October 2013

October 2013 

As Mercury is going retrograde, see to important communications before 21st.  This is part of a big line-up in Scorpio which requires us all to do some inner-reflection this month (in different areas for each sign).

So what will this mean for you?

Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Cultural and legal matters go well from 7th (as do dealings with in-laws) and agreements can be reached.  The Sun lights up relationships and partnerships till 23rd and Full Moon in your sign on 18th might make it more difficult to see other people’s point of view…  Your 8th House of ‘sharing’ is the main focus though and will demand most of your attention.  This includes resources and intimacy and you will be challenged to think beyond yourself.  Energy abounds on the work and health front from 15th.  Tackle whatever needs attention but be sure not to bully colleagues or those in your daily life.  Aim to better your best, not others!

Taurus:   New Moon on 5th in your 6th House of work, health and service to others, is the perfect day for work resolutions and to start a new regime and put health improvement measures in place.  Your ruling planet Venus then attracts the money of others or suitors seeking intimacy from 7th onwards (not a bad start to the month!).  Consider them presents from life.  But the big focus this month is relationships and partnerships which will require a lot of thought, reflection and honesty on your part (with others and yourself).  If the Mars-Neptune opposition mid-month blurs the boundaries between romance and friendship, just surf the wave.  Mercury goes retrograde on 21st so say your piece before then.

Gemini:   New openings in romance, children or creativity coincide with New Moon on 5th and the Sun maintains this glow till 23rd.  But the main focus, for a second month is work, health and service to others.  There’s still more to look at and work through.  Don’t stop until your daily routine provides total well-being.  Relationships and partnerships are looking good from 7th and you’ll have energy to tackle things at home, mid-month onwards.  Strange as it may seem, the way to achieve career and status ideals is through getting things ‘right’ at home and maybe some personal development.

Cancer:   New Moon on 5th marks a new cycle in your mother and home front which remains active till 23rd.  As this area is one of your fortes, you’ll know just what New Lunar Year’s Resolutions to make.  Work, relationships with colleagues and health are glowing from 7th too, just so long as you don’t over-indulge.  Full Moon in your father, career and social status zone on 18th can make emotions very public but creative ideas and communications you have around 17th – 21st help to reinforce your sense of well-being and to think about yourself in creative new ways.  Your main concern this month though is romance, children and creativity.  Get important communications in these areas out of the way before 21st and then enjoy the Sun lightening things up from 23rd.  You’ll be glad of it…

Leo:   Energy abounds during the first half of the month while Mars zaps through your sign.  Then after 15th your energies turn to money, income and security which you’ll pursue with your full creative force and vigour.  Changes you make or new ways of thinking about ‘home’ from 17th – 21st can increase wellbeing.  The internet might even play a role here too.  Home and nurturing is still the big topic.  From 23rd – 26th search for ideal solutions to connect home and sharing.  Other people’s resources, sharing yours and intimacy could all be included.  Full Moon on 18th calls for pioneering beliefs, including self-belief.  Step up to that call.

Virgo:   When Mars hits your sign on 15th, you’ll find energy to plough through whatever needs doing and courage to tackle tasks or people that normally look too daunting.  Communications, siblings or neighbours continue to be the main focus for yet another month.  We can’t change other people but we can change how we think about things.  From 17th – 21st ideas abound regarding friends, groups, organisations and humanitarian ideals.  Choose the best ones and apply them.  Then from 23rd – 26th apply your creative thinking and communication skills to help with partnerships.  Home’s looking lovely from 7th.  Share it with others.

Libra:   You’re full of love and light as the Sun illuminates your sign till 23rd and New Moon in your sign on 5tth marks a personal new beginning too.  Money possessions security and values continue to be the main focus though.  Your mind is full of positivity and working for you from 17th – 21st.  Be sure to make a note of good money-making ideas and have discussions with people who can help your career or status.  23rd – 26th, tune into colleagues.  They can help here too.  Sign anything important before 21st!

Scorpio:   Scorpios, the big focus this month continues to be yourself.  Who you truly are now and how and where that should be expressed.  New Moon on 5th puts you in tune with yourself which is exactly what you need to do to work out the way forward.  Be sure to express yourself from 17th – 21st and be open to whatever philosophical and belief systems have to offer.  Creativity will help from 23rd – 26th but soul searching will provide the answer, which lies within.  Don’t shrink away from it!

Sagittarius:   You’re charmer of the month from 7th when Venus enters your sign.  This could be helpful in your new push forward re father, career and social status from 15th.  Full Moon on 18th in your children, romance and creativity zone is buoyant and livens things up too.  Despite this bright and breezy wave, your unconscious hasn’t finished with you yet and is demanding that you look at something important in more depth again.  Forgotten or buried memories from the past may emerge and demand to be dealt with or known truths that you’ve been suppressing.  Creativity can help you to get a handle on it.  Dive in!

Capricorn:   A new cycle begins on 5th with New Moon in your father, career and social status zone and the Sun extends this sense of ‘feel-good’ right through to 23rd.  But on a more serious note, friends, groups, community and organisations continue to be the big challenge.  Make sure important discussions and signatures take place before 21st.  Good ideas abound from 17th – 21st which link partnerships and ideals.  Then applying your imagination is the best strategy.  Full Moon raises the emotional temperature at home on 23rd.  Keep things reasonable!

Aquarius:   The first three weeks of October are good for travel, in-laws, legal matters and dealings with other cultures.  And Mars keeps things heated up in relationships and partnerships till 15th.  Then passions or joint funds demand your attention.  Career-related discussions from 17th – 21st improve your sense of well-being and money may flow in from 23rd – 26th.  The main focus though continues to be father, career and social status.  Even more reflection is needed here and something has to be rethought in some way.  Action comes next month!

Pisces:   Your whole philosophy and belief system, travel, in-laws or legal matters occupy you for yet another month and the more creative you can be about this from 17th – 21st, the better.  From 15th, Mars in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships may make you (or them) rather sharp, if not more aggressive.  Use this energy to iron out differences; or if single, to pursue your options.  Beliefs or culturally different ways of looking at things can guide you closer to your ideal self.  Those in authority smile on you from 7th.  If favours are needed, ask away.

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