Eclipse + 30.4.22 onwards

Our shared planetary picture

Pluto goes retrograde (appears from our perspective to move backwards) usually once a year. Planets moving retrograde require us to carry out a review of some kind. And being the planet of power and transformation, including annihilation for regenerative purposes (Pluto was discovered in 1930 when the atom was first split): the review currently required of us, will be deep and searching.

Pluto is currently moving through Capricorn which represents hierarchies and power structures, so the use (and mis-use) of power is doubly central to our theme. Pluto is the planet of transformation too, so there are huge opportunities for our higher development if we can extricate ourselves from any toxic power structures and learn to let go of any unhelpful compulsions within ourselves.

Power in the world is a very pertinent topic right now and the solar eclipse (at 21.42 BST on April 30th, the day after Pluto goes retrograde) belongs to an eclipse cycle that carries the theme of making a commitment in response to the vulnerability of others. It is up to each of us to interpret this for ourselves as best we can. But here are some guidelines for each astrological sign in the face of these challenges, along with insight into the opportunities presented by our solar eclipse on April 30th and the meeting of Venus and Jupiter (also on April 30th) close to Neptune in Pisces.

Read about your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Pluto has been adding intensity to your career, status and dealings with authority for the past 14 years. This may have involved becoming an authority yourself in some way. But as Pluto goes retrograde from April 29th until early-October, you need to review your handling of power and dealings with those in power. How you have previously dealt with father figures also comes up for appraisal and if you are a father figure yourself, how have you been operating?

Social status is also being reviewed and how and to what extent you have achieved or are achieving your ambitions. If you have ridden roughshod over others on your journey to the top, situations or people may come back to bite you on the bottom. Be a good role model!

The solar eclipse on April 30th falls in your finance zone. A commitment may be called for here. Perhaps you could provide more security for yourself or others in some way over the coming months? Or if already providing for others, could you offer more? Are your values reflected in your financial life? We can exercise some individual power in how and where we spend and invest money.

Values are also up for grabs with the meeting of Venus and Jupiter close to Neptune in your unfathomable 12th House. This heightens ideals and the desire to be selfless and a better version of yourself.. Compassion and spirituality hold a strong appeal, as does creativity behind the scenes. You may find yourself wanting to be more charitable and to make a regular financial commitment to people or causes that support others less fortunate than yourself. This can help to meet your own needs to be compassionately active too. Volunteering, especially within institutions (e.g. prisons, hospitals and psychiatric units) or with societal outcasts can also be fulfilling. Go where you can have most impact.


Taurus:     The solar eclipse on April 30th is in your sign which makes it even more significant for you. The Sun (conscious motivation) and Moon (unconscious motivation) are at one and the theme of this particular eclipse is around making a commitment in response to the vulnerability of others. This involves your sense of identity and how and where, what you have to contribute is most needed. An emerging aspect of your inner self is looking for a new outlet to express itself and it is important that this will also benefit others in some way.

Pluto goes retrograde the day before on April 29th in your travel, religion and philosophy zone. It is time to review your beliefs, ethics and perhaps spiritual practices. Have you broken any of your own principles or any other principles recently? If so, can you make amends? Your understanding or attitude towards different cultures may be important to review now too. And this could also be a time to look again at your online habits and presence…

Your ruling planet Venus joins Jupiter (with Neptune close by) on April 30th. This is a strong wave, bringing with it the need for community and groups that you can relate to on a philosophical level. The questions is not “What can I achieve?” but “What can we achieve?”. Is there a group or community you should join or even start?. Such a group or movement needs to be one that carries ideals forward. And you could be one of the surfers on this new wave, helping compassion to grow.


Gemini:   The solar eclipse on April 30th may feel uncomfortable for you as it falls in the most unconscious part of your solar chart. So you may feel something trying to happen but not be fully aware of what that is. A response is being called for from you to do something about the pain and suffering of others. And this may be people you do not know and will never meet.
The reality is, we are all in the pool together and whatever happens to one person, on some level, happens to us all. The eclipse makes you very, very aware of this and leaves you wanting to do something to alleviate suffering in the world. This could be in a number of ways: regular financial donations to charity, volunteering to help those less fortunate or sending out healing thoughts and prayers to those in need.

