March Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

Mars leaps into Gemini on 4th and stays around for seven weeks, livening us all up mentally. We might feel like being more active physically too. The urge to communicate will be strong. This is a good time to catch up on your video correspondence. Catching up with friends should be fun too. Shopping might also hold extra appeal.

Venus is in Pisces until 21st, heightening compassion (and perhaps romance). New Moon on 13th is in Pisces too, including a dreamy meeting of Venus and Neptune on 14th. We will become aware of our ideal dream over these two days (in different areas of life for each sign). And if it imprints strongly enough, we could be inspired to pursue our dream! Mercury and Jupiter meet too on 5th, putting our minds at their most positive. Make a note of all the good ideas that occur to you then.

‘The news’ should be interesting but some things should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially around 23rd and 24th when Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini are at odds . K3ep an eye open for ‘spin’…


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Your ruling planet Mars takes a leap on 4th into your communications zone which gives loads of mental energy. Thinking on your feet will be your favourite mode of operation and you may be more inclined to have ‘discussions’ (I avoided saying arguments) especially when asserting or defending your views. Try to remember your survival does not (usually) depend on ‘being right’. Even so, siblings, neighbours, tradespeople and the general public may get more of your opinion than they bargained for…

Your career path is looking rosier from 20th as Venus helps to clear the path to your worldly ambitions. But Full Moon in your opposite sign on 28th highlights the cost of your relationships to you on a personal level and to what extent they run against your individual needs. Likewise, to what extent does your tendency towards self-interest impact on your relationships?


Taurus:    Finances are rarely far from the Taurean mind and once Mars leaps into Gemini from 4th, you will be applying your energy, thoughts and determination to establish some security. This 7-week burst of energy could even result in a new income stream. Now what could that be? On the other hand, this may not be about money. Values, self-esteem and creativity can also provide a sense of security. Mars is ready to develop these too.

Uranus in your sign is still at odds with Saturn which is at the top of your solar chart. Your ambitions and your capacity to be an authority, cannot fully materialise until you meet their requirement for YOU to change. Do not resist or avoid uncomfortable truths. Face them and make the changes that you need to make.

Your ruling planet Venus brings pleasure through friends, groups and the communities you belong to until 21st. New Moon on 13th marks a fresh cycle here too. This is a great time to join or start a group based on ideals. Venus then glides into your 12th House of compassion, healing and spirituality, joining the Sun which is illuminating previously dark corners of your unconscious. This can smooth your online life along too and creative projects behind the scenes.

Full Moon on 28th highlights the unconscious processes taking place and also involves the need to look at how they impact your work, health, daily routine and service to others. You need an honest dialogue between your conscious and unconscious.


Gemini:    On 4th Mars leaps into your sign (as it does approximately every two years). This is a change of gear and energy settings around how you see yourself and how you go into the world. Every planet has a metal which best describes it. And for Mars this is the metal is iron which describes your determination to push your goals forward. Others beware! You will have no trouble being assertive, unless you veer into aggression (which we would all like to avoid… ).

Fast talking and thinking will be on the agenda too and you may even surprise yourself at the brilliant brainwaves you have around 5th when your ruling planet Mercury joins expansive Jupiter. Make a note of all the great ideas that come to you then.

The top of your solar chart is busy during the first three weeks of this month too which rules career, social status and dealings with father or authority figures (or your role as an authority figure if you are one). Venus gathers support from people in powerful positions, so ask them if you need favours or help (or bestow them yourself). New Moon on 13th also falls in this area of your chart and marks a new cycle in your social status. And Venus joins Neptune at the same time, reminding you of what your dreams are…

Your inner life seems to be the only area of tension at present. Ethical or legal matters may be pulling you in different directions. Your online life may be in a quandary in some way or your principles could run up against the need for compassion. A good use of this tension is to be creative behind the scenes. It is also a great time to explore the patterns of your inner workings and any self-defeating habits, through therapy. While external travel is restricted, the fascinating journey inwards is not!


Cancer:    Creativity behind the scenes is a rich area from 4th when Mars changes signs and your energy and determination to complete projects is fired up. Your appetite for spiritual practices may also be strong and helpful habits can now be put in place. Your urge to help others less fortunate than yourself, could also result in direct action. Have you tried your hand at fundraising or charitable deeds?

