July 2014


We have a lot going on this month.  There are three planetary changes of direction: Mercury and Saturn move forwards (on 1st and 20th) and Uranus moves backwards (on 22nd).  We also have two planets changing signs for quite a while.  Mars moves into Scorpio (on 26th) but the big news is… Jupiter moves into Leo.

Physically, Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and its magnetic field is the largest and accordingly, BIG opportunities could come along.

Astrologically, Jupiter represents growth, expansion and opportunity and if you are receptive, it can bring a growth in perspective and understanding and a readiness to trust life and whatever it brings our way.  This might even involve taking the odd risk here and there and keeping in mind – ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

Jupiter is also associated with ‘luck’.  Some would say good luck is the degree to which we are ready to grasp new opportunities.  Whether you agree with this or not, it is a good stance to take during the year ahead.  Jupiter is going to be in Leo until August 2015.

The Leo influence means the mode of operation is big, out-going, expressive and creative.  And this expansion applies to us all but in different areas of life.  So in which areas of life will Jupiter be making your world bigger over the next 12 months?

Read your Sun Sign and your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:   Uranus goes retrograde in your sign on 22nd taking you back to look once again at what version of yourself you’ve been presenting to the world and to what degree it’s been a compromised one.  You’ve had Uranus in your sign, bringing disruption and revolution since March 2011 so you’re used to these sudden changes.  One aspect though needs looking at again and it’s about your identity and yourself, rather than others.  You have until the Winter Solstice to figure this out.  And figure it out you must.

Obstacles (inner or outer) lift as Saturn and then Mars your ruling planet start to move things forward in your ‘shared area’ of joint funds and intimacy from 20th.

But Jupiter is bursting into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity on 16th and it’s going to be there for a year, bringing growth, expansion and opportunities!  People from different cultures or those of a religious or philosophical outlook might feature too.  What would expansion mean for you in these areas?  Have you been makng enough time for your creative talents?

And if you’re feeling more athletic, don’t rein that in either.  The 5th House covers sports, games and speculation too.  So stretch those legs, experiment and explore!

Taurus:   Uranus heads backwards behind the scenes on 22nd to uncover unconscious motivations that you may not have been aware of.  This could have some impact on your dealings with institutions, creativity, self-talk, spiritual understanding and in your online world as well.   

Relationships and partnerships thankfully start to move forward on 20th as Saturn goes direct after months of long consideration and standstill.  Mars jumps in on 26th too, heating things up and adding to the momentum.  And that ‘heat’ could be anger or passion.  Your big new area for growth and expansion though is your 4th House of mother and home.  Jupiter glides in on 16th and takes up residence until August next year.

Expansion in the home can take many forms.  It could indicate a bigger home, one in a different country, a change of philosophy in your home, seeing the planet as your home, people from different cultures coming to live with you or an expansion in emotional conditions and nurturing that makes your home feel bigger.

The Leo factor could involve decorating and entertaining on a royal scale too and a more creative home in some way.  You have a year to explore these possibilities and if nurturing becomes one of your areas of exploration (which it could), don’t forget to include yourself!

Gemini:   Uranus starts a review in your friends, groups and collectives zone on 22nd to examine whether you’ve been too conventional in your approach to these areas recently or whether you need to be more exclusive.

Meanwhile, Venus in your sign adds to your charms until 18th, then things start to move forwards on the work, health and daily routine front.  On 20tth Saturn changes direction and Mars drops in to give energy to your resolve.  After months of impasse, this is a welcome shift in these areas and you’ll feel a lot better for it.

But communications is going to be your main focus for growth.  You may think you’re at your most persuasive right now but this is just a taste of more to come.  Jupiter takes residence in your 3rd House of communications for a year, starting on 16th.  This could expand your mind, widen your channels of communication, introduce a new language into your life, help with trading and keep your thinking buoyant.

Only when our mind is at its most positive do we become aware of all our possibilities.  This year, Jupiter brings these very conditions.  Exercise looks more fun.  And relationships with neighbours and siblings can blossom too.

Be alert to new opportunities.  Your products, ideas and words (spoken or written) could start to reach a much wider audience…

Cancer:   Full Moon in your opposite sign on 12th raises emotion in partnerships but after Venus enters your sign on 18th, you’re irresistible and getting others onto your terms will be easy.

Uranus reverses on 22nd to re-examine how you’ve been approaching father, career and social status.  You have until 21st December to work out either how to avoid earlier compromises or whether you should make more.

The main focus though, is your 2nd House of money, possessions and security as Jupiter moves in on 16th.  You’ll be active and even a visionary on the money-making front.  This could be the beginning of a year when you capitalise on past efforts and actually achieve some security for yourself.

