October 2012

October 2012

There is a major shift this month as Saturn changes residence after a three year stay in Libra.  Saturn, ‘the teacher’ has been providing us with prolonged lessons in responsibility and self-awareness and the material covered should now be firmly under our belts.  Saturn never disappears though, he just moves on to the next stage of our ongoing development, so expect a change of focus on the head-scratching front.

Mercury and Venus and even Mars are whizzing through the signs.  Mercury zips through Libra, Scorpio and Sag, while Venus glides from Leo to Virgo and then Libra.  She spends most of the month in Virgo though, so they will be our ‘Charmers of the Month’.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 5th, along with Saturn.  And Mars, never keen on restrictions, moves out on 7th into Sag. and sets up a wild and lively dynamic with Uranus in Aries from 11th to 18th.  He then opposes Jupiter from 25th to the end of the month, when philosophical, cultural or religious differences could get heated.

So what will this mean for us all?

Aries:   You’ve just graduated from ‘relationships and partnerships school’ and your next course of study is in the transformational processes of life: birth, sex and death, joint funds and resources (including taxes, debts and inheritances) and sharing.  Relationships at work go well for most of the month, as should health (so long as you don’t over-indulge).  Travel, deep-study, philosophy and other cultures are looking lively too.  You’ll be tempted to strike out on your own beam mid-month.  Be creative about it and don’t settle for compromise.

Taurus:   You’ve done your bit in work, health and service to others and now the area for reflection is relationships and partnerships.  Your quest should become clear during the first week of the month.  Romance, dealings with children and creativity look sweet for most of the month.  Sharing (including sharing yourself) shakes you up and questions outworn mindsets, especially your previous position on security…  This could be exciting IF you allow it to show you a new way.  Full Moon in Taurus on 29th agrees!

Gemini:   You’ve completed three years of ‘learning’ in your love affairs, children and creativity zone and the new sobering area is going to be work, health and service to others.  Mother and home will be lovely for most of the month – good for entertaining!  Unexpected developments in your partners and friends zones strike mid-month.  Prepare to be challenged by partners at the end of the month too.  Although it may feel like someone trying to burst your bubble, this is a chance to grow.

Cancer:   Saturn concludes its long lessons in your mother and home sector and you can now apply your conclusions on the home front.  Mars raises your energy levels at work or in your daily routine.  Use it to get things done rather than feeding conflict situations.  You might feel like striking out and doing your own thing mid-month which could surprise others and impact your status in some way.  Relationships with siblings and neighbours go well from 6th to 28th.  Enjoy them.

Leo:   Saturn finishes its three year sombre stay in your communications zone which will lighten your mind, allow you to be more expressive and could even make physical movement easier too.  Relationships with siblings and neighbours could improve accordingly.  Creative energy is on hand from 7th which will have surprising effects on travel, philosophical or legal matters.  This could also be a call to be more romantic or to make headway in your dealings with children.  After some confusion during the first week, finances sweeten up, as does a sense of security and self-esteem.  October’s looking good!

Virgo:   Saturn gets out of your finance zone on 5th after a long and testing stay and conditions improve even more after 28th.  Energy (or friction) in the home will make you more assertive.  This could raise unpredicted passions mid-month about sharing or joint funds (or intimacy) and could affect your status from 25th.  You might feel beguiled by someone up to 6th but after that the person doing all the beguiling will be you!  Venus in Virgo bestows you with irresistible charm.  Go easy on your natural modesty and enjoy it!

Libra:   The weight moves off your back on 5th as Saturn leaves Libra where it has been weighing you down full-time since mid-July 2010 and for a while before that (from  late October 2009 to early April 2010).  Communications get brisker too as Mars in your 3rd house makes you more assertive and astute.  This could take partners by surprise mid-month and could affect travel, philosophical and legal matters from 25th.  Meanwhile, time spent alone or on retreats is healing.  Amidst the hectic pace of life, make time for gentle reflection and daydreaming!

Scorpio:   The long, hard-to-pinpoint rumblings of Saturn moving through your unconscious come to an end on 5th and things become more visible and concrete.  This will probably come as a relief but it’s time to take stock and look at yourself square on.  This will take some time and three years has been allotted for you to do just that.  Mercury moves into your sign on the same day so this doesn’t have to be an exercise in solitary confinement.  Communication is going to be key during this first month.  Money, work and ‘sharing’ all look unrestful but do your best.  The lovely area is friends – take comfort there.

Sagittarius:   Things lighten in your groups and friendships zone from 5th as Saturn moves out of your 11th House, your lessons are complete for now in this area and hopefully you’ve graduated.  Mars entering your sign on 7th gives you an extra boost of energy that’s going to be around until late December.  People might find you more assertive as a result and no harm in that.  There may be a knock-on effect mid-month in your romance, children and creativity zone which could surprise others and you might have more than usual to say to ‘partners’ from 25th.  People in high places smile upon you from 3rd to 28th, if seeking favours, ask then.

Capricorn:   Saturn leaves its long sojourn in your 10th House of father, career and social status on 5th.  You’ve survived your three years of lessons and things should now lighten in these areas.  Mars stirs up your unconscious from 7th which could have surprising consequences mid-month in your romance, children and creativity zone.  This could be just as much of a surprise to you as to others.  There could also be a knock-on effect in work, health, service to others and daily routine from 25th.  Travel and legal matters run sweetly from 3rd to 28th – spread those wings!

Aquarius:   Hold-ups in travel, study and legal matters lift on 5th and your philosophical outlook should be cheerier as a result.  How to think about things has been one of the items under scrutiny and you can now apply your conclusions.  Mars gives you extra energy for friendships, groups and community from 7th.  This gives you exciting ideas mid-month and challenges your present position on love affairs, children and creativity from 25th.  The money of others and sharing both bring benefits this month!

Pisces:   Your long and hard-learnt lessons in sharing and the money of others complete on 5th and should lighten things up accordingly.  Venus gliding into your 7th House of partnerships for most of the month also brings warm, light relief.  The only tricky fly in the ointment could be Mars which heightens your ambitions and brings surprising effects to your changeable finances and possibly self-esteem mid-month (and then challenges home-life from 25th).  Make sure you use this positively and don’t ride roughshod over others.

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