Pluto goes retrograde too on April 29th which calls for a review of joint funds, the money of others (including taxes, debts and inheritances) and sharing. Could you share more of your assets with a good cause? Pluto may also be reviewing the transformational processes of life: birth, sex and death. Is a review needed in any of these areas? This can pose all kinds of questions, such as:
To what extent do you share your true self in your sexual expression?
Have you made a will so your wishes will be carried through after you die?
Have you made end of life and funeral plans?
Do you owe something that needs paying back or reciprocating?

Meanwhile, the gathering of Venus and Jupiter near Neptune at the top of your solar chart, creates a longing for growth and expansion in your career or social status and the need for that to reflect your ideals in some way. Authority figures may favour you, so if you need help from someone in a position of power, do not be afraid to ask. Equally, if you are in a position of power or a father figure yourself, use your influence benevolently.


Cancer:    Your ruling planet the Moon is involved in the solar eclipse on April 30th in your 11th House of friends, groups and community. This particular eclipse carries with it the themes of making a commitment to those more vulnerable than yourself. This could involve solidly supporting a friend who is going through hard times or joining or starting a group to work collectively to improve conditions for vulnerable creatures or people. You may well be feeling more political than usual and not in a passive way. If so, is there a cause or movement that would benefit from your input and that you would gain a sense of belonging from?

Pluto has been purging partnerships and relationships for the past 14 years and there has hopefully been a lot of personal growth for you during this process. On 29th April however, Pluto goes retrograde which calls for a review of how you have been operating recently in this area of your life. Do you need to find a partner? Or have you over-stepped the power balance in an existing partnership? (which can apply to business and personal partnerships). Or have you allowed you own healthy boundaries to be broken by others? You have until early-October to think and work through whatever changes are needed in this area of your life.

The gathering of Venus and Jupiter close to Neptune in your 9th House, augments the need for travel or exploring in some way. This could be covering terrain in the great outdoors or learning about different languages, belief systems and cultures through studying and exploring perhaps your own beliefs at the same time too. The world is wide and you want to be an active part of it. You will feel the importance of ethics, ideals and principles very strongly and will want to carry them through into the world in some way. This may apply to the virtual world too!


Leo:    Your ruling planet the Sun gets eclipsed on 30th by the Moon and this is at the top of your solar chart which rules father, career and social status. The Moon may be calling for more compassion and the actual theme of this eclipse is about making a commitment to those more vulnerable than yourself. This could include father or authority figures who are currently vulnerable in some way or if your are an authority or father figure yourself, be benevolent. Could you also lend your professional talents to a good cause?

Ideals are also calling you regarding your financial interactions with others. This could include taxes, debts, loans and inheritances. Have you made a will? Or do you need to? The transformational processes of life are also looking expansive. And you may find yourself wanting growth and expansion regarding births, sex and handling deaths. Would you like a child or another child? Do you need to share more of your true self sexually? Or have you thought about making an end of life and funeral plan? This could be a growthful time to look at any or all three!

Pluto is still purging your work, health and service to others zone as it has been doing for the past 14 years. Pluto goes retrograde though on 29th, calling upon you to review one or more of the following. Is your current work expressively transformational enough for you? Does it have a satisfying ‘before and after’ aspect to it? Do you need a new health regime? How does your present diet and daily routine impact your sense of well-being? Are you making a satisfying contribution to the world through your work or volunteering? You have until early-October to work out and put in place whatever changes need making. We are looking for your optimum well-being here! Don’t neglect it!


Virgo:    The solar eclipse on April 30th falls in your 9th House of travel, religion and philosophy and the theme of this eclipse is making a commitment that will benefit those more vulnerable than yourself. Virgoans are usually wonderful helpers and you may already be doing this. If so, move on to read the next paragraph. But if not, you could possibly increase your sense of well-being by putting your principles into action in the world in a helpful way. This can include studies that can deepen your understanding of different belief systems and cultures or sharing your own beliefs more readily. Volunteering to help those from different countries and cultures can also be hugely beneficial for all.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 29th in your romance, children and creativity zone. It is time to review one or more of these areas of life. Pluto has been purging one or more of these areas of creativity and enjoyment for the past 14 years but now it is time to look at what you have (or have not yet) put in place for yourself to meet needs for pleasure. You have until early-October to acknowledge and address whatever needs correcting. And before you ask, yes, you are entitled to give yourself some slack and enjoy life!

