Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Equinox!!!

The Sun moved into 0° Aries last night (at 21.25 GMT).  This is the Spring Equinox or the first day of spring in the northern hemisplere and the first day of autumn in the southern.  (It is also Nawruz, the New Year for Zoroastrian cultures and other cultures nearby).

At the equinoxes day and night are equal length which is a point of balance before our days get longer or shorter.

For those in the Northern hemisphere, we have survived another winter! Well done!  And for those in the Southern hemisphrere, the beauty of autumn and harvest awaits!

New Moon in Aries is also today (at 17.24 GMT).  As well as being ‘the start of Ramadan’ New Moon, this is also a bolt of raw energy which is great for embarking on new projects and forging new pathways.

If you do not have a project or plan in mind, try doing something you have never done before!  And perhaps something you have never dared to do before!

Happy Equinox!!!

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