July 2013

July 2013

The on-going Uranus – Pluto square gets ignited this month as Jupiter joins the equation.  But a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn and Neptune offers emotional flow, idealism and possibly guidance in our time of changing values.

Three planets change direction too.  Mercury which went retrograde towards the end of last month goes direct on 20th.  Saturn which has been retrograde since mid-February goes direct on 8th .    These review periods are now complete and we can move forwards once again.

Meanwhile, Uranus begins its retrograde movement on 17th until mid-December.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Four planets are moving through your mother and home area this month, including Mars from 13th, providing a call to action.  These planets are opposing your father and career section, so something’s got to give: and it’s you!  Your personal revolution requires a second look and you have intil mid-December to find how the uncompromised version of yourself can fit with everything else: or otherwise…

Taurus:   Communications demand your attention this month as your lower mind and higher mind battle it out and land in your 12th House of the unconscious.  Your creative imagination will be firing on all cylinders, so get creating!  If this doesn’t look feasible, invest some time in calming exercises.  Saturn finishes its retreat in your relationships and partnerships area and you can start to move forward and cover more ground.  Harmony in the home until 22nd and then romance, children and creativity become the source of pleasure.  Emotional matters emerge around status with Full Moon on 22nd.  Stay cool!

Gemini:   Money, money, money is your main concern this month.  Mars moves into your 2nd House on 13th giving you get-up and go on the earnings front.  New Moon on 16th could herald a new income stream too.  You’re thinking and communicating well and the Grand Trine in your 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses indicates money, work and status have a harmonious flow.  Changes in your friends, groups and community zone – time for a 6month review!

Cancer:   You are still the centre of planetary attention this month Cancerians.  And Mars joining your sign from 13th makes you unstoppable!  Money’s looking good up to 22nd too!  Father, career and social status needs a second look.  The version you’ve been using so far, may be too compromised.  You have till mid-December to work out what it should be.  New Moon in your sign on 8th gives yet another boost to your new phase.  Enjoy it!

Leo:   Venus in your sign until 22nd makes you ‘darling’ of the month but the rumblings from your unconscious are justy getting louder and louder.  This brings up two pertinent points:  1. Your work and daily routine.  2. Your geography / studies / in-laws / legal matters / philosophy.  At least one item in list 2 needs a second look.  You have until mid-December to work out what changes are needed.  They may be huge.  Be ready when Full Moon in your opposite sign on 22nd raises the emotional temperature in relationships and partnerships.  Don’t be afraid to say your piece.

Virgo:   So many things are still going on in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  And there is energy to get group ventures going or to find groups that will move you forwards.  Saturn makes movement more possible in general and edges things forwards with siblings and neighbours from 8th (after being on a back foot since mid-February).  Venus enters your sign on 22nd but opposes Neptune.  This may make you dreamy and idealistic (and possibly unrealistic) about ‘the other’.  Avoid partners who need rescuing and before getting involved with anyone new – read the label!

Libra:   Father, career and social status are booming but the noise might seem a bit too loud…  Though New Moon on 8th could bring a new career opportunity.  Relationships and partnerships could catch the fall-out decibels, leading you to carry out a long review (till mid-December) on how you should deal with these.  Saturn goes direct on 8th which enables you to make fully-informed financial decisions but don’t sign anything until after 20th when Mercury goes direct.  Full Moon on 22nd falls into your children and romance sector.  Plan something nice.

Scorpio:   You will be glad to know that Saturn moves forward in your sign on 8th which provides a forward shift to your long personal review.  It also forms a Grand Trine to Jupiter and Neptune, helping your love affairs, children and creativity zones.  This is your busiest area this month, especially after 13th when Mars gives you energy to lead the field.  Full Moon on 22nd raises emotions at home.  You know you can handle it!

Sagittarius:   four planets in your ‘shared’ area, heats things up around joint finance, debts and passions.  Uranus in your 5th House of love affairs, children and creativity takes the flack and a more original or adventurous solution may ne needed.  (you have until mid-December to ponder this over).  Venus spends the last 9 days of the month in your career and social status zone.  People in high places will smile upon you.

Capricorn:   Four planets are jumping up and down in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships this month and they could be challenging for you, as growth is the opportunity on offer.  Mother and home become the receptacle for all of these energies and further radical changes may be needed here.  It may not be quite clear until mid-December what these should be.  Meanwhile, take some time to reflect on how you wield power and make sure it’s fair!

Aquarius:   You have until 13th to apply your energies to mother and home.  Then work, health, daily routine and service to others demands most of your attention.  This is in contrast to career and status which starts to move forwards once again with Saturn change of direction on 8th.  Your ruling planets Uranus heads backwards on 17th for a 6 month stroll to reassess the situation with communications, physical movement and possibly neighbours and siblings.  A more radical solution is needed and by mid-December you should know what that is.  Meanwhile this month, relationships bloom thanks to Venus and Full Moon in your sign on 22nd, raises emotions.  Be ready to share them.

Pisces:   Apply action to the home front until 13th then romance, children and creativity are your busy area and New Moon on 8th stars here too.  Relationships with colleagues or those in your daily life go well all month.  But finances make a change of direction on 17th for 6 months.  This may be a call for a more radical approach to your value system.

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