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter close to Neptune in your opposite sign are all calling for growth and expansion through relationships and partnerships. Neptune’s ideals are strong and unfortunately the reality of human beings may be nowhere near the dream but that does not mean you cannot find growth through deep relating! With Jupiter being involved, a partner from a different country or culture or someone philosophically minded would appeal. Or if you are already in a relationship or partnership, you will strongly need to feel a sense of growth within it. And if that seems impossible, you may seek the freedom to grow through being free of that relationship. Listen to your inner voice.


Libra:    The solar eclipse on 30th falls in your joint funds zone and the call is to make a commitment to those less fortunate than yourself. This looks more like an ongoing thing, not just a one-off act of kindness or donation. If your own resources are limited, could you get involved in fundraising instead? Or if volunteering feels appropriate, could you help projects that improve the life chances of others or help people going through the transformational processes of life. This includes births, sexual matters and deaths. You may have expertise or an innate kindness that could help to support people struggling with any of these existential matters.

Meanwhile Venus and Jupiter meet close to Neptune in a different area of your solar chart but this could also be connected. Again the theme of service to others is shouting loudly. Could you offer your services in some way? Work and health are also implicated and it is important not to over-indulge in food, drink or drugs…Your system is more sensitive than usual and can be easily flooded by strong substances or lack of moderation. It could also be worth exploring more subtle forms of treatment if prescription drugs do not feel like they are helping any health conditions you are experiencing. Seek advice first though.

Pluto has been purging the bottom of your solar chart for the past 14 years, presenting you with deep challenges connected to mother and home. This can be the physical building that you live in, emotional conditions within it or your relationship to mother figures or your role being a mother-figure or nurturer yourself. Nurturing has been and continues to be a strong theme, including self-nurture and personal development. Pluto goes retrograde from 29th, demanding that you carry out a deep review of how well you have been dealing (or avoiding) one or more of these matters! Pluto does not mess about and the more remiss you have been (trying to keep the peace?), the more insistent it will be about you be totally honest with yourself and others! You have until early-October to make sure you are on the right path. Just do it!


Scorpio:    Your ruling planet Pluto goes retrograde on April 29th taking you back to review recent communications and your mindset. Pluto has been transforming your world-view for the past 14 years and as a result may have changed the circles you move in. There is no harm though in taking a second look at how you have been dealing with things recently and whether you have been paying as much attention to listening as to speaking… Your use of words or communication style may also need adjusting. Be honest about any recent mishaps, apologise if necessary and give more space to other points of view.

Venus and Jupiter join forces close to Neptune around now too. This opens up channels of pleasure and enjoyment through romance, children and creativity. Your ideals are strong and your need for growth will carry you through to a more expansive period.

The solar eclipse on 30th is in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships (more serious than the romance zone mentioned above). This could mark an end or a beginning and the need to make a commitment of some kind, possibly to your wounded self…


Sagittarius:    Your ruling planet Jupiter joins forces with benefic Venus and pl idealistic Neptune at the bottom of your solar chart and this is all about growth and expansion of home. This may mean a physical extension to your present home, looking for a bigger place or a home abroad or wanting growth in emotion conditions in your home or a home based on a belief system or philosophy of some kind.

Nurturing is also hugely important and you may find yourself wanting to both give and receive more nurturing at home. Relations with mother-figures could be growful, as could you own role as a nurturer. Self-nurture comes into this too, including how and what you feed yourself both physically and spiritually. Your early roots and foundations can be helpfully explored now too through counselling or therapy. The benefits of personal development are open to you. Grab this opportunity with both hands!

Pluto has been transforming your finances over the past 14 years or your attitude towards them. Your values have been strongly tested and you may now have a completely different take on security and what is most important in life. The power of money will have certainly been a theme and you may now find more security through a faith or belief system or through creativity. Pluto going retrograde prompts you to review your recent take on money, possessions, security and values. If you have gone off track (off your personal track), it is time to haul yourself back to where you truly stand. You have until early-October to carry out this review.