The ongoing dilemma between groups and sharing or friends and intimacy continue in some way. Friendships may need to change or a new friend could have a revolutionary impact on you and vice versa! A new cause or campaign could be compelling too.

Your ambitions start to look rosier from 21st when the Sun and Venus move across the top of your solar chart. If you need favours from people in positions of power, be sure to ask. They are looking on you favourably at present. (And if you are able to help others in the same way, do so). Full Moon on 28th though brings up conflicts between your worldly ambitions and home or emotional needs.

But New Moon on 13th marks a fresh start in your urge to gain knowledge and understanding of the world (physical, cultural or spiritual). And you may seek a path of studies or deeper spiritual development. Embark on this journey, it will provide inner riches.


Leo:    Mars changes signs on 4th, firing up energy for friends, groups and community matters. Collective projects grab your imagination and you may find yourself feeling more political than usual. Friends, groups and community can also be a source of energy for you. If you have been thinking of joining or starting a group or campaign, now would be a great time.

Communications in relationships and partnerships go well, especially on 5th when Mercury and Jupiter meet up in your opposite sign. This floods your mind with positivity and good ideas. Make a note of them for future development, so they do not get forgotten.

There is an emphasis in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone during the first three weeks of the month. Venus is helping things to run smoothly and you may benefit from ‘the money of others’ in some way. New Moon on 13th marks the start of a new cycle and things may feel blissful then as Venus joins Neptune at the same time. (And that could include intimate bliss or compassionate donations).

You then move on to a more philosophical stance from 20th when the Sun (closely followed by Venus) wants to understand deeper truths. Exploring will appeal, whether that is travelling in the mind, covering terrain on foot or online surfing. Getting to know more about other cultures or immersing yourself in deep studies or spiritual practices opens up wonderful worlds. Bon voyage!


Virgo:    Relationships and partnerships (including business) are running harmoniously during the first three weeks of the month, as Venus glides through, smoothing things along. New Moon on 13th marks a new cycle here too, helped by the dreamy meeting of Venus and Neptune around then.

Mars leaps into the highest point of your solar chart from 4th, bringing energy and determination to push ahead with your ambitions and worldly status. Dealings with father or authority figures look lively too. You just have to focus and assert yourself. Decide what you want and go for it!

Tensions continue between issues connected to work, health or service to others and your higher principles, beliefs or cultural and legal matters. It could also be helpful to look at your daily routine, rituals and habits to see if they help your spiritual well-being. And if not, what changes or support can you enlist? Or do any aspects of your work run contrary to your ethics?

Venus glides into your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone from 21st and you may benefit from ‘the money of others’ in some way. This could include tax rebates, loans and inheritances. Making donations is pleasurable. You may also find yourself able to communicate in a very helpful way with anyone undergoing a crisis. Virgoans have a pure and lovely way of attending to others. The world needs your loveliness. Do not keep it hidden.


Libra:    Mars starts to stimulate your higher mind from 4th and your urge to travel (mentally if physically is not possible) will be strong. Taking a course of study could fire your energy, as could exploring different cultures, philosophies or learning a new language. Exploring the great outdoors on foot could be life-enhancing too.

Ethics and principles take on more prominence at this time too. Religious and spiritual questions may need answering, leading you to seek out people who can answer them. And if you have any legal matters to attend to, Mars will spur you onwards!

Meanwhile your ruling planet Venus is smoothing along daily life and good relations with colleagues and daily companions (including pets). You take pleasure in performing your daily rituals, attending to your health and being of service to others until 21st.

Venus then joins the Sun in your opposite sign, warming and smoothing relationships and partnerships. Full Moon in your sign on 28th highlights how your partner or relationships impact you. And if your conclusion is not an entirely positive one; let them know about it!


Scorpio:    Romance, children and creativity are high on the agenda this month as the Sun, Venus and Mercury sail through your 5th House of pleasure. New Moon on 13th marks the start of a new cycle here and as Venus joins Neptune the day after, dreams could come true!

Mars is busy too, leaving your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships on 4th for the even deeper waters of joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Sharing is the common theme as intimacy can involve sharing yourself physically as well as emotionally. And joint funds include taxes, debts, inheritances and ‘the money of others’. Mars which will be here for seven weeks, gives courage and determination to pursue your vision.

Uranus is continues to call for change on the relationships and partnerships front, while Saturn is examining your home, roots, foundations and emotional patterns. How have you been dealing with things in the past and how do you want to deal with them in the future? Jupiter is encouraging you to grow. Help this to happen: growing pains and all! Everything is for us not against us.

