February 2013

February 2013

Two planets go retrograde this month. Saturn goes into reverse on 18th taking us on a six month review of emotional matters that were glossed over in mid-November. Mercury goes retrograde on 23rd too, also in a Water sign, so we need to give some thought to emotional communications too.

So what will this mean for us all?  Read your Sun sign below and your Ascendant sign, if you know it.

Aries:   Pleasure, as Venus glides through your friends, groups, and communities zone this month but the main thrust forward is behind the scenes. Creative work, compassion, healing and the internet are buzzing. Full Moon on 25th puts work and health into the foreground. If you’ve been going to excess in any way, in relation to these, put sensible thoughts into action. (Yes, this could include more exercise!) Meanwhile, Saturn calls for a review of joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances and ultimately, the sharing of yourself…

Taurus:   Energy is humming in your friends, groups and communities zone. Enjoy and take care with communications from 23rd. Meanwhile, Saturn is beckoning you back to take a second look at partnerships. Something got over-looked mid-November and needs to be reviewed again. Full Moon on 25th brings possible romance in a friendship or group setting when thoughts and actions move mysteriously together. Career is running smoothly too and people in high places will respond well to your requests, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Gemini:   Lots of contradictory things are happening in your father, career and social status zone and you will find the will and energy to push ahead. And remember to take care with communications from 23rd. Full Moon on 25th falls in your ‘home’ area. Put your ideas to create a dreamier home, into action. From 18th it’s time to look again at work, health and daily routine. Saturn is suggesting you’ve glossed over something that presented itself in November. Go back and look. You have until July to work out what it is. It involves your well-being!

Cancer:   Money from others looks sweet but your lively area is travel, other cultures, studies, in-laws and legal matters, although communications here may need careful handling from 23rd. Love affairs, children and creativity will require a long second look starting on 18th. Events in November need looking at again. Get organised and put structures in place to cover your responsibilities. This will then allow time and space for creativity. Full Moon on 25th may bring certain details to light, regarding siblings, neighbours or communications. You can hit the nail on the head if you choose but a compassionate approach might be more productive.

Leo: Joint funds, the money of others and sharing yourself are looking lively, and communications may be tricky from 23rd. Sign anything important before then. Full Moon on 25th falls into your money, security and self-esteem zone. Thoughts are things, so think well and take action. Mother and home matters require a second look which may involve nurturing (or a shortage of it). So what is needed in the home? Give this your attention. (And we’re not talking furniture. Or if we are: it’s symbolic).

Virgo: Relationships and partnerships are full of action. Enjoy riding the wave. Venus is in your work and health zone for most of the month too which brings well-being and good relationships with colleagues. Communications and dealings with siblings or neighbours pull you up mid-month though. Heavy matters here which may have escaped your full attention in November, require more of your attention. Wade through but keep your mind positive. Full Moon in your sign on 25th brings a tsunami of emotion too. You have a voice. Just use it.

Libra:   Work, health, colleagues, daily routine and service to others are lively but watch communications after 23rd. Full Moon on 25th highlights your unconscious. Pay attention to your dreams (and day-dreams, including internet browsing). There may be inspiration that could be applied to your work and wellbeing. Meanwhile, security (whether that takes the form of finances, income, food, values or self-esteem) requires a second look from 18th. Matters which arose in November need more thought and more attention from you. One or two of these areas may even be connected. Apply deep thought. You have until July to fathom it out!

Scorpio:   Travel, philosophy, other cultures, in-laws, studies or legal matters are active this month. Enjoy them and watch communications from 23rd. Full Moon on 25th highlights your friends, groups and community zone. Some words may be needed. Saturn’s reverse movement on 18th brings the need for even more soul-searching. It’s in your sign and you’ll have to go deeper. We’re looking at identity and self-expression. Something was missed mid-November and it’s key to your long-term development. Go back and find it.

Sagittarius:   Father, career and social status are lively areas this month and watch communications from 23rd. On 18th Saturn changes direction behind the scenes and so perhaps will you. Others may not be aware of this but you will be. It relates to something not fully grasped last November. You have until July to work out what this was. Give it your earnest attention. Full Moon on 25th falls in your 4th House of mother and home, bringing huge emotion and the need for nurture. Express it.

Capricorn:   Communications or dealings with siblings or neighbours are buzzing this month. Apply your energy here but take care with communications and contracts from 23rd. Finances look pretty good this month though. Full Moon on 25th raises emotions around travel, in-laws, philosophical or legal matters. However tempting, don’t say anything you might regret… Friends, groups, communities and organisations need a second look from 18th or even a third, as Saturn goes retrograde until July. Something meaningful was over-looked or missed mid-November. Retrieve it.

Aquarius:   Your charm flows this month which helps you to seemingly sail through tricky matters. But be sure to attend to financial matters before 23rd. Full Moon on 25th falls into your ‘shared area’. Can you allow your individuality to be breached by deeply sharing yourself with another? This always a knotty question for Aquarians: even more so this Full Moon. Father, career and social status need your full attention from 18th as Saturn changes direction. Your own authority may need looking at too. What career path or status makes sense to who you now are? Think hard! Cast your mind back to last November. A nugget passed over then could help to inform you. You have five months to work it out.

Pisces:   Loads of planets are zooming through your sign this month, including the Sun which brings you energy and Mars which brings vigour. This is lucky, as you’ll need both! How could so much be going on at once? Full Moon on 25th tests your position on mind versus heart and partnerships… And from 18th, Saturn clouds the travel, study, philosophy and legal horizon and will require your total honesty (yes, even with yourself). Make sure you have a leg to stand on.

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