid-month when friends or the call of community or humanitarian ideals question your values. Be open to looking at these from a fresh viewpoint.


Leo:    Venus is in your sign from 6th making you darling of the zodiac for the rest of the month. Your charms will be at their highest and you will effortlessly attract others to you (which might include a surprise or two mid-month!)

Venus is good for creative flow too and can have an impact on the long-term changes taking place in your ambitions, social standing or dealings with father-figures (or on your own dealings if you are a father-figure yourself).

There should be some long-awaited movement on the work and health front this month as Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity goes direct on 13th. This completes a three-month review where you have been looking at what expansion might look like. Saturn goes direct too (on 29th) providing the self-discipline and grit to put in the hard work needed to make your plans a reality.

Mars is having a difficult time this month which for Leos means frustrations over travel, education, ethics, legal matters, dealings with other cultures and your world-view. You will be keeping an eye on your finances this month too and New Moon on 17th is a perfect point to carry out an audit and put a new budget in place. Make sure it reflects your true priorities.


Virgo:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 22nd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Your ruling planet Mercury lends you mental energy too until 5th, then it moves on to look at your finances. It encounters some opposition here though around 17th, 21st and 23rd from the three heavy-weight planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) still occupying your romance, children and creativity zone.

These three are also causing problems for Mars all month which is trying to make headway in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. Admitting temporary defeat, Mars goes retrograde on 9th to review its recent attempts to push ahead but returns in two months time to continue the progress already made.

Venus planet of love, harmony and relating glides through your inner-workings from 6th. This highlights your compassion for others, adds grace to your spirituality and makes your online life pleasurable. There may be surprises though mid-month when Uranus may startle you with a new awakening.

New Moon in your sign on 17th marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will support your emotional needs in the month and year ahead!


Libra:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Things should start to improve on the mother and home front this month as Jupiter goes direct on 13th and Saturn likewise on 29th. Pluto is going to be hanging around looking for another four years though, so long-term there will be more transformation ahead.

Your worldly ambitions may run up against unhelpful factors at home early in the month when your ruling planet Venus opposes Saturn. Partners or partnerships may run up against obstacles this month and from 9th when Mars goes retrograde, you will need to review how you have been interacting in your relationships. And assertiveness may be something to think about…

From 6th your ruling planet Venus is bringing pleasure in the form of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. There could even be a sudden attraction from this direction mid-month. Be ready for surprises!


Scorpio:    The huge process taking place in your 3rd House of thinking, communications and dealings with neighbours and siblings starts to make some progress this month, partially completing a long review which has been taking place since late-spring. Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity goes direct on 13th and Saturn likewise on 29th. This means you can start to apply any conclusions you have come to over the past three or so months. Your ruling planet Pluto has further to go though and will be demanding even more transformation over the next four years.

Mars is struggling this month however, as it squares up to these three heavy-weights and then retreats going retrograde itself from 9th. This initiates another review, this time connected to your work, health, daily routine and service to others. What adjustments need making here? You cannot make them while Mars in retrograde but once it goes direct in mid-November you should hopefully know how to move ahead.

From 6th Venus is smoothing the path in your father, career and social status zone. If you need support from authority figures, just ask, they are looking on you positively. Equally if you are an authority figure yourself (including being a parent) use your influence in the best way possible. Partners may have a surprising impact mid-month too.

New Moon on 17th falls in your 11th House, marking a fresh start with friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. What would you like this fresh start to be?


Sagittarius:    Your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct this month (on 13th) which may come as a relief in your financial life where the three heavy-weight planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been moving backwards for three months. Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity brings optimism and hope which are essential for Sagittarians. Saturn goes direct too on 29th adding self-discipline and willingness to work hard, elements which are also needed to succeed.

Mars moving through your 5th House of romance, children and creativity is having a difficult month though and it retreats on 9th and takes you back to review how you have been trying to assert yourself and to look at what changes you need to make to your approach. You have two months to ponder all of this and mid-November you can press forwards once again.

From 6th Venus is offering pleasure through travel and relations with people from different cultures or belief systems. You may enjoy learning a new language or some other course of study too. Keep an eye open for what appeals.

And New Moon on 17th falls in your father, career and social status zone. What would you like this new cycle to be about? Your role as a father or authority figure, a fresh start in your career, a new approach to your social status or all three?


Capricorn:    You may have been feeling stuck for the past few months with three heavy-weight planets moving retrograde in your sign. This has been an opportunity to review deep aspects of yourself which can now hopefully move forward in a more positive way as Jupiter goes direct on 13th and Saturn on 29th.

Relationships and partnerships may have to take second place during the first week of the month. And matters to do with mother, home, roots and foundations may be a source of frustration. Home improvement projects and personal-development plans run up against your need for control and your need to focus on processes happening deep within yourself.

Mother-figures could be a pain and if you happen to be a mother yourself, the difficulties of that role may become even more apparent than usual. Mars goes retrograde here from 9th, giving you two months to review how you have been dealing with any or all of these matters.

You may benefit from ‘the money of others’ this month as Venus glides through your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone from 6th. This is good for all three and there may be some surprises mid-month when Uranus calls for a fresh approach.

Mercury will have you thinking about father, career and social status for much of the month and the Sun arrives from 22nd to illuminate and energise one or more of your ideas. Which will it be?


Aquarius:    Venus glides into your relationships and partnerships zone on 6th and stays there harmoniously for the rest of the month, smoothing things along and making you more aware of the attractiveness of others. There may be a surprise too when Venus squares your ruling planet Uranus around 14th – 15th which can bring changes or nudge you to consider changes to your social status in some way!

Your inner-workings, creativity behind the scenes and online life start to move forwards this month when Jupiter goes direct on 13th and Saturn does likewise on 29th. This can help your spiritual development to move forwards too although there is further to go, especially during the next four years.

Communications, dealings with neighbours and siblings or short journeys may be frustrating as Mars runs up against the big-boy planets presently resident in your unconscious. Mars goes retrograde from 9th for two months to review your recent approach. Try to take out any frustrations this causes in exercise and physical movement so that the energy does not just rev around your nervous system.

New Moon on 17th falls in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone, marking a new cycle. Decide what this needs to be about and follow through.


Pisces:    There may be conflict between your individual needs and partnership needs around 1st in the lead up to Full Moon in your sign in the early hours of 2nd. The Sun is lending warmth to relationships and partnerships too until 22nd when it moves on to illuminate joint funds, intimacy and sharing.

Mars is struggling to make headway with your finances but keeps running into what is happening on the collective front. (The three heavy-weight planets in your friends, groups, organisations, community and humanitarian ideals zone). Mars goes retrograde on 9th to review recent efforts and gather itself together for a hopefully more effective approach, starting mid-November.

There is movement though this month in your collective zone as Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity completes its three-month review and goes forward on 13th. Saturn follows on 29th adding self-discipline and willingness to work hard to the mix. This is all good news.

Venus enhances your daily pleasures from 6th through good relations at work and with daily companions. Tending to your physical needs and your daily rituals are a source of pleasure too, although a new idea or new form of physical movement may shake things up mid-month.

New Moon on 17th marks a fresh start in relationships and partnerships. Define what are you hoping to find here and play your part in helping it to happen…


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