April 2013

April 2013

It’s a firey start to the month. A whole load of planets and also the New Moon on 10th are all in Aries, explaining the hot energy that is zapping us all. Then mid-month, Venus in Taurus starts to gently ground us and bring us back to our senses: all five of them!

So what will this mean for you? Read your Sun Sign  below and your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:   This time of year reminds you of yourself – bursting with energy and full of potential. Charm is yours too till 15th which could help to smooth any feathers you ruffle as you forge ahead. But even then, Mercury freshly in your sign, grants you a silver tongue for the remainder of the month too. New Moon in your sign on 10th reinforces you and heightens your feel for new directions and Mars your ruling planet, sparks ignition, drive and action. Money looks good second half of the month and from 20th you’ll have tons of energy to pursue it, or other values…

Taurus:   So much activity behind the scenes can be exhausting but this offers opportunity for change – just embrace it! Dreams and the internet can be sources of revelation too. Venus endows your natural charms from 15th and once Sun and Mars have entered your sign by 20th you are fully restored and nothing short of magnificent! Full Moon in your opposite sign on 25th magnetises. And you could be the big attraction or the iron filing. Things can be learnt either way…

Gemini:   Friends, groups and collectives start the month as rich and creative areas – good for launching group projects and forming or joining new groups. New Moon on 10th brings a fresh start here too and Mercury provides new ideas and benefits from straightforward communication. Gemini’s don’t always see the need for this, but out of curiosity, why not give it a try? Then the focus moves to your unconscious and activity behind the scenes. Could it be a secret love? Or a work of art? Full Moon on 25th raises the emotional temperature re. work and health. Keep it sane!

Cancer:   Tons of activity and creative ideas are heralded in your father, career and social status zone. And the New Moon on 10th offers a brand new start. Do you have a project in mind? There’s energy galore to push forwards and electrifying ideas or startling communications around 20th. Full Moon on 25th heightens the emotional charge in romance, children and creativity. And friends, groups and community go very well from 15th. Nurture collective creativity and take comfort in the wonder of fellow human beings!

Leo:   A new wave is on the horizon and other cultures, travel, publishing, law or in-laws could herald exactly the clean sweep you’ve been looking for. A new philosophy could arise too around New Moon on 10th which provides direction. (Might be an idea to have your passport on the ready!) Father, career or social status features mid-month onwards. Creativity here brings benefits too. People with influence will grant favours. It isn’t demeaning to request them. Just ask!

Virgo:   A line-up of planets and New Moon on 10th mark a fresh trend in your shared area. This includes ‘the money of others’, joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances and the ‘sharing’ of yourself in the most personal sense. Communications around this remain active all month. Travel or a new philosophy of life may spring forth as a result and bring a sense of well-earned relief. You always do your bit but to keep a balance, we have to be open to receiving too. Allow life to reward you!

Libra:   Resident Uranus and four personal planets spend the month passing through your 7th House of relationships and partnerships. And then New Moon, also in your opposite sign on 10th heralds a new phase with ongoing communications. Mid-month the focus changes to your shared area in a beneficial way. ‘The money of others’, joint funds and the sharing of yourself are on the agenda. The more creative you are about this, (and possibly the more generous), the more benefits you will reap!

Scorpio:   New Moon on 10th in your work, health and service to others zone, suggests a fresh approach to an already highly active and possibly emotive area. Your well-being is implicated here too. Add something restorative to your daily routine or take something draining, out! Mid-month onwards, your sights turn to relationships and partnerships. Creative approaches bring rewards. Full Moon in your sign on 25th reminds you to honour your feelings. You are a water sign. Honour your emotions. As Shakespeare wrote: ‘This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man’.

Sagittarius:   Romance, children and creativity – all full of life and raring to go, find fresh faith with the New Moon on 10th. Innovate, create and relate. Your focus then moves to work, health and service to others. Relationships with colleagues go well, as does health, so long as you don’t over-indulge. Consider adding sensory pleasure to your day too (Yes! This could even include exercise). Full Moon in your 12th House of the unconscious, brings emotional realisations to the surface around Full Moon on 25th. However inconvenient, welcome them!

Capricorn:   A lively line-up of personal planets, intensified by New Moon on 10th, marks a new phase in mother and home and perhaps in self-care too. And if beautifying your home, start the ball rolling in the first half of the month. Mid-month the focus shifts to romance, children and creativity. Allow yourself to enjoy them all! Full Moon on 25th raises emotion around friends, groups, communities and humanitarian ideals. Use your organisational skills to bring good intentions to fruition!

Aquarius:   Your mind and communications are buzzing and although this may not be relaxing, you are at your devastating best! If new ideas arise around New Moon on 10th, capture them and take them forwards. Mid-month the heart seeks solace in mother and home. This is a good time to solidify and beautify your home and to put self-nurture seriously on your agenda too! Full Moon on 25th dramatically features father, career and social status and you may find yourself in the public eye. Apply emotional energy to these areas.

Pisces:   Money, possessions, security and self-worth all take up your attention in the first half of the month. And with New Moon on 10th they take on a new light and a new phase begins. While you are digesting all of this, the focus evolves into communications, including physical movement. Singing or dance lessons could bring fresh delights and new ways of thinking. Be creative in all communications and the outcome (and mental outcome) should be good! Full Moon on 25th highlights the emotional side of travel, philosophical or legal matters. Face this head-on and seek to understand.

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