September 2013

September 2013

Pluto goes direct on 20th this month, completing our four-month second look at hierarchies, authorities and how power is used.  Venus joins Saturn and the North Node of the Moon around 18th, softening hard lines and Full Moon on 18th/19th paves the way for Pluto’s change of direction the following day.  Time to move forward with our understanding.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Venus and then Mercury liven up relationships and partnerships and Sun moving into your opposite sign on 22nd gives even more opportunities to relate well.  Mars gives you energy to pursue romance, children and creativity too.  New Moon on 5th in work, health and service to others, heralds a fresh start and a perfect time to put good habits in place.  Be alert to what can be learnt around 18th to 20th.  This concerns intensely personal matters.  How you share resources and yourself intimately can bring transformation.  ‘The money of others’ could feature here too.  Be honest with yourself and others.  Important things can be turned around.

Taurus:   You’re ready for action at home this month as Mars in Leo sweeps clean.  Clear hoarded areas and make room for comfortable, creative space.  Do some entertaining too.  And if others find your tolerance levels lower than usual – too bad!  New Moon on 5th favours romance, children and creativity.  The most significant event this month though, is Venus meeting Saturn in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships around 18th – 20th.  The North Node of the Moon is mid-point too, implying a mission or something important to your life direction is trying to take place.  This could involve business or intimate partnerships.  Agreements could be cemented.  Or long-burning embers could become steady flames, fanned by the Full Moon (coming from your 11th House of friendships, groups and humanitarian ideals on 18th/19th).  Pluto awaits on the other side to lead you forward to new understanding.  Be open.

Gemini:   Venus warms up your 5th House of romance, children and creativity up to 11th, then Mercury picks up the baton and hands it to the Sun on 22nd, keeping things lively.  New Moon in your mother and home zone augurs a fresh start on 5th too. Venus’s meeting with Saturn in your 6th House around 18th – 20th brings opportunities.  These could include learning to relate more constructively at work and understanding how your daily activities and habits impact your health.  The larger picture however raises the question of the whole direction you’re going in re work.  What should you truly be doing?  Where do you need to direct your energies?  On some level you know the answer.  Just do it!

Cancer:   Mars in your 2nd House of security revs up your entrepreneurial spirit to look for new sources of income and Cancerians are more canny than most when it comes to gathering money…  Romance, children and creativity get more serious too around 18th – 20th.  Venus and Saturn along with the North Node of the Moon move things onto a more concrete basis.  This could involve an actual product from your creativity, more responsibility connected to children or the transition of a romance from a love affair to partnership.  This involves growth and a development in your direction in life.  Don’t resist change.  Life is moving forward!

Leo:   Mars in your sign zaps up your energy levels and dynamism all month.  And finances look sweet too.  The big emphasis though centres on changes at home.  Around 18th – 20th Venus and Saturn meet in your 4th House of mother and home, roots and foundations.  How well does your home-life support you?  How well are you looking after yourself emotionally?  Your relationship with your mother or your early years have some bearing on all of this.  Don’t be afraid to look at whatever might be or might have been unhelpful.  Here is an opportunity to put healthier patterns in place.  Helpful courses of action could include: a review of your food shopping list, unearthing clarity from past events in your life, improving emotional conditions at home (pets are a possibility) and allowing Pluto to move things forwards.  Counselling or therapy could be helpful in your brave explorations too.

Virgo:   New Moon in your sign on 5th marks a personal new beginning and finances are flowing all month, although it may not be entirely clear in which direction…  Behind the scenes life is very active too (be that your imagination, compassion, creativity, charitable deeds or spirituality).  The big news though is Venus’s meeting with Saturn in your 3rd House of communications, trading, siblings and neighbours, around 18th – 20th.  Agreements, deals, lessons and understanding reach some kind of culmination which alters your direction in life in some way.  Full Moon in your opposite sign during this time, adds an emotional roller-coaster element too.  Enjoy the ride and allow new ideas in!

Libra:   Venus continues to heighten your charisma till 11th and Mercury makes you a deft communicator all month.  Mars in your 11th House means you both find and generate energy re. friends, groups, community and possibly even politics!  You may not be feeling as diplomatic as usual.  Up to you whether you decide to wear your velvet glove, or not…  The big crunch comes around 18th – 20th  though when your ruling planet Venus meets Saturn and the North Node of the Moon around the same time as Full Moon and Pluto moving direct!  What a combination!  They are gathering in your 2nd House of money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem and in your 10th House of father, career and status.  Your direction in life is in motion, as is your understanding.  Embrace transformation!

Scorpio:   Venus entering your sign on 11th makes you the charmer of the zodiac for one whole month!  This brings comfort and its meeting with Saturn around 18th – 20th including the North Node of the Moon, makes you feel like part of the world’s unfolding, almost as if your fate is moving with world events!  More importantly, it makes movement possible where you have felt stuck for almost a year.  Mars in your 10th House of father, career and status, handily lends energy to press forward with your ambitions.  Communications improve after 20th as does your outlook, when Pluto your ruling planet starts to move forward.  Move with it and be honest with everyone.

Sagittarius:   New Moon on 5th marks a fresh start in career or your status in some way.  It’s unpretentious, so hang onto that honesty and purity of vision.  Mars urges you to search for the truth all month and the chances are you’ll find it.  Unconscious cogs and wheels stop grinding and start flowing around 18th – 20th when Venus meets Saturn in your 12th House.  The North Node of the Moon is there too which allows you to tune into the collective unconscious!  If this sounds a bit too overwhelming, it just means your antennae are finely tuned to whatever is needed in the world right now.  Respond to your intuitions, they can be helpful to the bigger, collective picture.  Your finances or value systems start to move forwards on 20th.  Phew!

Capricorn:   Mars in your 8th House of intimacy and joint funds all month, fires your determination to make headway in these areas.  (But bear in my mind that head-on attack may not produce the best results… ).  From 11th, pleasure can be found through friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  Pay special attention to these areas around 18th – 20th.  Something important here should be learnt and if understood, Pluto’s change of direction in your sign on 20th allows you to move forward.  You’ve been on hold for four months.  Now it’s time to apply yourself.  (Think ‘humanitarian’!)

Aquarius:   Mars in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships heats things up all month.  But whether this results in passion, conflict or both, remains to be seen…  Venus approaches Saturn around 18th – 20th, softening hardships connected to father, career and social status.  Your mission or direction in life is on the move and you are ready to embrace it.  Your unconscious shifts on 20th too.  Forgive where necessary, accept help from those with influence and move forwards.  Deep wells of creativity get released as a side-product.  Be sure to find exciting new outlets for them!

Pisces:   New Moon in your relationships and partnerships zone on 5th marks a fresh new cycle and Full Moon ion your own sign on 18th/19th reminds you what an emotional creature you are!  Mars heats up your 6th House of work, health and service to others all month.  At best, this involves putting healthy structures in place and getting through your to-do list.  (At worst, crashing into colleagues, daily companions and over-doing things).  Aim for the first options.  Lots of activity in your 9th House of travel and law.  Important things can be learnt from other cultures around 18th – 20th.  Be open to new understanding.  Pluto goes direct on 20th, bringing movement to ‘stuck’ areas: friends, community and ideals.  Go with this new movement!

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