December 2012

December 2012

The New Moon in Sag. on 13th coincides with a planetary change of direction as Uranus goes direct on the same day.  The recent review of matters which started mid-July this year is now complete.  Change is on the agenda once again – and action too!  Impulses might be strong but they help us to understand aspects of ourselves that we may have been neglecting and need to integrate.

So what will this mean for us all?

(Read your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign too if you know it).

Aries:  Mars continues to push your career and status area ahead until 26th while travel, education and your outlook all look fresh and frisky, especially with the New Moon on 13th.  Having now absorbed recent inner changes, Uranus’s turnaround in your sign on the same day, heralds it’s time to surge ahead.  Charm carries you forward from the 16th to 19th and luckily gathers co-operation from others. Projects  considered in late March and abandoned in July, look viable again.  And you, more than anyone, have just the panache to make something of them!  The Sun and Moon in your career versus home axis at Full Moon (on 27th and 28th) may require decisions.  Be ready to make them!

Taurus:   The New Moon on 13th opens opportunities to share (including sharing yourself).  Your antennae are receptive to new frequencies too and suddenly everything seems once again possible.  Projects considered in late March and put to one side in mid-July are worth another look.  The internet could be helpful or instrumental in this too, as could opportunities for healing.  Relationships go smoothly until 16th and then ‘shared areas’ sweeten and you could benefit from ‘the money of others’.  Venus and Uranus confirm your inner-landscape is changing.  Go with it.  Your outer landscape will change too.  If this brings realisations that you may have outgrown some people, remain pleasant but be sure to go with that growth.

Gemini:   Changes to friendships, teams and community startle you at first but prove stimulating from 13th onwards.  Partnerships also take a fresh turn on the same day and go well from 16th and you move easily in society together.  Mars moving into your 9th House on 26th requires a re-think in your outlook.  Time to travel, pursue outstanding legal matters, initiate a course of study or look at life afresh – outside the box.  Broader horizons are needed now so don’t let the comforts of habit hold you back!  Full Moon on 27th and 28th brings up a familiar, old chestnut –  should you hold on to what you’ve got or share it with others?

Cancer:   Romance, children and creativity flow until 16th and then your charms are needed at work or in being of service to others.  The New Moon on 13th signals a fresh start in health matters too.  Don’t wait until New Year to re-vamp your health routine, start on 13th!  Intensity in partnerships calms somewhat after 26th but career and social status is the real area for movement after 13th.  Although work and career sound like the same thing to many, astrologically they are quite different areas.  From 16th to 19th though they’re in perfect synch.  Innovate!

Leo:   Creating harmony at home is easier up to 16th then romance, children and creativity become the areas that start to flow.  Travel plans, academic pursuits or legal matters freshen up on 13th and ideas thought about in March and abandoned in July, hold exciting viability once again!  Mars in your opposite sign from 26th   prepares you to be more assertive and challenge partners and opponents.  This may take them by surprise but surprise can be a very effective strategy!  Full Moon on 27th and 28th brings up the private need to look at the relationship either between: work versus mission or your present daily routine versus spiritual well-being.  Make the adjustments needed for a meaningful way forwards.

Virgo:   Lots of communication, a fresh start and harmony in your mother and home area this month, especially on 13th while intensity continues in romance, children and creativity.  Work and health get your attention from 26th as Mars moves in, bringing fresh energy and get-up and go.  This is the perfect time to set up a new health regime, so don’t wait till New Year!  Good time to look for a new job or promotion too!  Joint funds and sharing (including sharing yourself) take an energetic turn on 13th.  If it’s time for new rules (including new rules for yourself): make them!  Full Moon on 27th and 28th brings up the question of romance versus friendship or family versus humanity or community.  You have a voice in this too – use it!

Libra:   Finances settle after mid-month and communications improve.  If you have any tricky negotiations ahead, plan them for 16th – 19th.  Working on communications can help to bring about a change of gear and forward movement in relationships and partnerships on 13th    This could include reviving plans that were thought of in March but abandoned in July.  The Full Moon on 27th and 28th brings up the contradictory demands of career and social standing versus power issues at home.  You may have to make a stand!  As the month ends, it’s time to focus on romance, children or creativity.  Assert yourself and be experimental!

Scorpio:   Work, health, being of service to others and also your finances make a turnaround on 13th and flow together with anew zing from 16th to 19th.  Possibilities looked at in March but then discarded in July, may in fact be viable as Uranus starts to move forwards once again.  Venus in your sign until 16th highlights your charisma but communications (and possibly dealings with siblings or neighbours) remain intense and culminate at Full Moon on 27th and 28th.  The themes presented as the Sun and Moon oppose each other are: – the higher mind versus the lower mind.  And possibly – how can you apply your principles to daily communications?  Guard against obsessive thinking and stretch your legs as you mull this over.  Once it’s passed and you’re resolved, you’ll find you have new energy to take action in or about the home.

Sagittarius:   Your charms are irresistible from 16th but you might be too preoccupied with finance and security to make the most of it…  Compulsive goings-on are changing your security and financial landscapes and with it your sense of self-worth.  Full Moon on 27th and 28th also poses a question: what should you share and what should you keep for yourself?  While more assertive in your communications from 26th, the big shift this month lies in your romance, children and creativity zone.  Be open to change and surprises!

Capricorn:   You remain a powerhouse for most of the month as Pluto, Mars and then the Sun seek to express themselves in your sign.  New possibilities appear in dreams or through the internet from mid-month which somehow enable change to take place in your mother and home zone where the big shift is taking place.  Things kept or put on hold in March or July can once again move forwards but make sure your new approach is original.  Prepare to readjust on 13th and innovate!  You’ll get more assertive about finances from 26th which may not suit others… too bad!

Aquarius:   The background rumbling of changes taking place in friendships come to light on 13th with the New Moon.  New people and groups turn up to delight and refresh you.  Communications and ideas also awaken you with a jolt as Uranus starts to move forwards once again.  Your new line of thinking attracts different people who also provide fresh and exciting ideas.  The landscape of your mind has changed which is both startling and freeing!  Try new forms of physical movement too or learn a new language!  Your career path looks smooth until 16th, then friends, groups and community or organisations become your source of pleasure.  A build-up in your unconscious challenges your work and health routine at Full Moon on 27th and 28th but then fuels you into personal action and much can be achieved!

Pisces:   Travel and studies bode well till 16th then career prospects glow and favours could be granted from authority figures.  New Moon on 13th also highlights a new phase linked to father, career and social status.  The big shift though is in finances and security as Uranus changes direction, also on 13th.  Changes linked to income generating ideas or security, looked at last march and put on hold in July, can come to fruition.  Self esteem and values may undergo a shift too.  Your unconscious may demand to be heard from 26th when Mars moves in, so pay it some attention, dreams too.  The question posed by Full Moon on 27th and 28th is: friendship or romance?

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