February 2020

Our shared planetary picture

Our two collective main areas of focus this month are our worldly aspirations and the leaders we choose and our ideals and how we organise ourselves with like-minded people,to make our views heard..

From 16th Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which makes us want to have a more active role in what is happening at higher levels. Mercury goes retrograde the next day though (until March 10th) which does not help communications. It is a good time though for us to reflect on how we have been communicating (and communicated to) in the past, how we would like communications to be handled in the future and to be extra clear in what we say and write and to check what others are telling us. This includes deciding what sources can be trusted…

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Your ruling planet Mars is looking for adventure during the first half of Feb as it races through your 9th House of travel and exploration. People and ideas from different cultures could intrigue you which provides the impetus for finding out more and expanding your world view. You may be more energetic online too.

Your popularity stakes are also at their annual high from 7th when Venus starts to glide through your sign for four weeks. If you are looking for good company on your adventures, you are likely to find it. And achieving all your objectives will be easier with the gift of your heightened charm. You may run into challenges from authority figures though on 23rd and 28th.

From 16th Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your father, career and social status zone, revving up your ambitions. Your determination to move forward will be strong and there could be new income streams in view around 20th – 21st.

Mercury goes retrograde though from 17th (until March 10th) which can skew communications through mistrust or misunderstandings. Avoid signing contracts then too. As this takes place in the unconscious area of your solar chart, could it be self-doubt or unhelpful inner-dialogue getting in the way? Take time (and help?) to fully explore this. And yes, counsellors work with Aries clients too!


Taurus:    You have the energy of Mars to press ahead in sorting out joint finances, loans, debts, taxes, pensions and inheritances until 16th. Taureans like to know where they stand financially and Mars lends extra determination to wade through the details that make up the whole picture.

Friends groups and communities you belong to are important this month as Venus, Mercury and the Sun join resident Neptune for a while in this area of your solar chart. Your sympathies are heightened and causes or campaigns that inspire you will have a strong pull this month. Mercury, planet of communication goes retrograde here though from 17th, when you may need to be extra clear in everything you write and say (including to organisations).

New Moon on 23rd falls in this area of your solar chart too and coincides with your ruling planet Venus squaring Jupiter. It goes on to square Pluto too on 28th. This may challenge your values in some way or you become more aware of power dynamics in relationships.

From 16th Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your 9th House of travel, exploration, culture and world-view. This adds energy to forge ahead in whatever aspect of the outer or inner world that is being presented to you. Deep and transformative processes are taking place in your understanding of what is true which is spurring you on to take action in some way, in line with this knowledge. And this action may even bring a personal awakening with it around 21st – 22nd when Mars ignites Uranus in your sign. Embarking on a course of study could also be transformational.


Gemini:    Venus glides into your friendships, groups and community zone on 7th, bringing harmony and pleasure to your social life and through any causes or campaigns that you are involved in. Mars is heating up your relationships and partnerships too until 16th which could see you in hot pursuit of a partner, enflamed by passion or in fiery battle (all different aspects of Mars).

From 16th Mars takes a leap into your 8th House of fundamental life processes (birth, sex and death), joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already occupying this area of your solar chart, insisting on deep transformation and the arrival of Mars helps to make this process more conscious. If you feel our of your depth, get the support of a counsellor or therapist to sort through the issues.

Your ruling planet Mercury is busy this month too. From 3rd it is thinking about father, career or social status. But on 17th it goes retrograde to review how you have been communicating with the world and authority figures and structures… (and as a father, if you are one yourself).

Have you been clear and have you been communicating in a way that would help to achieve your goals and ambitions? Time to give this some thought. New Moon on 23rd is also in this area of your solar chart. This is usually a time to make a fresh start here in some way but your communications review needs to be completed first. Mercury starts to move forwards once again on March 10th and fully catches up to where it was on March 30th. So keep any new plans or ambitions fluid until then.


Cancer:    You are most likely still feeling energetic during the first half of the month as Mars continues to forge ahead in your work, health and service to others zone. This is good for exercise and taking yourself in hand (in whichever way seems necessary). You will have an extra spurt of energy work-wise too, either within your present position or in looking for a new one. Volunteering your services could add to your well-being too, as well as helping those you give your time to.

From 7th Venus is smoothing your path in your interactions with father or authority figures, career and social status. If you need favours from people in influential positions, be sure to ask. But do this before Mercury goes retrograde on 17th when communications can go awry. Legal matters and travel plans could go the same way too, so be flexible and allow time to make adjustments if necessary.

