May 2013

May 2013

A Solar Eclipse on May 10th belongs to the ‘15 South’ cycle of eclipses (which started in 1472 and completes in 2716!).  Reoccuring every 18 -19 years, this cycle is about a release of tension and clearing the air…

So what will this mean for us all?                                                                                              Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it).

Aries:   The emphasis this month centres on your 2nd House of money, possessions, earnings, security and values.  You have massive energy to apply but the question is how to apply it?  The eclipse on 10th suggests it may be time for a new approach.  Releasing your concerns would be a good start.  Vision can then lead the way.  Your ruling planet Mars is right behind you and will provide the grit to establish a new productive framework.  If need be, you can even pull the wool over critical eyes… but why would you want to do that?

Taurus:   Your irresistible charm continues at its peak until 9th  .  Then money flows your way with ease, for the rest of the month.  New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your sign on 10th is an important point in your recent self-searching.  Saturn has been a sobering task master since October but it can be helpful to face our mortality from time to time and gain a wider perspective of where we are in our lives.  Things should start to crystalise or fall into place right now.  The treasure to gather from this internal review could be a new sense of self-awareness or self-expression.  Listen carefully to your internal voice – the positive, helpful one!

Gemini:   Once Venus enters your sign on 9th you will be able to en-trance whoever you wish and even sell your magic carpet to hard-nosed sceptics!  But there’s a danger that the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 10th might get missed altogether, if you only focus on practising your charms.  This eclipse falls in your 12th House of behind the scenes matters.  Good for creative productivity or a solid, new pledge to attend to your inner-workings or perhaps the needs of others less fortunate.  From mid-month, Mercury gives you the gift of the gab (yes, even more than usual!) and then the Sun glides into Gemini on 20th, restoring your health and well-being.  If planning a party, aim for 25th – 28th!

Cancer:   Loads of action on the friends, groups and collective front and things may come to a head with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on 10th.  Let your associates know how you feel and then be prepared to put in the slog to make your vision, a reality.  It’s a busy time behind the scenes later in the month and you can push internet projects forward and acts of kindness.  Have a look at self-talk too!  Full Moon on 25th in your 6th House, raises the emotional temperature in work, health and service to others.  Do your best to be objective…

Leo:   Authorities are smiling upon you till 9th and then Venus sweetens friendships, group and collective activities.  New Moon and the Solar Eclipse on 10th also mark an important new phase in your father, career and status zone.  It’s time to go public and release whatever you’ve been storing up.  Mars is also on hand to provide the energy and determination to push your new conclusions or project forward.  Get out there Leos and be seen in the world!  Friends, teams and the communities you are a part of provide joy and entertainment, especially towards the end of the month.  Just what you needed!

Virgo:   Travel, different cultures and legal or philosophical matters occupy you during the first half of the month and then New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 10th could mark a meaningful release and a change in your outlook.  The truth is such a subjective thing and you don’t have to be oppressed by other people’s versions of it.  Adopt your own!  Be sure too to make sure your beliefs are enabling and self-sustaining.  Improvements in your father, career and social status zone fill the second half of the month.  People in authority will help you.  Your natural modesty is always lovely but it’s fine to ask!  .

Libra:   What’s going on with joint finance and sharing?  It all starts the month smoothly but then the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on 10th bring things to a head.  It’s time to release whatever’s been pent up: be that passions or home truths about sharing, debts or inheritances.  Having embarked upon this, Mars in Taurus provides the sticking power and determination to see things through.  A broader perspective shows up in the second half of the month as travel, philosophical and legal matters help to open up your thinking.  In-laws could feature too.  Keep the bigger picture in mind as much as you can.

Scorpio:   Relationships and partnerships go smoothly up to 9th and then the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on 10th release pent up energy and possibly a home truth.  This is an opportunity to see YOURSELF more clearly, against the backdrop of relationships and partnerships.  This opportunity could be lost, if you just keep blaming others (the easy path of self-avoidance) so take a deep breath and look deeply at yourself and how you’ve been operating in this area.  Your ‘shared area’ then takes on importance.  Think about and discuss how you share your resources and yourself on a most personal level.  (Generosity is usually a good policy!)

Sagittarius:   Work and relationships with colleagues and people in your daily life go smoothly till 9th but then the Solar Eclipse and New Moon takes things deeper.  Your well-being, especially the physical aspect of it, is demanding some attention and recognition and this could be the beginning of something that is going to form a new structure in your life.  You’re not alone.  Mars will provide the determination and fortitude to establish new patterns.  Relationships and partnerships then take the lead.  Discuss and negotiate your position.  Planets lend a kindly light here towards the end of the month and Full Moon in your sign on 25th removes any self-imposed brakes!

Capricorn:   Romance, children and creativity start the month off as a breeze but then the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 10th add insight and the need for reflection.  Although collective demands on you may have been high since October, they need to be balanced by an equally important joy: individual creativity.  Whether this is expressed through dealings with children, romance, financial speculation or the arts doesn’t matter.  But express it you must!  This eclipse can mark the beginning of a positive on-going outlet for your energies.  Then work, health and service to others occupies you for the rest of the month, bringing pleasure from 26th to 28th.  Tend yourself physically too.  Full Moon on 25th adds emotional impact to what’s going on behind the scenes and possibly to dreams too.  Slide the veil to one side – to see what your unconscious is trying to tell you…

Aquarius:   Lots of activity in your mother and home area during the first half of the month, gathers extra momentum with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on 10th.  The 4th House is to do with your roots and foundations as well as the physical home (be that a room, a building or the planet you live on).  It also covers how we nurture ourselves (and possibly others too).  This Taurus eclipse is a call to establish a solid and perhaps physical, new way forward.  Self-discovery could play a part here in terms of your basic make-up and how you meet your fundamental needs.  The emphasis then shifts to romance, children and creativity towards the end of the month with Venus and Jupiter creating lots of fun from 26th to 28th – yeah!

Pisces:   Communications are full and flowing till 9th and then New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your 3rd House of thoughts, words, ideas, short journeys and trading, put forward a new stand.  This could take the form of a new idea crystalising or an important new ‘dialogue’ perhaps with a neighbour or sibling.  Or perhaps it could be a new form of physical movement that helps to establish a steadier frame of mind.  Full Moon in your father, career and status zone on 25th raises the thermometer but Venus and Jupiter conspire to end the month with a happy glow at home.  If entertaining, choose 25th to 28th!

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