November 2012

November 2012

Mercury goes retrograde this month from 6th to 26th requiring us to rethink a certain area and a total eclipse of the Sun on 13th also occurs in this same area of life (different for each sign).  This eclipse belongs to a positive cycle of joy found through making a commitment.  Soon after, Mars catches up with Pluto from 18th to 27th, bringing other intensities to the fore…

So what will this mean for us all?

Aries:   The solar eclipse on 13th and Mercury’s rethink area are both in your 8th House of transformation.  This includes the fundamental processes of life (birth, sex and death), joint funds and sharing.  Focus your attention on these areas and learn what you can about yourself, not forgetting that crises are full of opportunities too.  The 8th House covers survival through our interaction and sharing with others.  Examine your financial matters and indebtedness of all kinds but don’t take action until late in the month.  On a sweeter level, relationships and partnerships are harmonious up to 22nd after which those ‘shared’ areas get more structured.  Mars and Pluto highlight father, career and social status.  Ambitions will be riding high but watch out for ruthlessness!

Taurus:   Relationships and partnerships and your position or attitude towards them need a rethink.  Taureans are not reknowned for changing their minds but as you may not have made yours public, there is still plenty of room to manoeuvre.  Dealings with others may make life messier but perhaps in the interests of ‘life’ that’s OK.  The eclipse on 13th introduces the theme of happiness found in making a commitment.  Your philosophy is also encountering intense realisations.  This could come about through travel or dealings with deep-thinkers, other cultures or legal matters.  Relationships at work go smoothly up to 22nd.  And  partnerships shape up from Venus’s arrival in your 7th House soon after!

Gemini:   Work, health, service to others and daily routine all need a rethink.  Relationships with colleagues may need looking at too.  The eclipse on 13th suggests making a commitment.  Could this be to fulfilling work?  Or a commitment to your own health and wellbeing?  Love affairs, children and speculation all run smoothly until 22nd.  Although it becomes apparent from 18th to 27th that joint funds, taxes or debts need some forensic action.  Don’t be faint-hearted!  Passions may be riding high too.  The Full Moon in your sign on 28th can also offer expression to pent up energies which have been gathering in your ‘shared’ area.  Give emotional expression full reign!

Cancer:   Love affairs, children and creativity are your areas for scrutiny this month.  They require a rethink.  Communications may not be easy but the conclusions from your deep reflection can be voiced after 26th.  The eclipse on13th in this same areas, along with an intense reminder of power dynamics (including passions) in your relationships and partnerships zone make for strong experiences.  With your Water sign heritage, you do not shrink away from depth.  Delve into your innate wells of understanding as you process the events of this month (be they internal or external) and try to relax demanding schedules in order to give this important process the time it deserves.

Leo:   Mother and home( in the broadest sense) occupy your thoughts this month and can help to inform your personal development in coming to terms with nurturing patterns you grew up with and patterns of self-nurture that may need reviewing now.  We spring into the world from the home, so paying attention and perhaps rethinking the structure of the home and emotional conditions there can be helpful too.  If living alone, seeking out sensitive people and self-soothing should help.  Mars and Pluto in your work, health and daily routine zone stress the importance of what you arrange for yourself in daily life.  Be sure to put positive structures in place.

Virgo:   Communications and your thought patterns or way of looking at things need to be re-examined this month.  However we think about things makes it so.  Therefore a different angle may be needed to obtain a calmer mind.  Or things may need to be said so that others are quite clear where the boundary lies.  Always noted for their precision, Virgos can hit the nail exactly on the head.  Don’t be afraid to do so now!  Powerful feelings arise in connection to love affairs, children and creativity.  Don’t implode.  Express yourself!

Libra:   Although you are oozing charm this month (up to 22nd), money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem are the hot potatoes and should be your focus.  A review is needed.  This may not be comfortable but your foundations need to be realistic and in the right place.  Mother and home are also highlighted towards the end of the month.  Powerful forces are at work here too and dramatic action may be needed.  Power issues within the home may need looking at and acting upon.  Personal development is implicated too.  Get the basics sorted so you can spring into the world without tangled reeds around your feet.

Scorpio:   Well Scorpios, this month is the beginning of your huge self-reckoning process and it won’t be light-weight.  As depth is your forte, this is par for the course and many things about yourself begin to move into focus which is massively helpful in the journey ahead of conscious development as opposed to knee-jerk reactions.  Communications and the power of thought and words add to the intensity.  While you are capable of saying things to people that they may never forget, the person to address now may be yourself (although siblings or neighbours may feature too).  Total honesty should be used to clarify, not to hurt.  Be aware of the power of words as you fairly state what you have to say.

Sagittarius:   Dreams, visions, the unconscious (including the collective unconscious) and possibly even internet activity are all areas to reconsider.  The eclipse on 13th might also herald that compassion towards the pain and suffering of others, outcasts and people on the edge of society could be an area to mull over and possibly make a commitment to too.  Loving feelings towards friends and groups warm the first three weeks of the month.  But from 18th onwards survival matters regarding finances, self-esteem or values will be compelling.  The changes which have been rumbling since 2008 may now require action.  Steer well away from fear and be brave!

Capricorn:   Friends, groups, communities and organisations require a rethink which becomes especially apparent with the eclipse on 13th.  Meanwhile people in positions of authority will grant you favours up to 22nd.  However the land lies and whatever the huge changes since 2008, the movement of Mars into Capricorn on 18th will reinforce you and enable you to take bold and even drastic action.  Mars and Pluto last joined up in your sign mid-December 2010.  You now have a better understanding of issues which became apparent then and know what you must now do…

Aquarius:   A whole rethink regarding father, career and social status change the landscape and the implications are massive.  Feel your way towards what makes personal sense to your experiences and understanding.  The path may not yet be clear but you will become aware of the central agenda.  Have faith that it will unfold in due course.  Travel, study and legal matters favour you up to 22nd.  The internet may provide you with important information so long as you guard against compulsive use.  Your unconscious is working intensively behind the scenes too from 18th.  Retreats and time away from daily demands can be transformational.  Pay attention too to the information carried in your dreams and be a good friend to yourself!

Pisces:   Travel, philosophy, people from other cultures or legal matters may require your attention.  A rethink is on the agenda which will colour your approach to life.  An honest application of principles – positive principles – beyond self-interest, are called for.  Mars joins Pluto in your House of friends, groups, community and organisations from 18th.  This implicates power issues.  Be high-minded here too.  There will be benefits until 22nd from the money of others and sharing.  Aim for harmony and fairness.

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