From 20th the Sun illuminates your 6th House of work, health and service to others. And Venus follows one day later,bringing pleasure to your daily rituals and in dealings with colleagues and daily companions. We sometimes forget the pleasures of everyday routines. But this is a time when you remember.


Sagittarius:    Home life and dealings with mother figures look harmonious through to 21st as Venus brings harmony and beauty to the table. You may also want to beautify your home and give more attention to your emotional needs. New Moon on 13th marks a new cycle in one of these areas of life and as Venus joins Neptune on 14th, you may get a glimpse of how you would like your ideal home to be (physically and emotionally).

Meanwhile from 4th Mars leaps into your opposite sign, bringing energy and determination to do something about relationships and partnerships (including business partnerships). Mars heats things up which can result in passion or conflict…). Decide what you now want from the partnerships in your life and make it happen!

Ongoing tension between your way of thinking and your work, health or well-being continue to squeeze you. How does your daily routine, work or diet impact your mental well-being? The question should be asked in the other direction too. You have most of this year to explore and come to some resolution that helps each side of the equation.

Meanwhile make sure you get exercise, eat healthily, are not involved in soul-destroying work and examine your daily routine and keep thought patterns positive. Your up-beat ruling planet Jupiter is willing to help with this but needs you to play your part too!

Venus glides into your romance, children and creativity zone on 21st which helps relations and creative outcomes. The Sun arrives one day earlier, illuminating any areas that needed more light. And just a minute, could that be some fun on the horizon?


Capricorn:    Mars starts the month by leaping into your work, health and service to others zone on 4th. And Mars means action! So what is it to be? A new job or volunteer position or taking your health and well-being in hand? Mars adds grit and determination to wherever it lands and so this could be the perfect time to start a new regime. And if your daily routine could do with a shake-up, Mars is lending energy and momentum.

Communications go well, especially in trading and relations with neighbours and siblings as Venus helps to smooth things along until 21st. Short journeys are enjoyable and physical movement and exercise will be a pleasure. And is there any writing or correspondence that you need to do? New Moon on 13th is a good time to start a written, dance or audio project. Venus and Neptune are channeling inspiration and helping your imagination to flow too.

Your roots and foundations get fired up by the Sun from 20th and softened by Venus from 21st. You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home. Relations with mother figures goes well too (as does being a mother-figure if you are one). Although Full Moon on 28th presents you with conflicting demands from your public life and worldly ambitions. Navigate them as best you can.


Aquarius:    Your ruling planet Uranus Is still squaring up to Saturn in your sign, extending the ongoing need for change in your worldly status or in you. This may be due to changing ambitions that demand more of you or changes within yourself that inspire you to reach for different goals. This tension is interesting and important to your growth and development.

Finances are looking rosy until 21st as Venus glides through, easing things along. New Moon on 13th falls here too which is the perfect point to draw up a budget or spending plan. Venus and Neptune join forces the next day which can be over-indulgent, so be aware of that too when spending.

Mars leaps into your romance, children and creativity zone from 4th and you may find yourself being more pro-active in your pursuit of that certain someone or in a creative project. You may be feeling sportier too.

And when Mercury and Jupiter meet in your sign on 5th, you become fully aware of all of your possibilities as your mind is at its most positive. You cannot act on all of your ideas at once but write them down so that none are lost or forgotten. Your mind is a treasure trove right now!


Pisces:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too from 15th. And for those of you with March birthdays, your birthday is your personal new year and the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Venus is in your sign from 5th making you darling of the zodiac until 21st. Your charms will be at their highest and you will attract others to you. And in the middle of this Mercury and Jupiter also meet up on 5th to give a positive mindset, good communications and inspiration for creativity behind the scenes.

New Moon in your sign on 13th also marks the beginning of a personal new cycle. Make resolutions that will help to meet your emotional needs and dreams in the month and year ahead! The day after is looking heavenly too when lovely Venus joins your ruling planet Neptune and all is well with the world.

From 4th Mars is revving away at the base of your chart. Home in its broadest sense is going to get your attention. Your determination to forge ahead with domestic projects will be strong, as will your active concern for mother figures in your life and possibly your urge to nurture others. Self-nurture and personal development are areas to work on too. Looks interesting! Pull your socks up and get going!


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