The solar eclipse on April 30th falls in your work, health and service to others zone. This may deplete you energy to some extent but this provides more much-needed time for reflection, including what would benefit your health and well-being. A commitment to yourself on a physical level may be necessary, including work or a daily routine that better serves you. But if you are physically in top shape, is there work or a voluntary position where you could help others? .


Capricorn:    Pluto has been moving through your sign for the past 14 years, bringing transformation in its wake and an opportunity to claim your own personal power. But as Pluto goes retrograde from April 29th, the question is: have you over-stretched your territory and intruded on someone else’s patch? Boundaries are sensitive and important things and as Pluto retreats for a while, you have opportunity to review how well and to what extent you have been using (or abusing) your personal power. You have until early-October to ponder this and make amends if necessary.

The solar eclipse on 30th falls in your romance, children and creativity zone. It is necessary to make some kind of commitment here to those more vulnerable than yourself. How could you go about doing this? We are looking for an ongoing pledge more than a quick fix. And could you also commit to expressing your own personal creativity more too?

Venus and Jupiter, along with Neptune are gracing your communications zone which will help you in all of the above by being more compassionately-minded and more generous in how you think about, speak (and write) to others. Spiritual subjects may take up more of your air-space and your charitable feelings could lead you to help good causes with your communication skills. Relations with siblings and neighbours bring out or require your ideals, trading goes well as do new forms of physical movement. Could there be a latent musician, dancer, martial artist or gymnast lurking behind your Capricornian reserve? Give yourself some space to find out!


Aquarius:    Pluto goes retrograde on April 29th in the unseen area of your 12th House. This calls for a review of how you have been dealing with your mental health and with yourself spiritually and how you can extend your understanding and experience to benefit others. Creative work behind the scenes needs a review too, as might your online presence. You have until early-October to fathom all of this out and get things in place in the way they should be.

A solar eclipse at the very top of your solar chart on 30th could be looking for room to express your charitable ambitions too. Your status (or that of father-figures) could change but could you add the well-being of vulnerable people to your present job description? Or move into a career where this is a central theme? This may not be immediately possible but position yourself so that you give this possibility room to grow.

Finances could reflect this too as Venus and Jupiter which usually increase incomes, meet close to Neptune and an idealism around how you earn your crust may become more important than the money itself. Your value system is going through an expansive change. There could be boundless money but is more likely to be boundless generosity of spirit and perhaps of money too. A sense of security can be gained on a deeper level than just the transitory wobble of financial status. This could come through a value system that meets your needs on a very deep level or through your own creativity. A belief in yourself, your own capabilities and in life itself is up for grabs. Claim it and never be afraid again!


Pisces:    Friends, groups, communities and politics may have had a strong impact on you over the past 14 years as Pluto has purged its way through your life. You may have had transformational experiences through any of these areas or perhaps you have been an agent of transformation yourself! From April 29th Pluto goes retrograde however and it is time to review how this process (or your handling of it) has been going. And you have until early-October to complete your deliberations and make plans for future change.

The solar eclipse on 30th falls in your 3rd House of communications. This has an impact for some months after the actual eclipse (and sometimes before too!) Every eclipse carries a them and this particular one encompasses making a commitment to benefit those more vulnerable than oneself. As a Piscean you naturally tune in to the unspoken, helping you to empathise with others before that have even shared their troubles. This eclipse highlights this gift that you have and you can be hugely helpful as a committed listener or speaking up for those unable to represent themselves. Siblings or neighbours may need your assistance in some way too. Communication in its broader sense. Music, sign language, dance and all forms of physical movement and the arts are outlets for this human need. The question is, where as a communicator can you be most helpful?

Last but not least, four planets are gathering in your sign and Venus and Jupiter meet very close to your ruling planet Neptune and Mars is not far behind too. Your compassion is vast at the best of times but you may never have experienced the all-embracing, spiritual acceptance this stellium (meeting of planets) gives you. Any consciousness-raising exercises and spiritual practices reap rich rewards. You fully understand we are all in the pool together and whatever happens to one person on some level happens to us all. You are finely in tune on a very subtle level right now. Send out positive thoughts and prayers to wherever you feel they are needed and rest assured that this is just as valuable and as potent as any concrete physical act.


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