The two big areas of focus in your solar chart this month though are relationships and partnerships and your world view. Mars leaps into your partnerships zone, joining Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which are already there. This adds determination to push your agenda forwards. Mars brings heat too which can express itself through passion, conflict or decisive energy.

Your world-view is the other focus, as you explore different belief systems, countries or cultures and what rings true for you. Learning a new language could be expansive. But wth Mercury temporarily going retrograde in this area of your solar chart, choose your words carefully online. New Moon here on 23rd marks a fresh philosophical start in some way. Time to expand your horizons!


Leo:    Full Moon is in your sign on 9th and goodness knows we could do with some of your sunny self-expression to brighten our cold February days here in the Northern hemisphere. And for Leos in the South, just bask in those long, sunny days and recharge your batteries.

Two days before this on 7th, Venus glides into your travel and philosophy zone, smoothing relations with people from different countries and cultures. This could also help legal matters along. You find pleasure physically exploring or meta-physically exploring the world and different truths. And you may resent the intrusion of daily demands (work?) around 23rd and 28th when you would much rather follow your train of thought.

Mercury is retrograde in your shared zone from 17th, so watch communications, especially around joint funds and intimacy. Meanwhile Mars is still heating up romance, children and creativity until 16th, then it moves into your 6th House, the main focus this year: of work, health and service to others. Mars equals action, so whatever needs to be done here, get going!

This includes your line of work, how you look after yourself physically (e.g. diet, exercise and what you include in your daily routine), developing skills that are needed in your line of work or hoped-for line of work and sharing your skills with others in some way. These may seem like very mundane things but any or all of these are transformational right now and central to your future path in life. Yes, it is that important!


Virgo:    ‘The money of others’ may be sailing your way this month or the promise of it, as Venus starts to rosy the picture from 7th onwards. This can be good for tax rebates, loans, inheritances and benefitting from partners. In fact relationships and partnerships are an active area too this month, especially from 19th when the Sun brings illumination to this part of your life.

Mars starts the month off activating things at home. This is good for home improvement projects, de-cluttering and just getting things done. It is also helpful in getting you moving on self-nurture and personal development. We know how much time you devote to others but you should be one of the recipients of your attentions too!

On 16th Mars leaps into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. Three heavy-weight planets are already here: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which are insisting on long-term transformation. Mars’s arrival helps to make this a more conscious process in which you can play a pro-active role. What could you do to enhance the romance, dealing with children or creative side of your life?

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on 17th (until March 10th) in your relationships and partnerships zone. This calls for a review in how you have been dealing with communications, especially in partnerships. It is also a chance to step back from any emotional reactions to look calmly and objectively at the facts. Also avoid signing anything important if at all possible during this period. New Moon on 23rd marks a fresh start in relationships and partnerships in some way. What would you like that to be?


Libra:    Your ruling planet Venus glides into your opposite sign on 7th for a four-week stay which brings harmony and pleasure to relationships and partnerships. Although there may be a couple of hiccoughs around 23rd and 28th when home issues or matters connected to mothering stir things up.

Home life and mothering issues get even more intense from 16th when Mats leaps into action on the home front. This could signal conflicts or getting things done at long last. And around 20th -21st matters connected to home could impact joint funds. Personal development is up for grabs too as Mars heats things up.

Mercury goes retrograde on 17th however which may not help communications and work or health may demand a second look. How have you been communicating with colleagues and daily companions? And have you been getting enough exercise etc? How we think strongly impacts our well-being too. Is this an area that could use some scrutiny?

New Moon on 23rd is the perfect time to start a new regime. Now what should that include?


Scorpio:    Your daily rituals become a source of pleasure from 7th when Venus glides into your 6th House of work, health and service to others. This is good for harmonious relations with colleagues and daily companions (including pets). You will enjoy attending to the details of your physical well-being too. making good choices for yourself. And yes, diet and exercise come into this too…

Home continues to be pleasurable too up until 16th. Fun romance, children or creativity then take your attention, although misunderstandings could occur from 17th onwards when Mercury goes retrograde. But New Moon on 23rd could be a fresh start in some way.

Mars spends the first half of the month energising your finance zone. You will be pushing forward here to establish security for yourself in some way. But from 16th Mars leaps into your 3rd House of communications where the big boys Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto already sit. They are all working deeply on your thought processes and Mars adds heat and determination to this process.