It would be a mistake to only think of security on a material level though.  It can be found in other ways too.  Developing a value system that gives a sense of security can meet the mark just as well, if not better: so can being creative.  Explore these possibilities too.

A new strand of income or new understanding could come into view with New Moon on 26th.  This is an extra endorsement that you truly are on your way!

Leo:  Uranus puts things on hold in your travel, studies, philosophical and legal zone until December, giving you time to adjust your position and look for pure solutions.  The good news is – Jupiter enters your sign on 16th and stays till August next year.  Think about what you would like this new cycle of expansion to be about.  Then stretch to reach it.  Don’t just sit around and wait for opportunities.  Carve some out yourself.

Your year of gestation when Jupiter was in your 12th House of the unconscious is now complete and it’s time to take whatever you’ve been brewing up behind the scenes, into the light of day and even into the lime light!

If temporary shyness or self-doubt has been holding you back, bear in mind that it’s an act of generosity to share your creative self with the rest of the world.  We need Leo creativity, especially now that Jupiter’s taken up residence there, so roll out whatever you’ve been hiding (including yourself)!

Saturn starts to move things forward on the mother and home front from 20th.  You have been looking at security needs for almost five months and on 26th Mars jumps in to give energy and impetus to complete whatever needs doing.  New Moon on 26th is also in your sign, marking the beginning of a new cycle in your emotional life too.  It’s been a long time since things looked this good!

Virgo:   A review begins on 22nd when Uranus goes retrograde in your shared area of joint funds and intimacy.  It will stay there till 21st December, giving you time to work out how to move forward in these areas without the usual self-imposed restrictions.  This could include looking at whether you’ve allowed yourself to be compromised by others too.

Communications become forthright (if not heated) this month as Saturn goes direct on 20th and Mars joins in on 26th raising mental energy.  As a result, siblings, neighbours, trades people and the general public might get more of your opinion than they had bargained for…

Your most active area however is ‘behind the scenes’ in your 12th House of institutions (prisons, hospitals and charities), the pain and suffering of others and the collective unconscious.  You’ll have lots of energy to push things forward as Jupiter glides in on 16th and stays until August next year.

This can bring about a spiritual flowering, informative dreams, a heightening of compassion and a better understanding of the collective unconscious and your ability to ‘tune in’.  Your online world could take off too.

What should earthy Virgoans do with all of this?  Make your compassion active towards those less fortunate, perhaps even train in healing techniques, make your self-talk positive, be creative and share your fears and dreams.  The latter may not come easily but practice makes perfect and the outcomes can be rewarding and healing, both for you and those around you.

Growth, expansion and opportunities will be waiting for you over the next 13 months to say ‘Yes’.  Say it!

Libra:   Mars completes its long run in your sign on 26th and jumps straight into your 2nd House of money, possessions and security needs.  This is very timely as Saturn has kept everything on hold there since March.  Things start moving on 20th as Saturn at last, goes direct and you can apply your mulled-over conclusions.

Full Moon on 12th stirs things up at home and from 22nd Uranus takes you back to look at where you might have over-compromised in relationships and partnerships.  Librans hate to be alone but your willingness to keep the peace may have been damaging your personal integrity and this must be addressed.  You have until the Winter Solstice to reflect on this and to find a better way forward.

The big new area for development though is your 11th House of friends, groups, teams, community, organistaions and humanitarian ideals.  Be prepared for a year of expansion in these areas starting 16th, when Jupiter moves in for a whole year!

Those who are philosophical, possibly religious or from other countries or cultures could come into your life.  They will enrich your world.  Groups you join or start can also expand your outlook and understanding.  Play your part and enjoy this collective form of nourishment.  Make time to enjoy all the pleasures they have to offer and invest yourself in them.  They will make your world a bigger place.


Scorpio:  Saturn moves forward in your sign on 20th after months of stand-still, treading water, introspection and dwelling on the past.  It’s time to move forward with your hard-earned, new understanding.  Mars brings you energy too to implement your new resolve as it enters your sign on 26th.  At last you can push ahead.

Uranus goes retrograde in your 6th House of work, health and service to others on 22nd.  Your daily routine, how well it sustains you and relationships with colleagues could come under this review too.  Have you been compromising yourself or others too much?  Or do you need to change your job or line of work?  You have until 21st December to reflect on this, so as to move forwards in a clearer fashion.

But the big new focus is in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  On 16th Jupiter moves in and you can charm the birds from the trees, including big influential ones who can help your career!

A growth in worldly status could be yours, as could a deeper cultural understanding of the world, work abroad, career expansion or freedom from all that.  As Jupiter takes residence until August 2015, people in authority can be helpful to you all year.  If you happen to be one yourself – extend your benevolent influence as far as you possibly can.

