September 2012

Your Horoscopes for September 2012

Mercury, normally clear as a bell in Virgo, runs into fog during the first week of September, as it finds itself opposite Neptune and Chiron.  Venus helps by attracting attention elsewhere, as she dramatically strides into Leo on 6th.  The main player this month though is Pluto which goes direct on 18th after being retrograde since mid-April; changing power dynamics in many situations.  This will be in a different area of life for each sign of the zodiac.

So what will it mean for you?  (Read your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it).

Aries:   Pluto starts to move forwards on 18th in your father, career and social status zone.  It’s been in reverse since mid-April, so any uncertainty will soon be behind you.  Pluto is about power too, so you may gather a sense of your own (use it wisely).  Overcoming obstacles that have been holding you back (possibly yourself…) could be one good application.  Romance and children look good from 6th and partnerships become more active after 22nd.  Saturn’s last lap through your 7th House is finishing off the two and a half year learning process in your relationships and partnerships area.  The Sun arrives there on 22nd and tries to rescue or jolly things along.  Whether this is possible or not will probably become clear when Full Moon in your sign on 30th will demand total uncompromising honesty.  Insist upon it from others and be sure to offer nothing less yourself.

Taurus:   Philosophical, travel or legal matters start to move forwards on 18th and home is sweet from 6th.  Share some of that harmony entertaining others.  Beautifying it could be part of the picture too.  Friendship v. romance looks confusing the first week of the month and Mars may arouse passions regarding relationships and partnerships.  Full Moon on 30th brings sudden realisations and an aspect of yourself that you usually keep under wraps may come to the fore.  The two and a half year weight of Saturn in your work and health zone is almost over.  The Sun brightens prospects from 22nd and by Oct 5th it will all be history!

Gemini:   Pluto shifts helpfully forwards on 18th, improving your joint finances zone and attitudes towards sharing.  Your two and a half year study programme on love affairs, children and creativity is rounding the last bend.  And the Sun helps to lighten things a little from 22nd.  Complexities between career and home look tricky from 1st to 7th but Venus in your 3rd House of communications should help to resolve any misunderstandings.  Full Moon on 30th brings the unexpected from friends, groups and community and something can be learnt about your ideals.

Cancer:   Venus in your sign squares up to Saturn on 3rd which could feel like obstacles in the home.  (Yes, this could take the form of people).  Saturn’s almost completed its long and heavy run (or two and a half year crawl) through your mother and home zone and the Sun helps things along from 22nd.  Romance, children and creativity give you energy and partnerships start to move forward on 18th.  Siblings, neighbours and different cultures, travel or legal matters clash during the first week of August but fortunate finances help to sort things out in the following weeks.  Your hunches are still working well –  trust them.

Leo:   What a charmer you are this month as Venus glides into your sign from 6th.  Saturn’s two and a half year stay in your 3rd House of communications has only five more weeks to run and meanwhile you have lots of ‘energy’ to apply to your roots, home and personal development.  Power issues connected to work, health and service to others start to move forwards from 18th after a five month period in reverse.  And the Full Moon on 30th brings emotional surprises connected to travel, philosophy and legal matters.  Let it excite you.

Virgo:   Thinking straight (your usual forte) will be far from easy during the first week of September.  Your ruling planet Mercury moving through your sign would normally delight in Virgo’s crisp, clarity but this time Neptune and Chiron are fogging things up from your partnership zone and it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.  Venus comes to the rescue from 6th when the best thing might be to trust your hunches but be precise in your communications.  Romance, children and creativity start to move forwards from 18th after five months in reverse.  If the Full Moon on 30th brings things to light about sharing or joint funds, be prepared to be honest with yourself and take action!

Libra:   The month begins with an opportunity to look at how ways of thinking impact your health but the big shift this month is in your mother and home zone when Pluto moves direct on 18th after five months in reverse.  This could indicate forward movement in power issues in the home, a home make-over, plumbing work or progress in your personal development.  Energy abounds as Mars gallops through your 2nd House.  Use it to further your income (rather than conflicts over money).  Friends, groups and community matters go well from 6th.  If the Full Moon on 30th brings up surprises in partnerships, be ready with the truth!

Scorpio:   There may be confusion between friendship and romance during the first week of September but this fades into insignificance as Mars propels you along with a huge amount of energy and drive to get things done.  Communications and dealings with siblings and neighbours improve from 18th after five months in reverse.  Channel the power of your mind for transformation.  And those in authority smile upon you from 6th so if you need any favours – ask.  Your status looks rosy too.  Saturn’s two and a half year long plod through your unconscious is almost complete and you should be much more aware of your inner-workings as a result.  Take any work or health surprises that crop up with the Full Moon on 30th, in your stride.

Sagittarius:   Getting things clear with father, career and social status is tricky during the first week of September due to confusion and interference from mother and home.  But Venus saves the day bringing a gentler philosophy or favourable travel or legal matters from 6th.  (Attraction to people from other cultures or viewpoints is a possibility too).  The big shift though is Pluto’s change of direction in your 2nd House of money, security and self-esteem, after five months in reverse.  Things are moving forwards.  Look on the interesting side of surprises that crop up on 30th when the Full Moon stars in your romance, children and creativity zone.

Capricorn:   The law is clear but communications are not – which just creates confusion during the first week of September.  Nevertheless, a sense of power returns to you from 18th after a five-month ebb, seemingly of others wielding theirs inappropriately.  You’re still currently the phoenix of the zodiac as this month will yet again prove.  This is the last full month of Saturn in your 10th House which has been weighing down matters to do with father, career and social status for the last two and a half years.  From 6th Venus favours you in sharing, joint funds and the money of others – about time!

Aquarius:   Finances look confusing during the first week of September but the distraction of Venus in your 7th House of partnerships will draw your focus to sweeter things from Sep 6th onwards.  You feel better inclined towards existing partners or more open to new possibilities if you’re single.  You’ll be applying energy to your career and status this month but the biggest shift is far behind the scenes in your unconscious when Pluto goes direct on 18th after five months moving backwards.  This means you can harness your mind to work for you, not against you.  Yes, anything is possible.

Pisces:   Communications and thought processes may not lend themselves to clarity during the first week of September, so use the flow for painting, poetry and dancing instead.  Pluto moves direct on 18th, turning around power dynamics with friends, community and organisations.  Be sure to use yours honourably.  Saturn has almost completed its long stretch of lessons in your area of sharing, joint funds and the money of others.  The Sun will help things along here from 22nd.  The Full Moon on 30th brings about surprises in finances, security and self-esteem.  Be ready for an awakening.

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