As Mercury, planet of communication is retrograde from 17th, this is no time to get hot-headed with others, just keep your Scorpion if cool. It is time though to carry out a conscious and vigorous review or your thought processes. Though. Unhelpful patterns of thought can start to be ironed out with the help of a counsellor or therapist. But only you can initiate this process. Do it!


Sagittarius:    You will continue to be in full vigour during the first half of the month as Mars forges onwards through your sign. Your physical energy,and dynamism will put you in the limelight and your willpower and determination will win the day. Meanwhile Venus glides into your travel and philosophy zone on 7th, bringing pleasure and good relations with people from all over the world. (This could also be online).

From 16th Mars leaps into your finance zone, sharpening your resolve to improve or create new income streams. Your ruling planet Jupiter is already in residence here, along with Saturn and Pluto, signifying that a major transformation is taking place in your understanding of what security truly means. With the added arrival of Mars, you can be more in the driving seat of this long process for a while.

The following day on 17th Mercury goes retrograde however and communications will need to be reviewed and double-checked as you move forward, to avoid misunderstandings. The mis-communications are coming from your 4th House of mother and home. It would be better to avoid signing anything important between 17th and March 10th if you can.

This is also a helpful time to review how you have been communicating at home and with people you care for or who care for you. Self-nurture and personal development are also areas to reflect on. How have you been caring for your own needs? New Moon on 23rd is a good time to start a fresh path forward.


Capricorn:    Home life could see an improvement from 7th when Venus glides into your 4th House of mother and home. This is good for harmonious relations with mother figures and in your own maternal roles, whether you are female or male. You may also find yourself wanting to beautify your home and to invite others to share its pleasures. This is a good time for entertaining.

On 16th Mars leaps into your sign (as it does approximately every two years). This is a change of gear and energy settings around how you see yourself and how you go into the world. Every planet has a metal which best describes it. And for Mars this is the metal is iron which describes your determination to push your goals forward. Others beware! You will have no trouble being assertive, unless you veer into aggression which we would all like to avoid…

On 17th, Mercury the planet of communication, goes retrograde in your 3rd House of communications. This will require you to be very, very clear in what you say and to double-check that everyone has understood the same thing, in any discussions. In fact if you can move discussions forward or delay them until after March 10th, so much the better. The other most critical part of communications is listening. Make sure you attend carefully to what people are saying and how they may be feeling.

New Moon on 23rd also falls in your communications zone. This is a good time to learn a new language, brush up on your writing or public-speaking skills and to try new forms of physical movement, all of which can help you to think more clearly.


Aquarius:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 19th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too until 3rd when it shoots off to think about your finances. They look rosy during the first week of the month but become more and more baffling, especially from 17th onwards, when Mercury goes retrograde there. Avoid signing anything important if you can and take some time to review your thinking about finances, security and values. Be careful in your communications too about these matters.

Venus glides into your 3rd House of communications from 7th bringing pleasure from short journeys, neighbours, siblings and conversation. Physical movement can become more pleasurable too or become easier in some way. Meanwhile, Mars provides energy for friendships, groups and communities that you belong to until 16th. It also provides heat and this can take the form of enthusiasm, action (or even conflict). Aim for the first two.

Then from 16th Mars takes an already highly active area of your solar chart by storm: your 12th House. This covers your inner-workings and also the collective unconscious which is the pool that we all swim in, where whatever happens to one, happens to us all. Empathy, compassion and spirituality come into this too. The 12th House also covers how we undermine ourselves (including drink, drugs and negative self-talk, creativity behind the scenes, our online life and even fame.

The arrival of Mars here, where the mega-planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already in residence, can help to make the huge transformation taking place within, more conscious. Consider taking a counsellor or therapist to be your sounding-board and guide on this journey.


Pisces:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 19th!

You have the added charms of Venus during the first week of Feb and then on 7th Venus glides into your money zone, making the financial picture look rosier or creating a sense of well-being regarding security, possibly through being creative.

Mars is driving your ambitions forward too until 16th. It then leaps into your friend, groups and community zone which is already undergoing long-term transformation driven by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Mars hands more decisions over to you, so make them.

Mercury goes retrograde on 17th in your sign. This is an opportunity to step back and reflect on how you have been dealing with communications and how you want to deal with them in the future once this review period starts to move forwards (on March 10th).

New Moon in your sign on 23rd marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will help you to meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead. Your birthday whether this month or next is also your personal new year. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.


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