Sagittarius:   Venus helps your partnerships to run smoothly and sweetly up to 18th although Full Moon on 12th could raise the temperature about money and security.

Uranus moves backwards in your romance, children and creativity zone until after your birthday.  This will give you chance to catch up with yourself before moving forward further on this front.

You will be pleased to know that Saturn’s hold on your unconscious starts to move forwards on 20th, after a long, uncomfortable but necessary review of your internal workings.  Mars helps by leaping into your 12th House too on 26th providing a fresh burst of energy to push your new understanding forward.

But the tidings of great joy come on the travel, study, cultural, philosophical, publishing, in-laws and legal front.  Jupiter your ruling planet moves in for a year from 16th, expanding your opportunities, outlook and world view in these areas.

This is in your 9th House – the area of the zodiac associated with Sagittarius so you are getting a double dose of positivity.  ‘The truth’ (whatever that means for you) can widen your horizons, free you and fill you with optimism.  Your outlook, world view and cultural understanding are about to soar.  Fly with them!

Capricorn:   Full Moon in your sign on 12th will fill you with emotion about yourself and your present situation but Venus in your 6th House of work, health and daily routine until 18th should soon restore your sense of well-being.

Uranus goes retrograde in your father, career and social status zone on 22nd and stays there almost until your next birthday, giving you time to review planned changes.  But Saturn your ruling planet, goes direct on 20th after almost a five-month suspension in your 11th House of friends, groups community, organisations and humanitarian ideals.  You should have gained a better understanding of these areas during this review and from 20th you can apply your conclusions.  Mars moves into this area too on 26th adding extra momentum and energy in the shift forwards.

But the main focus moves to your ‘shared area’ where Jupiter is about to take up residence from 16th.  Jupiter in your 8th House of birth, sex, death and joint funds may bring financial benefits from others.  This could be through partners, inheritances or tax rebates.  Learning to share is the big opportunity on offer – not just your resources but yourself – scary as that may be – growth lies in this direction.

Aquarius:   Matters connected to father, career and social status start to move forwards as Saturn changes direction on 20th.  Mars joins in too on 26th, providing an extra bolt of energy to really move things forward.  If you have a career plan in mind, this is a good time to push it ahead.

Uranus your ruling planet goes retrograde on 22nd in your 3rd House of communications, siblings, neighbours and daily movement.  Staying there until the Winter Solstice, this gives you time to review how you’ve been handling these areas and to dwell on the issue of compromise.  Have you been going too far in either direction?

The big news though is Jupiter’s move into your 7th House on 16th which means relationships and partnerships (personal and business) are your next realm for expansion.  This could either be a new partnership, growth in a current one or a breaking of existing bonds for the freedom of new choices.  Some of the characters involved, may be culturally different too.  Either way, your world will feel bigger and better.

As Uranus-ruled Aquarians you excel in independence – one of your natural strengths but this may have been at the expense of emotional intimacy in relationships and partnerships.  This year is an opportunity to explore this often-avoided area of life.  Jupiter will be insisting on growth and why refuse?  You won’t lose your individuality, you can express yourself in this area of life too without losing that quirky originality.

New Moon on 26th is in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships too which marks a fresh new personal beginning!


Hindrances to travel plans, studies, publishing, relationships with in-laws, cultural, legal or philosophical problems start to lift on 20th when Saturn goes direct.  Mars jumps in shortly afterwards and after almost a five-month impasse, things really leap forward.

Uranus’s retrograde movement on 22nd takes you back to look once again at your stance on income, security and values.  You have until the Winter Solstice to find a more original approach.  Could this be a new form of income or a change in the importance you’ve been giving to security?

Your 6th House of work, health and service to others is the new highlighted area for growth though.  Jupiter moves in on 16th and stays until August next year, bringing growth, expansion and opportunities!  This can help to ease tensions, either through work, service to others or by lovingly tending yourself on a physical level.

Colleagues take on more importance too, as does creativity at work.  Work overseas could even become possible or a deeper cultural understanding of some kind and work that makes the world a better place.  Daily routines are up for grabs too.  What about including some sports or dance for fun or a new form of creativity?

Your well-being is high and daily routine should become more enjoyable.  If food becomes a feature, try new dishes from different lands and make sure ’eating well’ means eating healthily.  Without stating the obvious, get enough sleep and exercise too.  Don’t over-indulge and keep things simple!

Pets and their impact on your well-being is another theme to explore too…  Is there room for a little (or even bigger) friendly creature to share life with you?  Or perhaps you could pet-sit now and then or help out at the animal shelter?  Give it some thought.

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